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At Gizmogo, we specialize in buying a wide range of smartphones, including the latest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy models, Google Pixels, LG, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, and more. Our expert team ensures you receive competitive prices for your used or unwanted devices. 1Whether you're upgrading to the newest smartphone or simply decluttering, Gizmogo provides a seamless and profitable process to turn your old phone into cash. Our hassle-free, secure, and fee-free service allows you to experience the easy way to sell your phone online. Gizmogo is the perfect destination to sell your used iPhone, Samsung, or other smartphones. With our commitment to data protection and rapid payment, you can trust that your transaction will be safe and rewarding. Start today and discover how Gizmogo can transform your old phone into quick cash

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Upgrading your smartphone after selling your HTC phone to Gizmodo

 Are you planning to upgrade your HTC phone or tablet? Gizmogo offers economical and environmentally friendly solutions. Do you have an old HTC phone that you want to sell? Here in Gizmogo, you can earn big money by sending it to the recycler. At Gizmogo, we understand the importance of keeping up with the latest technology. We provide a suitable and environmentally friendly solution for selling old HTC devices.

Why Gizmogo?

Gizmogo is the best platform to sell your old HTC devices. Here are the main reasons to consider:

Competitive Price:

Gizmogo offers competitive prices for your HTC device and guarantees the best value for your old technology. Whether it's a vintage model from HTC or a recent release, we'll show you the right price.

Simplicity and Convenience:

Our user-friendly platform makes it easy to sell HTC devices. It's easy to quote, ship your device, and pay. There is no troublesome procedure at all.

Eco-Friendly Recycling:

Gizmogo is committed to responsible technology recycling. Selling our HTC devices is about contributing to a sustainable future. We guarantee that all devices will be treated and disposed of in an environmentally friendly method.

Accept All Conditions:

Whether your HTC device is in good condition, has a flawed appearance, or does not work, we accept devices in all conditions. Depending on the device's state, you will not hesitate to sell it to us.

Data and Privacy Protection:

 We are serious about data security. Your personal information will be handled carefully and completely erased from the device as necessary.

Fast Payment:

We aim to make the sales process as smooth as possible. We will check your HTC device, inspect it, and pay the price promptly.

Gizmogo sales process:

  • Get a quote:

    Start with a quote for your HTC device. Gizmogo's estimation process is simple and fast. Enter the details you need about your device model, storage capacity, and health, and we'll get a quote immediately.

  • We will ship your device:

    Once you have accepted the quote, we will give you a prepaid shipping label. Please pack your HTC device securely and leave it at the nearest shipping location.

  • Get paid:

    Inspect your device and make sure the status matches the details provided. Once approved, we will pay according to the method you specified.

How to Identify Samsung Mobile Phone Models?

There are many ways to check your mobile phone model:

  1. Look at the back of the Phone: On most HTC phones, the model number is printed near the bottom of the back.
  2. View your phone settings: Setting>About Phone>Model number and verify the model name for your Phone.
  3. Look at the box that the mobile phone came in: The model number is usually printed on the box.

Get Paid for Your HTC Phone

Payment is provided within one business day upon arrival at the Gizmogo facility.

Payment Options

  • Cash App
  • Check
  • Echeck
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Zelle

HTC Models we accepted

  • HTC One (M7, M8, M9)
  • HTC Desire (310, 510, 610, 816, 820, 826, 828, 830)
  • HTC U Series (U11, U11 Life, U11+, U12+, U19e)
  • HTC 10 Series (10, Bolt, Evo 10, Lifestyle, Play)
  • HTC Wildfire Series (E1, E3, E9, S)
  • HTC Sensation Series (XL, XE, 4G, 4G Z710e)
  • HTC Butterfly Series (S, 2, 3)
  • HTC One Mini Series (M4, M8 Mini)
  • HTC 7 Series (Mozart, Pro, Surround, Trophy)
  • HTC Incredible S
  • HTC Amaze 4G
  • HTC Hero Series (S, C, CDMA)
  • HTC Touch Series (Pro, Diamond, Dual, Cruise)
  • HTC Evo Series (4G, 3D, Design 4G)
  • HTC Droid Series (DNA, Incredible 2, Eris)
  • HTC 8XT
  • HTC Windows Phone Series (8S, 8X)
  • HTC First
  • HTC Desire Eye
  • HTC One M8 for Windows
  • HTC Desire 10 Series (Lifestyle, Pro)
  • HTC One A9
  • HTC U Series (U Ultra, U Play)
  • HTC One X Series (X, X+, XL)

What to do before selling a mobile phone?

