Lenovo launches Chromebook and ThinkPad updates

Lenovo launches Chromebook and ThinkPad updates

A pair of $440 5i Chromebooks are bound to please. Mobile World Congress starts next week in virtual Barcelona and Lenovo has dropped quite a few new products in advance of the show. That works out to a handful of meat-and-potatoes upgrades to Chromebooks and mobile workstations, as well as a boatload of basic tablet […]

Laptops, Cell Phones, and eGames Defied Slump as COVID-19 Dented 2020’s Electronics Sales

Foreseen drop in 2020 sales-related e-waste: 4.9 million metric tonnes or ~6.4%; Pandemic intensified digital divide between high, middle and low income countries. In the first three quarters of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a 30% fall in electronic and electrical equipment sales in low- and middle-income countries, but only a 5% decline in high-income countries, […]

Samsung Unpacked reveals new Galaxy Book series

Samsung Unpacked reveals new Galaxy Book series

Dubbed “the most powerful Galaxy ever”. Samsung has unveiled its new selection of Galaxy Book laptops, and they look to be some of the most powerful devices the Korean tech giant has ever released. There were four models announced at the latest Samsung Unpacked event – the Galaxy Book Pro, Galaxy Book Pro 360, Galaxy […]

Apple’s FaceTime coming to Android phones

Apple’s FaceTime coming to Android phones

Apple users can finally video call their Android friends using FaceTime. The great Android/Apple divide was just brought a little bit closer with the news that iPhone users will soon be able to FaceTime people on Android devices. Fresh from WWDC 2021, Apple has revealed that the forthcoming iOS 15 will finally let you FaceTime all […]

The best phone 2021

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

The phone world is one of the most fierce battlegrounds in tech, with giants like Apple and Samsung constantly trying to outdo each other with the latest, greatest devices. Their newest flagships, the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21, respectively, offer fantastic rear multicamera setups, powerful processors and, of course, 5G. But they’re not the only […]

Best Android phones to buy for 2021

OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro

Phone technology is evolving quickly and today’s leading phone manufacturers are innovating faster than ever before. Features like super fast 5G connectivity and Super AMOLED displays are now commonplace, with more futuristic tech such as foldable displays available for those who want a cutting-edge cell phone (and who have the deep pockets to pay for […]

How to Prepare to Sell Your Smartwatch


Do you have a smartwatch to sell for cash? Gizmogo has the tips and tricks you need to sell your smartwatch online. How to Prepare to Sell Your Smartwatch Start off by giving your smartwatch a good clean. You’d be surprised how much extra money you can get for used electronics just by presenting them […]

iPad Pro Vs MacBook Air: Features and Key Differences

iPad Pro Vs MacBook Air

So you’ve encountered the tough decision between getting your hands on a MacBook Air or an iPad Pro. Wondering which should be your final pick? Whether you want to upgrade your old device or purchase your first tech accessory — we’ve got you covered. This article will discuss the most important defining features and fundamental […]

What to Look for When Buying Your Tablet: iPad vs Samsung

Apple iPad Pro 12.9” (2022) vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra

Perhaps you’re a creator who needs a powerful tablet for digital art, video editing, or illustration. Or maybe you need a basic tablet for watching Netflix, browsing the web, writing, or making video calls. The number of brands and models available can make it hard to decide which tablet to buy. However, it doesn’t take […]