Huawei laptop price and specs: All you need to know before buying

Huawei laptop price and specs: All you need to know before buying

Huawei has been a leading name in the electronics industry, however, recent sanctions against the brand’s origin country have severely limited the brand’s reach. Though recent developments have been a relief for the company, it still has not been able to reach its full former glory.

Known for their first in class innovation, Huawei laptop prices have been phenomenal over the years when compared to the competition which has swayed many to buy Huawei devices. In this comprehensive guide, we will take a quick look at the Huawei laptop price and specs to help you get all the essential information needed to make an informed buying decision.

Let us dive right into the basics

Understanding the Huawei laptop price range

When it comes to purchasing a laptop, the cost is perhaps the first consideration for any buyer. Huawei offers a diverse range of laptops in almost every price range and requirement. From budget friendly devices to top of the line machines, there is something for everyone at Huawei. Here is a quick look at Huawei’s lineup of laptops

Matebook X Series

A sleek and stylish standout, the Matebook X series boasts a strong metallic body with the latest Intel processors. This is a budget device from Huawei and the prices for it are quite on the affordable side. This laptop is geared towards students and regular users.

These entry level laptops generally feature mid-range processors that help the brand keep the pricing accessible for a wider base of audience.

MateBook Series

Experience enhanced efficiency with the MateBook series. This device from Huawei features a stunning 2.5K True Color Touch Display along with the latest i9 processors from Intel, this device commands a premium price and is geared towards content creators and professionals.

While the price for this high-end machine seems to be on the higher side when compared to other models, the top of the line processor and specs allow the MateBook series to deliver exceptional performance and utility that justifies the investment for users who require nothing but the best.

MateBook E Series

A mid level PC and Tablet 2 in 1, this device will be highly appealing for users seeking versatility and portability. These 2 in 1 devices from Huawei feature a 120 Hz display, a 14 hour battery life along with a convertible form factor.

These premium device from Huawei are designed for users on the go, who need top notch performance in a slim and portable form factor. The convertible build also ensures that this device is perfect for creative endeavors.

The Huawei laptop price for the MateBook E series is competitive and offers some excellent value for money when you compare it with the likes of similar laptops from other brands like HP or Lenovo.

MateBook D Series

If you are opting for a large screen immersion, maybe the MateBook D series is right up your alley. Your on the go office, this device features a FullView display that offers some immersive viewing experiences. The large screen real estate also helps you to view your files, spreadsheets, and documents in their full glory.

With fast processors and ample RAM, the MateBook D series is designed to power through all demanding tasks without breaking a sweat. The sleek design, edge to edge display, and lightweight construction really do justify the pricing it commands.

What determines the Huawei laptop price?

There are several factors that do their part in determining the Huawei laptop price. Let us take a look at each of these factors one by one to get a clearer picture of the Huawei laptop price.


The most important factor that determines the price of any laptop is the specifications it comes with. Laptops with flagship CPUs, GPUs, and RAM often tend to have the highest value. This is because high-end components command a premium price, while entry level configurations are more affordable.

The design and build

The design, materials, and build quality also play a crucial role in determining the price of the device. The use of premium materials and sleek design is often followed by a high price tag.


The type, size, refresh rate, and resolution of the screen play a very crucial role in determining the Huawei laptop price. High end displays like OLED or mini-LED tend to be much more expensive and thus drive the price of the overall device higher.

Additional functionality

Additional features like touchscreen biometric authentication, Windows Hello, and more add up to the overall price of the laptop since theenhancees the value and appeal for certain users.

All these factors add up to make the final Huawei laptop price.

Comparing the different models of Huawei Laptops

MateBook X MateBook Matebook E MateBook D
Processor Intel 13th gen Intel 13th gen Snapdragon 8cx Gen 3 Intel 13th gen
Display 14.2 inch. 3.1K resolution @ 90Hz 16 inch. 2.5K Touch Display 12.35 inch. 120 Hz display 14 inch. Full HD display
Battery 60 Wh 84 Wh 45.84 Wh 56 Wh
Weight 1.26 kg 1.99 kg 710 g 1.39 kg

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While Huawei offers a laptop in almost every price category, you will need to carefully evaluate the specifications and features of the laptop and compare it with other models from different brands to check if the Huawei laptop price is reasonable. Evaluate all these factors carefully and you should be able to make the right decision and invest in a device that not only complements your workflow, but it also comes at an affordable price point to begin with.

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