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Sell TyTN 2
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your HTC
TyTN 2



Do you want to trade in HTC TyTN 2 for another device or sell HTC TyTn 2 for cash? Do you need a legal platform where you can sell your HTC TyTN 2 without worrying about been duped? All these and many more are things you can benefit and enjoy from this platform when you sell your HTC TyTN 2 that is either used or new.

At Gizmogo, we have your best interest at heart. Therefore, we are willing to serve you by making available the best devices for you. Hence, you get to feel that you belong in the technology world with the right device in your hand.



The HTC TyTN 2 comes with a screen display of 2.8 inches QVGA and a pixel resolution of 320 by 480. This smartphone runs on a similar hardware to the HTC Touch Dual, so it comes with 128 MB of RAM and a single core 400 Mhz Qualcomm processor.

The awesome processor chipset enables you access multiple applications at the same time and also enjoy the very best of a seamless performance and also enables you store all of your pictures, games, videos, songs and other stuff without you having to worry about space limits.

The HTC TyTN 2 runs on the Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional operating system and has Wi-Fi and HSDPA for data transfer. It supports all popular e-mail protocols, all mobile network frequencies, as the AD2P stereo Bluetooth. It also comes with an in-built 3 MP camera, an onboard GPS chipset and CoPilot 7 navigation software.

This smartphone comes with a standard HTC Windows Mobile interface shell and HTC’s patented TouchFlo technology. Beneath its slide, it has an inclusion of a full QWERTY keyboard and this makes navigating the phone much easier.

The soft-touch keys of the QWERTY keyboard have been slightly raised for better performance and making typing easy breezy.

Also, when you slide out the keyboard, you can tilt the screen to a 45 degrees angle and turn the gadget into a tiny-mini laptop.

Hence, this gives you an opportunity to sell your HTC TyTN 2 when you trade in HTC TyTN 2 or sell HTC TyTn 2 for cash. When trying to sell HTC TyTn 2, you need to be closely acquainted with what you want next before you sell your HTC TyTN 2. To sum it all up, you have to sell your HTC TyTN 2 with a replacement device in mind so that you don’t end up getting a device that is lesser than when you sell HTC TyTn 2.


Sell HTC TyTn 2

When you decide to sell your HTC TyTN 2, there are lots of things you need to consider. The first one on this scale of preference is what you get in return when you sell HTC TyTn 2 - that is, either cash or another device. Know that the deal you get when you sell HTC TyTn 2 may not always be the same value as when you bought it. This is due to the depreciation factor.

However, you must tick the right boxes by selling on the appropriate platform, selling a device that is in a good condition, and so on. Then, you can go ahead to get the best deals when you sell HTC TyTn 2.


Sell HTC TyTn 2 for Cash

The moment you decide to sell HTC TyTn 2 for cash, then it is important to lookout for the proper functioning of its features and capabilities. You can get a good and fair deal when trying to sell HTC TyTn 2 on Gizmogo. This is only if you can guarantee that it is still in a perfect condition and is not on the verge of crashing.


Trade in HTC TyTN 2

It is quite fun and intriguing when you trade in HTC TyTN 2 to get a certain amount of money or another device that is higher in capacity. When trying to sell your HTC TyTN 2 or trade in HTC TyTN 2 for another device, there are some things that should be put in place. These things will ensure a smooth transaction when you sell HTC TyTn 2 for whatever you want in return.

It must be original.

Ensure that the OS is working properly.

It should be presented with little or no scratches and cracks.

It should be neat.

Check for the proper functioning of its keys and features.

Erase all records of your use before selling.

Unlock and disable all passwords before selling or trading.

When you trade in HTC TyTN 2 or any other device, it is important to do so only for the right reasons. Doing this will help prevent problems in the nearest future after you sell your HTC TyTN 2.


Features and Capabilities

You no longer have to worry or be confused about where to sell HTC TyTn 2 or other devices. This is because you will always get fair deals and prices when you sell your HTC TyTN 2 on Gizmogo. However, before proceeding to sell HTC TyTn 2, you should make sure all records and information of your use has been completely erased. Doing this will help keep your information private as it should be and not fall into the wrong hands.

Capacity info

256 MB

Size and weight info

Width - 59 mm (2.32 inches)

Height - 112 mm (4.41 inches)

Depth - 19 mm (0.75 inch)

Weight - 190 gram (6.70 ounces)

Protection info

Water-resistant info - None

Display info

TFT technology

Resistive touchscreen

240 x 320 pixels

143 PPI

65k colors

2.8 inches

24.3 cm2

36.7% screen to body

4:3 ratio

QWERTY keyboard

Handwriting recognition

Memory card


Chip info

Operating System - Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional

System on Chip - Qualcomm MSM7200

Single core 400 MHz ARM 11

Graphics - Adreno 130

RAM Capacity - 128 MB

Camera info

3.15 MP

LED flash


Continuous shooting

Digital zoom

Smile detection

Face detection

White balance settings

Video info

VGA video call

Video sharing





On Gizmogo, you can sell HTC TyTn 2 or any of your other devices at brilliant prices that will keep you satisfied. So, you can be rest assured that you will always get the best whenever you sell your HTC TyTN 2 with us. As long as you are legitimate, it wont be a problem to sell your HTC TyTN 2 on this platform. All you need to do is take the steps to sell HTC TyTn 2 or any of your devices and you won’t regret it.