So, you've decided on your mind and decided to sell your used mobile. Let's get ready for the transaction. Let's start with a few preparations.

Backing up data

First of all, I recommend you to safely back up your HTC phone. Not only that, but it does not start from scratch, so the setup of a new mobile phone will also be faster. All you need is to restore the app and its data, contacts, call history, SMS, photos, etc., from the backup.

Some services are backed up automatically, but some must be done manually. Some services are backed up automatically, but some services must be backed up manually.

Log out of your account.

To avoid the risk of someone accessing your account and information, it is essential to sign out of your account before selling off your Phone. It also saves the buyer from running into Google account authentication issues after erasing the Phone.

Here's how to safely sell your HTC phone by deleting your account:

  • Open the settings app for your Phone.
  • Click Accounts.
  • Tap the account you want to delete
  • Select Delete Account to confirm the operation.
  • We recommend that you delete your Google account only after you have backed up your data to the cloud.

Remove the SIM card and other peripherals.

It seems like a basic thing, but never forget to take out your SIM card and micro-SD card before handing over your Phone to the buyer. The SIM card is needed for the new Phone and may have stored key data such as contacts and SMS messages. Also, if you have a memory card, do not hesitate to remove it too. Locate the SIM slot on your Phone, pull it out using the recommended tool, and then remove the SIM card and memory card.

Unpair the Bluetooth device.

As well as ejecting your SIM and SD card, it's a good move to unpair your Bluetooth device before you sell your Phone. Doing so ensures you never run into pairing issues when you get a new phone. Some Bluetooth devices automatically unpair when they're out of range, but others don't. So, disconnect them.

Factory Reset

Once you've done all of the above, you'll be ready for sale in the next step. Performing a factory reset on HTC phones will permanently erase your data, returning its software so that it looks like a new phone and kick-starting it for a new beginning.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell my HTC phone?

It is not easy to sell old gadgets at the highest price on Gizmogo. To do so, people must

Compare quotes - Use the search bar to search for HTC phones and see all the current prices from recyclers.

Send a device - Select a quote and click to enter details. The recycler will send you a mail pack, and you will mail your device.

Get paid - Once the recycler has received and confirmed your gadget, you can pay by bank transfer, check, or any other method. It's very simple.

Why sell HTC devices on

There are a lot of gadget recyclers out there, and they all offer different estimates for your old devices and run them in a slightly different way. But on Gizmogo, you can see as many offers as you can find on your HTC phone in one place. You can look at them all side by side, compare buyers, and choose what gives you the most cash and the best deal.

Can I sell my broken HTC phone?

Many technology recyclers actually buy out broken gadgets. Find your device on our site and select the "broken" condition in the comparison grid to view all the current offers from recyclers on broken or damaged HTC phones. Usually, you get less money than buying a device that works, but you can still get something. Also, sending old gadgets to recyclers is much better for the environment than just throwing them away.

Who buys a used old HTC device?

The main Gizmogo customers want to know what happens after selling their old HTC. The buyer of this site is proud to handle each device in an environmentally friendly manner. They often consider extending life by renovating the old HTC and selling it again. It means that if the device is damaged, they replace the parts to ensure that the device works. The device is sold through the website of the buying company or to international markets. As new cell phones become more expensive, there is a huge demand for second-hand or "in-place" cell phones. Extending the life cycle of old devices is a great way to reduce landfills and e-waste!

Sell a broken HTC? Who Buys a broken HTC?

At Gizmogo, we introduce a buying company that buys a broken HTC. The buying company can refurbish the old HTC device and sell it again. Don't worry if your HTC breaks, leaks, or doesn't turn on! To check the assessed value of your broken HTC device in Gizmogo, just go to the site, enter the model of HTC, and change the state to Broken / Bad. Please note that the assessed value of the damaged HTC will be a little lower than the one in good condition!

How do I contact Gizmogo?

Please send us an email at or call us at 800-893-9598. Please catch our Contact Us page for more details.

Where can I buy an old HTC?

Gizmogo is the best place to sell old HTC. Instead of visiting the websites of multiple buying companies and checking their prices, Gizmogo gives you access to all the information in seconds. As the largest price comparison site in the United States, we compare all major buying companies and display the price and user rating. Gizmogo lists all the buyer's prices on one page for easy viewing. The Gizmogo team reviews all buyers so you can confidently decide which company to trade with.