Pixel 2 XL Used: How to Easily Sell Your Phone on Gizmogo for the Best Price

The Pixel 2 XL was released by Google in 2017 and was one of their flagship phones at the time. Now over five years old, many original Pixel 2 XL owners may be looking to sell their used device and upgrade to something newer.

One great option to sell a used Pixel 2 XL is on the buyback site Gizmogo. Gizmogo makes it easy to get a quote, ship your phone, and get paid quickly. In this blog post, we’ll go through tips on how to get the most money for your Pixel 2 XL device used on Gizmogo and what to expect during the sell-back process.

Sell your Google phone.

Check the Condition of Your Pixel 2 XL

Before requesting a quote from Gizmogo, you’ll want to assess the condition of the pixel 2 XL you used. The more scratches, cracks, or other defects it has, the less Gizmogo will offer for it. Carefully inspect both the front and back of the phone for any cracks or deep scratches in the body, screen, or camera area. Also, make sure the phone turns on properly and the battery still holds a decent charge. You can use these condition ratings as a guide when checking your device:

  • Flawless – No scratches or defects at all
  • Good – Minor wear but no real damage
  • Fair – Some noticeable scratches or small cracks
  • Poor – Cracked screen/camera or won’t power on

The better condition your pixel 2 XL used is in, the more cash you’ll be able to get by selling it on Gizmogo. Set aside any defective chargers or cables and just package the phone itself to ship.

Request a Quote

Once you’ve assessed the condition, head to and click “Sell Your Phone”. Select Google as the manufacturer, Pixel as the series, and Pixel 2 XL as the model. You’ll then need to choose the carrier, storage capacity, and condition. Gizmogo will provide an instant estimated quote based on the details you provided.

If you agree to the quote, continue filling out information on any defects, the original purchase date, and any accessories you have. Be honest about any cracks or scratches when asked – if you lie and the actual condition differs greatly from what you stated, Gizmogo reserves the right to reduce the final payout. Double-check all the information before submitting the request.

Within 1 business day, you’ll receive a final quote and prepaid shipping label from Gizmogo to send your phone. This is your chance to either accept or refuse the final amount they are willing to pay. Assume the condition grade may drop if the device has more wear than described, lowering the value. If you agree, pack up your pixel 2 XL used securely and attach the shipping label.

Ship Your Pixel 2 XL to Gizmogo

Once you accept the final quote, you need to send your phone to Gizmogo within 3 calendar days. The prepaid shipping label provided is for a standard USPS Priority Mail box, which is free at any post office. Place your Pixel 2 XL inside, surrounded by bubble wrap or other padding, to keep it safe during transit. Tape up the box securely.

Affix the prepaid shipping label on the outside of the package with the QR code and tracking number visible. Make sure your return address is included somewhere on the box as well in the rare event it needs to be sent back. Bring the package to USPS and drop it off – once scanned, it will show as “shipping label created” on your Gizmogo account. USPS estimates the standard delivery time is 2-5 business days.

You will receive email updates from Gizmogo when your package is delivered or if any issues arise. Monitor the tracking number yourself for additional peace of mind. Once received, Gizmogo will inspect and verify the condition matches what you initially reported when requesting a quote.

Get Paid

If the details on the condition are accurate and no discrepancies are found, Gizmogo will process your payment! The full agreed-upon amount is sent by direct deposit or Paypal, depending on your preference selected during the quote process. Payment happens fast – usually within 1-3 business days after your pixel 2 XL used arrives.

And that’s it – you have completed the Gizmogo sell-back process and gotten paid for your used Pixel 2 XL! It was quick and convenient, and the shipping label provided made it easy to send your item. The funds received can now be used to pick up a newer Pixel model or anything else you may want. Consider trying Gizmogo next time you have an old phone, tablet, smartwatch, or other device to sell.

Common Questions

If you still have some questions about using Gizmogo to sell your Pixel 2 XL used, here are answers to a few common queries:

How is the quoted amount determined?

Gizmogo considers details like the phone’s model, carrier, storage capacity and condition when providing a competitive market-value quote. More advanced phones in flawless condition get higher offers. Additional factors can also impact the value.

Can I sell my phone if the screen is cracked?

Yes, Gizmogo buys used phones in any condition – however, severely cracked screens lower the value significantly. Phones with damaged screens or that won’t power on are worth less than those in good working order.

How do I know my data is safe?

Gizmogo wipes and factory reset every used device received to protect personal data. However, you should reset your Pixel 2 XL to factory default settings yourself before shipping for absolute peace of mind.

When do I get paid?

Payment is sent 1-3 business days after Gizmogo receives and inspects your shipped pixel 2 XL used phone, with no delays.

What shipping method should I use?

Gizmogo provides a prepaid USPS Priority Mail shipping label for you to securely send your device at no cost. Place the label on any Priority box from the post office.

Can someone pick up my phone instead of shipping it?

Unfortunately, Gizmogo currently only provides shipping labels for mailing devices. In-person drop-offs are not possible at this time.


Selling your used Pixel 2 XL doesn’t have to be a hassle. As you can see, Gizmogo makes it simple to get a great price matched with fast payment. Just package up your pixel 2 XL used, attach the prepaid shipping label, and drop it in the mail. Track the status online and expect your funds via direct deposit in as little as 3 business days.

Don’t let an old phone collect dust when it could be earning you cash instead! Gizmogo takes care of swiftly assessing conditions, making a fair-market-value offer, and handling logistics, data wiping, testing, and payment. Get started today by visiting their website to get a free instant price quote.