5 Tips to Selling Your Tablet

Are you hoping to sell your tablet for cash? Then these 5 tips from the Gizmogo team to help you sell your tablet online are sure to help you. While Apple devices tend to sell the best, you can find a good buyer for almost any tablet that’s still in decent working condition, so don’t worry. How do you make the process as smooth as possible? Let’s take a look.

5 Tips to Sell Your Tablet

It can be easy to sell your tablet, but it’s not quite as easy as hopping online and being done with it. First, you should decide where you’re hoping to sell it. Online second-hand electronics places will offer you fair value and give a quicker sale. You could get more from an online marketplace, but there are some concerns about scams or simply dealing with time-wasters to worry about. Either way, here’s some things to do to help you sell your tablet online at a better price.

Tip #1 – Know What You Have

No, we don’t mean that annoying statement so many people make in their online sales posts! We mean actually checking what you have. There can be a lot of variance in specifications between tablets in a range, and something as simple and missable as a subrange can change the item’s worth completely. Make sure you know the name, series, and specifications (including memory and storage size) of the tablet you want to sell.

Tip #2 – Evaluate Condition

You will get your best money for an item that’s still in fantastic condition. However, no one is going to fall for you claiming something with a cracked screen and damaged case is ‘mint condition’, so don’t even try! Rather take the time to go over your device, note issues like case damaged screen scratches, and be honest about the state of the item. We do advise removing scratched screen protectors, though.

Tip #3 – Gather the Goodies

Are you the sort of person who keeps all the accessories and the box too? Then this could help you sell your tablet for cash. Again, like we said in Tip #2, the nearer to mint condition you can offer the device, the better the price you can ask. You will still sell the item without them, but if you have them, it’s a great way to pump up the value.

Tip #4 – Wipe Data

Now it’s time to protect yourself. Have you delinked all important apps? We suggest you do this even though you will also factory reset, because it stops issues like not being able to relink to your banking apps on a new device because you’re ‘still signed in’ on the old. Remove storage devices and sim cards (if applicable), and deactivate cloud services on the device. Then do a full factory reset.

Tip #5 – Avoid Launches

Technology ages quickly. The older your device gets, the less you can sell if for. If they’ve recently announced a successor in your tablet line- Apple tends to do this annually- you will take a price hit immediately. And the second a shiny new generation is announced, you will see a lot of people trying to offload older tech. Rather try to sell at a better time.

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