Building Blocks of Imagination: The LEGO Horizon Adventures Experience

In our new world of gaming, filled with surprising and joyful collaborations, creators are constantly finding new ways to challenge the notion of what gaming looks like and how it feels. Today is all about LEGO Horizon Adventures, a surprisingly fun, visually stunning crossover between the world of LEGO minifigures and the Horizon series.

The Origin of a Creative Collaboration

The Birth of LEGO Horizon

The spark behind LEGO Horizon Adventures is a story about passion for creativity The passionate love of LEGO that the Horizon: Zero Dawn team at Guerrilla Games had was real. Prototypes of the game’s magical giant robot dinosaurs were made using DUPLO blocks. It showed that the team had a passion for model building from an early time: one of the team’s producers did his PhD thesis on model construction. This passion for LEGO sparked the idea for a game at the same time that Guerrilla started working with LEGO to design this unique game that captures the fun of building with LEGO.

A Synergy Between Design and Narrative

As anyone who watches a child play with LEGO toys can appreciate, Guerrilla Games and LEGO are intent on creating a colourful, inclusive playground of a world Designed with the Horizon series’ themes of bright optimism in mind, LEGO Horizon Adventures is meant to be an ode to LEGO’s playful appeal – a gamified Lego unencumbered by the toy-maker’s studies of child development, and aimed at audiences of all ages. In the hands of the studios behind the celebrated Horizon and Marvel’s Avengers titles, LEGO Horizon Adventures might deliver a surprisingly engaging experience.

A Deep Dive into the LEGO World

The Devil is in the Details

While LEGO Horizon Adventures is far from the first game in the long-running LEGO series, its creators Guerrilla Games went above and beyond in their attention to detail: ‘to make Horizon feel like a genuine LEGO experience, every asset in the game was designed and built according to the real-world physical limitations of LEGO bricks,’ said the developers. Consequently, the fantastical aspects of Horizon are translated into a style that, in theory, can be built in real life with real LEGO sets.

Bringing the World to Life

This is seen in the visuals and animation, which feel perfect for the LEGO brand. For example, characters have a blocky, stop-motion quality that harks back to when you played with LEGO people, while the world is full of energy, with constant movement and interaction that makes the levels feel like a playable film.


Motion: The Essence of Play

It is motion that defines LEGO Horizon Adventures; where the static presence of the LEGO figure is transformed into a lively, animated humanoid character. The game’s animation echoes the sensations of the original LEGO experience; characters ‘plop’ their way to the ground when they fall, recovering instantly before continuing their exploration. The focus on motion puts back the playful nature of childhood LEGO explorations while still maintaining its sense of reality.

An Interactive LEGO Universe

The game adds motion to the LEGO experience, making it the first title in the line that also has a gameplay component, such as helping the player move around the world, or adding motion as you build, something specific to Horizon Adventures. The jerky steps of a LEGO figure, or the block-by-block motion of the world being created, are all there.

Beyond the Bricks: The Story and Its Impact

LEGO Horizon Adventures isn’t trying to replicate the story or the gameplay of the original Horizon: Zero Dawn; instead, it’s a complementary piece of crossover content designed to be more approachable and fun for a larger audience. Telling its own self-contained story, albeit of a workmanlike quality, it uses story beats and character moments cribbed almost directly from the original as a way to make the experience approachable for newcomers as well as fans who’ve already experienced Horizon: Zero Dawn, even if there are plenty of easter eggs in there that’ll catch the returning fans’ eyes.

The Future of LEGO Horizon

In the short term, the goal is to give players an adventure with LEGO Horizon they will never forget. But there’s always a glimmer of hope for the future: it sets a new bar for how we recreate a LEGO adventure in an immersive and inclusive way, and the possibilities for future projects that bridge both the physical and digital worlds are immense.

Exploring the Concept of Motion in Gaming

Movement in LEGO Horizon Adventures, therefore, is not merely a technical issue of game design, but a means to bridge the player and the virtual world where the adventure takes place. By introducing motion as a natural component of gameplay and narrative, the game invites players to experience the universe through a direct, embodied and immersive form of interaction, thus making each LEGO adventure a truly personal endeavour.

LEGO Horizon Adventures marks a big advance in the synthesis of physical play and gaming. The motion-based experience is a joyful way to play, enhance the imagination and spark creativity with LEGO building.

Jun 13, 2024
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