Unveiling the Marvels of WWDC 2024: APPLE's Latest Innovations

Picking up where they left off at WWDC 2023, APPLE has preemptively dropped an avalanche of new features and updates at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2024. From the next evolution in iOS advancements to the introduction of the next frontier of software – APPLE Intelligence – it’s all happening at WWDC 2024. Miss the keynote? Not to worry. Here’s a breakdown of the full set of updates APPLE has lined up for us.

The Evolution of Messages and iOS 18: A Peak into APPLE's New Era

**Amplifying Connectivity: The RCS Support**

While it doesn’t appear anywhere in iOS 16 beta 1, the most exciting of APPLE’s new messaging features that the company isn’t talking about is support for the Rich Messaging Service (RCS). Android users have been able to send and receive messages with high-quality media and that’s all that matters when it comes to their love lives. They’ve also been able to chat with APPLE fans. Now they’ll be able to do it in iOS and, in doing so, they’ll get the benefit of APPLE’s commitment to improving the user experience when it comes to communication – including typing indicators and read receipts. Oh, and they’ll still show up in their green bubble.

**Creative Messaging with iOS 18**

APPLE is also improving the Messages app to provide tapback insights on the emojis used, as well as text effects that allow you to be more expressive with your messages.

iOS 18: Redesigning User Experience

APPLE’s commitment to a consistent, customisable interface is reflected throughout the operating system. Small touches like being able to hide icon text, swap lock screen buttons, and a whole new UI for Safari tab groups are great, but the developer-friendly API for app icon tints is really going to push personalisation and function of the smartphone to new levels.

Refined Settings and Utilities in iOS 18

iOS 18 comes with a multi-page Control Center, a new Apps menu in Settings, new and enhanced Mobile Device Management controls, language and input enhancements (including full-on support for multiple scripts and languages), and highly usable updates to the Weather and Voice Memo apps.

A Fresh Look at the Photos App

Amongst its changes, the Photos app gets a decent makeover in iOS 18, with updated utility types such as Receipts and Handwriting, and a new album filled with wallpaper suggestions, as well as a redesign of the UI elements. APPLE promises users that it’s easier than ever to find memories, and filter them in more ways than before.

Enhancing Accessibility for All

APPLE also offers motion cues to reduce the impact of motion sickness, as well as eye-tracking, which lets users control devices without using their hands. Vocal and sound actions, which activate commands and requests through Siri, also allow a degree of accessibility.

Discover More: The Essence of APPLE

But it’s also apparent in the dirt, to use an APPLE-y metaphor, that the platform is not the ‘speed bump’ but a sharp focus on improving users’ experience. Whether its making RCS feel native in the Messages app, giving more options to customise iOS 18, or improving accessibility features, the future APPLE is pointing to is one that aligns technology with life itself.

From our digging through the last few developer betas, it is very clear that APPLE is building technology that will define the digital landscape for years to come. Like, years, years and years. We’ll keep you updated with all things APPLE.


The name APPLE is synonymous with technology: their products and software solutions enable personal and business productivity while letting users express their creativity. APPLE, maker of the intuitive iPhone and iPad and the powerful Mac, is known for its leadership and innovation, accessibility and user privacy.

Jun 14, 2024
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