Unleashing the Power of Teamwork: Unlocking Exotic Rewards in Destiny 2's Latest Expansion & THE ESSENTIAL GAMING LAPTOPS GUIDE

Introduction: A New Chapter Awaits

It’s been a week since the launch of The Final Shape, the fifth season of Bungie’s saga Destiny 2. As players settle into the new exo-arcology setting, interstellar drama and camaraderie is in full swing. The story of the Assassin’salpha has come to a close, and the Shadow Legion has retreated into the unknown, but the Red Legion remains trapped on Europa with a tri-city transport network to stitch together, and two Guardians to catch up on old times. And so, Destiny 2 enters the first of its seasonal episodes, the first of its new seasonally recurring activities, and the first of a brand-new class of items for players to chase down to unlock the ‘Dual Destiny’ Exotic mission that’s issued with them. It’s Week 2, and I’m about to dive in. The new additions to the game are central to an overhaul of how Destiny 2’s big raid, Vourtiam Jungle, is accessed. Unveiled as an Exotic class item for the new ‘multiclassing’ Prismatic subclass, they’ve handed players a powerful new addition to their build-crafting toolkits, and are needed to make any clan’s officer teams eligible for a Strike catalyst. The catalyst itself isn’t much, but the recipes for how to access it will require orbiting guardians to work together to crack its hidden one-time password. This password, obviously, is its Exotic mission name: Dual Destiny.

The Quest Begins: Unlocking "Dual Destiny"

For the uninitiated, the road to Exotic class items is a twisty one. The first step, presumably, is to select the mysterious ovoid node at the centre of The Pale Heart on the map, and do the shrouded activity Overthrow across The Pale Heart’s numerous locales. The mission is tagged as ‘Hard’, and necessitates a knowledgeable Guide and faithful teammate to make it seem less like a blind assault. Dispatch enough Lucent Hive Wizards to bungle up the mission while also grabbing Light and Darkness orbs, and the ‘Dual Destiny’ mission will unlock, and you’re ready to rock’n’roll.

Strategize and Conquer: Dual Destiny Mission & THE POWER OF GAMING LAPTOPS

The ‘Dual Destiny’ mission is going to be a true group activity, with plenty of optional objectives to complete, not to mention the strategic use of Light and Darkness subclasses, and limited time windows to keep us on our toes. To make matters more exciting, completing the quests related to the Duality subclass will reward Exotic class items that bring new perks to your Guardian.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

And at the heart of that mission is the spirit of teamwork that is essential to Destiny 2’s community. Its mechanics demand cooperation and coordination to the extent that it provides a welcome antidote to the process of grindy soloism, with the best contents of the game still sequestered behind its walls of teamwork, where they perhaps ought to stay.


Finishing Dual Destiny doesn’t just provide the relief of clearing its obstacles. It promises Exotic-class item drops, each with random perks, thus introducing hundreds of fresh variations with which you can spruce up your play. These Exotic items are a signature addition to any Guardian’s arsenal, and thus the trials of Dual Destiny are even more worthwhile.

The Solo Player's Dilemma

But though that team vibe is awesome for many, having an Exotic reward locked behind Strikes that require co-operative play means that if you want to access these rewards, you can’t if you play only occasionally or don’t want to play with others. There is now a huge Destiny 2 discussion going on about both the accessibility of content and the principles of inclusion that are essential to good game design. That one-off requirement for completion, though, is a happy medium. Once it’s done, the rewards are available without further effort, and therefore somewhat less of a grind.

Embrace the Challenge and Triumph Together

Destiny 2 has once again shown what it means to be a game about playing with other people, and yet consistently be full of surprises. The Final Shapeexpansion introduced ‘Dual Destiny’, a mission that increases the sense of player agency through cooperative play and puzzle-solving. Unlocking the ‘The Pale Heart’ Exotic quest – and the exotic loot it provides – shows us the most deliciously pure distillation of cooperative play in Destiny 2. It also shows us what the game is truly all about: other people playing with you.


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Jun 12, 2024
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