Embarking on the Next Chapter: The Transformative Journey of Greedfall 2: The Dying World

How often do you play a sequel and find that it is so closely connected to its predecessor that it almost feels like playing the same game again? Greedfall 2: The Dying World was almost certainly designed within a few feet of Greedfall, close enough to reach across and shake hands. From the numbers in its title to its opening text and its colour scheme, the game straddles tradition and innovation, not unlike its player. This feature takes a look at what it is like to be an early adopter or, in the case of Greedfall 2, an early journeyer.

A Bold New Direction

Unveiling the Journey Back to Teer Fradee

In Greedfall 2, the setting develops in the Beforetime, and the prequel puts players into a different perspective of the Teer Fradee archipelago. It’s an engaging world to launch from, one that we’re ready to play across because players know there’s more to the colony than the first game’s narrative tunnel vision. We know it has deeper cultural richness as a human place, and that colonial tensions are simmering underneath. This game offers an inversion of player experience in the world: the initial game as a settler may have been a trope, but as an oppressed native, the role-playing dynamics reverse and put the player in the position of the ‘other’.

Charting the Journey Across a Changed Landscape

As subsequent episodes explore the world, the once-familiar regions of Teer Fradee become scarred by colonisation. The environmental storytelling becomes bittersweet, as we get to know these beautiful landscapes that exist in the shadow of the corporations determined to destroy them. The journey feels richer with this environmental anxiety running through it, our connection to the world augmented by this imaginative reminder of how much we might lose.

The Journey Through Combat Evolution

After GreedFall successfully defined how engagement with its opponents can be fun in the first game, you’ll notice a shift in GreedFall 2, where the responsiveness, richness and depth in tactical combat define how it moves engagement forward, and tacitly asks us to improve.

Navigating the Challenges

Encountering Turbulence on the Journey

While the scale of the game’s ambitions is certainly admirable, early reviews seem to point to trouble with how these new combat mechanics mesh together, suggesting that some work is needed to get it just right. So far, the trip has been rife with suggestions of problems ahead, hinting at challenges in balancing complexity and accessibility – something that almost every sequel with lofty ideas about revamping its gameplay features have to deal with.

Crafted Journeys: Character Customization and Impact

Possibly one of the most significant features of Greedfall 2 is that it stays true to the ‘meaningful character customisation’ that the original brought to a genre that I felt could still do with more player agency, concretely impacting the narrative and gameplay, and helping us learn much more about ourselves.

Towards the Horizon: Anticipation and Potential

With Greedfall 2’s path to release approaching, fans hope it will be worth the wait, a series of all-new experiences wrapped around some solid, refined mechanics that won’t blow away the first game, but will help to retain its fans.

Reflections on the Road Travelled

The early hands-on time with Greedfall 2 hinted at a trip that could be full of promise, or riddled with pitfalls. It looks to be eager to reshape and expand upon the elements of what made its predecessor so successful, and deliver a sequel that wants to push the boundaries of the journey, while still being faithful to the spirit of that first adventure.

Undertaking the Journey Ahead

With Greedfall 2: The Dying World still a long way off, the open world is a place to live and play in. Where story and game collided, and neither one can truly do without the other. A pretty bold move for a sequel to something that was, by all accounts, a good but not great game, but something that reflects a broader industry trend – that sometimes you have to take a chance if you want to do something new. Or, in the words of Deirdre in Greedfall: ‘Here’s hoping whatever you find is memorable.’

Exploring the Essence of Journey

As the title suggests, this ‘journey’ is as much about the physical experience of how players explore the world with their avatars as it is about the narrative journey and the personal journey forged along the way. It’s about what players – and their avatars – experience along the way, not just about where they are going. The journey that players are going on (eg, taking ‘their first steps’) is a compilation of the player’s journey, as well as the journey of the avatar (the player’s character or characters) within that world. Greedfall 2 invites players to ‘embark on an epic journey of self-discovery in this realm of magic’. Before the game has even been released, it encourages players to contemplate not just where they are going, but what they will become along the way.

Jun 14, 2024
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