iPhone 16 Leaks and iPhone 15 Issues

iPhone 16 Leaks and iPhone 15 Issues: What We Know So Far

WOW. iPhone 16 Leaks and iPhone 15 Issues

Apple fans are always eagerly awaiting the next iPhone release. As issues with the current iPhone 15 models surface, leaks about the upcoming iPhone 16 have started popping up online. In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the latest iPhone 16 leaks and discuss some of the major iPhone 15 issues users have been reporting since its release last September.The iPhone 15 brought minor but welcome upgrades like the new Dynamic Island cutout, Always-On display, improved battery life, and better cameras. However, the iPhone 15 series has had its fair share of bugs and flaws. On the other hand, leakers and analysts have already given us a glimpse into some exciting changes Apple might bring to the iPhone 16 models, launching presumably in September 2023.

iPhone 16 Leaks

As 2023 kicked off, reputable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo predicted some substantial updates coming to the 2023 iPhones, likely to be called the iPhone 15s or iPhone 16 series. Here are some of the rumored iPhone 16 upgrades based on early leaks:

Completely Portless Design

One of the most intriguing iPhone 16 leaks suggests that Apple could finally release a portless iPhone with the top-tier 16 Pro Max model in 2023. Earlier reports indicated the tech giant has been working on a portless phone for the past few years.Removing the lightning port would allow Apple to further improve water and dust resistance while slimming down the iPhone design. A portless iPhone 16 would charge exclusively wirelessly using MagSafe or Qi-based chargers placed externally.

Under Display Face ID and Touch ID

Ming-Chi Kuo also predicts Apple will embed both Face ID and an under-display Touch ID scanner into the iPhone 16 lineup. Eliminating the notch allows a near bezel-less display, with authentication sensors hidden beneath the screen.If true, you’d be able to conveniently unlock your iPhone by glancing at it or discretely placing your finger anywhere on the screen. Dual biometrics brings added security and flexibility for accessing your iPhone.

Periscope Zoom Camera

Perhaps the most practical rumored feature headed to iPhone 16 Pro models is a periscope telephoto lens. This would enable vastly improved optical zoom when shooting photos or videos. Apple is reportedly working on this technology to achieve up to 10x optical zoom — a major upgrade over the paltry 3x maximum optical zoom offered on iPhone 15 Pros.With a periscope lens that uses a prism to reflect light onto rotated sensors, the bump on iPhone 16 Pros could get slightly thicker. But it may well be worth it for the enhanced long-range zoom capabilities closing in on what you get with a dedicated point-and-shoot camera.

A17 Bionic with 4nm Process

Apple consistently brings speed and efficiency improvements to the iPhone lineup with their latest proprietary A-series mobile chip. If naming conventions continue as expected, the iPhone 16 will get the A17 Bionic built on TSMC’s cutting-edge 4nm semiconductor manufacturing process. Along with the usual performance gains, the A17 Bionic could boost battery efficiency by over 30% thanks to the 4nm jump from 5nm tech in the present A16 Bionic powering iPhone 14 Pros.Lower power draw plus suspected bigger batteries could lead to substantially longer runtimes per charge on iPhone 16 models — addressing one of the most common complaints among users today.

USB-C Port

While a portless iPhone 16 is simply a rumor now, a much more concrete expectation is that Apple will replace Lightning with USB-C on all iPhone 16 models. In late 2022, the European Union passed legislation requiring USB-C as a standard charging port on new smartphones and tablets beginning in late 2024 to reduce e-waste.Since iPhones are popular globally, including in European markets, it is highly improbable that Apple will release 2023 iPhones with the proprietary Lightning connector, excluding European variants. Following over a decade of Lightning ports on iPhones, it may feel slightly weird to switch to USB-C initially. But in the long run, USB-C brings faster-wired data transfer speeds in addition to universal connectivity with third-party power adapters and cables.

iPhone 15 Issues Users Have Reported

Turning to the current iPhone 15 lineup, while Apple’s 2022 flagships mostly bring meaningful upgrades — they are not without flaws either. Here are some of the top issues plaguing iPhone 15 users and things to potentially watch out for if buying one presently:

Battery Drain Problems

Without a doubt, the number one complaint from iPhone 15 and 15 Pro owners relates to rapid battery drain. While Apple advertises excellent battery life on the iPhone 15 series, many users face the frustrating reality of their new iPhone’s battery getting depleted far faster than expected – sometimes lasting less than a full day per charge.There seem to be a few culprits, including the Always-On display, background app refresh, 5G/WiFi connectivity glitches, or possibly underlying iOS software bugs. Try toggling settings to disable Always-On and background app refresh. Restrict Automatic Updates temporarily. Also, monitor how different apps consume battery by going to Settings > Battery.

