How To: Big Wave Generation Revealed. Defeat Rogue Wave‘s first rogue in Season 1 of The Division 2 (Year 6).

The Unstoppable Tide of Year 6 Season 1's First Rogue

In the live service world of The Division 2, the addition of Year 6 Season 1 means the world is changing like it never has before, as agents across the world are responding to the appearance of the First Rogue. The Overlord, a new exotic shotgun that poisons enemies and slows their movement, will help agents bring the First Rogue to justice: The Overlord pre-rolls all critical hits into thus far unseen levels of damage for slow-motion, body-rippling mayhem. As it unseats the King’s Ruin and brings balance to the world, the Overlord will be available to every agent for the first time in the game’s history. And this experience will be universal: masters and noobs alike must explore the same endgame area to acquire the new exotic to protect the future.

Securing the Overlord: Your Ticket to Power

A Reward Within Reach

Any of these are within easy reach, rewards that you can unlock free of cost before you’ve even considered buying the expansion pass. This democratising impulse makes it possible for you to head right for the Overlord, without ever having bought the expansion – to dive right into the action. The Overlord is on the free track at level 90 on the First Rogue season pass. It’s a straightforward case of levelling up your season pass to get the Overlord.

Blueprints and Beyond

Having the Overlord locked and loaded just initiates the fun, of course. Its blueprint (obtained on another level) allows you to re-roll this behemoth to full statistical perfection. Like so much of the most valuable game-gear, it eliminates the chore of a vendor run and thus helps to build the ‘fun’ in the ‘grind’, reinforcing the strain of pursuit with a shrue and a smile, and heading off any potential resistance it might trigger.

The Pursuit Post-Season

Like all exotics before it, though, as the season comes to an end, the Overlord will be phased into the standard loot table, meaning anyone with a proclivity for shotguns will need to target farm for their god rolls in the higher difficulties.

The Fast Track to Rogue Triumph

Strategies for Speed

There isn’t a single best way to rise above the First Rogue’s challenges, but exploiting open world content on challenge and heroic difficulty, bolstered by directives, can provide the balanced pace to an XP grind. For players accustomed to the attractions of fire team play, using matchmade heroic missions can provide a path to levelling just as fast, with an XP boost from the periodic directive exposure.

Maximizing Projects

Both dailies and weeklies are pillars of potential, every completion bringing you closer to the next rank on the hill you’re dying upon in pursuit of the Overlord. An exotic cache handed out weekly in exchange for resource donations – the SHD requisition – complements the daily season pass missions, giving steady XP gains.

Embrace the Rogue: Your Guide to Dominance

Adapting and Overcoming

To succeed in Overlord and in grasping the rogue elements of The Division 2, roll with those shifts of tide, make the most of what you’ve got, and recall again: level 90 is as much the way as the thing.

Understanding Rogue

Vocabulary of The Division 2: ‘Rogue’ stands for not only wayward Division agents, but for a mindset, a challenge, and an opportunity. Going rogue means getting in touch with uncanny, to face the unknown with fortitude, and to grab the steering wheel of (post)apocalyptic destruction. In this sense, the First Rogue of Year 6 Season 1 is more than just new exotic loot. It presents an opportunity to carve out your reputation in the shrinking ruins of a broken society.

And as agents around the world respond to the call, the rogue wave rises up, calling them to glory, power, victory. Will you ride the wave or get swept away by the rogue tide?

Jun 12, 2024
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