Overheating Issues

Somewhat tied to battery drain, a number of iPhone 15 users also complain their phones get uncomfortably warm (especially when charging) and even display critical temperature warnings, causing temporary shutdowns. Make sure your iPhone has adequate airflow and isn’t confined in super tight jeans if you notice it heating up when on the go.The A16 Bionic does run hotter by design for maximum performance. Avoid prolonged intensive gaming sessions if feeling excess warmth from the chassis near the Apple logo on the backside. Also, try not to keep your iPhone charging once it reaches 100% capacity.

Screen Defects

Sporadic reports mention screen anomalies like horizontal lines/glitches or uniformly tinted areas with green, yellow, or pink hues. Turn off True Tone if noticing screen tint issues. For other display defects, it’s generally best to take your iPhone into the Apple Store for inspection and possible whole unit replacement under standard warranty terms (1 year).With Apple touting the iPhone 15 lineup as having their “toughest screens ever” on the Pro models, defects here seem rare but have occurred in isolated cases, unfortunately.

WiFi & Cellular Connectivity Problems

Some buyers chose iPhone 15 models specifically for the enhanced network capabilities like WiFi 6E and ultra-fast 5G. Yet, a percentage have experienced dropped connections, slow speeds or no service at times. iOS updates may help resolve software-related cellular bugs. Also, try resetting Network Settings under General settings if connectivity inconsistencies persist.When WiFi acts up, make sure issues aren’t related to the router itself. Switching off 5G Auto and selecting LTE/4G only can also help narrow down problems — allowing you to test speeds/connectivity on one cellular band versus another.While no iPhone release is perfect, past data shows the vast majority of buyers remain highly satisfied upgrading to Apple’s latest generation. However, paying attention to commonly reported user issues can ensure you select the right iPhone 15 model for your needs while avoiding potential pitfalls other early adopters face.

Table of iPhone Models and Sub-models

Generation Year Introduced Models Display Size (inches) Starting Storage Current iOS Version
16 (Expected, Sept 2024) * (Details unconfirmed due to early stage) * * *
15 2023 iPhone 15 6.1 LCD 128GB iOS 17.3
15 2023 iPhone 15 Plus 6.7 LCD 128GB iOS 17.3
15 2023 iPhone 15 Pro 6.1 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
15 2023 iPhone 15 Pro Max 6.7 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
14 2022 iPhone 14 6.1 LCD 128GB iOS 17.3
14 2022 iPhone 14 Plus 6.7 LCD 128GB iOS 17.3
14 2022 iPhone 14 Pro 6.1 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
14 2022 iPhone 14 Pro Max 6.7 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
13 2021 iPhone 13 6.1 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
13 2021 iPhone 13 mini 5.4 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
13 2021 iPhone 13 Pro 6.1 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
13 2021 iPhone 13 Pro Max 6.7 OLED 128GB iOS 17.3
SE 2022 iPhone SE (3rd generation) 4.7 LCD 64GB iOS 17.3

Selling Your iPhone 15 to Upgrade in 2023

If, after discovering the exciting iPhone 16 leaks, you now feel tempted to upgrade sooner when the next iPhones arrive — don’t despair; there are options for offloading your current device. Apple offers trade-in credit towards new iPhone purchases.However, third-party services like Gizmogo often pay considerably more cash for used iPhone 15 models in gently used condition. Gizmogo handles everything from free shipping kits to quoting iPhone trade-in offers upfront, so you know exactly what cash payout to expect ahead of time. Sell Phone, or you can sell used devices with gizmogoAs always, the leaks pointing to an exciting iPhone 16 reinforce that Apple never sits still innovating the future of smartphones. We’ll be sure to keep readers updated as more rumors, reports, and concrete details about iPhone 16 emerge throughout 2023, approaching the expected launch this coming September. Stay tuned, iPhone enthusiasts!