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Alienware vs XPS: When I sell my Dell Laptop

Dell is a powerhouse brand when it comes to the world of personal computers and laptops. Known to deliver quality, performance and innovation in a complete package, plenty of Dell’s lineup have gotten huge recognition from the users. Within Dell’s extensive lineup, two distinct series have garnered huge attention over the years: Alienware and XPS. And if you are wondering which of these will have the highest resale value when I sell my Dell Laptop, this guide is going to be your answer to all questions. With both celebrated for their unique attributes, these cater to completely different segments of the market. But when it comes to resale, which of these machines has held their value the most over the years? Let us find out as we pit both of these flagships from Dell against each other.

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How is the resale value determined when I sell my Dell laptop?

Before understanding which of these models is the king of resale, we first need to glance over and understand as to how the resale value of any laptop is determined. Resale value is a term that refers to the monetary worth of a used laptop that it holds in the secondary market. There are several factors that influence this price including brand, hardware specs, condition of the device, as well as its market demand. For example, due to very high demand from professionals, the resale value of MacBook Pros often remains very high when compared to their Windows counterparts.

All these factors culminate to help a prospective buyer come to the right value and make an informed decision which allows maximum return on their investments.

Dell as a brand

Dell is the third largest laptop maker based on market share and its reputation has been well established. And both the XPs and the Alienware line up of laptops have done tremendously well to make Dell the household name that it is today. However, both the XPS and Alienware are completely different machines and cater to a distinct audience base.

Alienware vs XPS

Here is a quick rundown of how these two laptops compare and answer the question, “which has the higher resale value when I sell my Dell laptop”.


Alienware is a legendary name in the gaming scene and has earned a formidable reputation. Bringing desktop-level performance on laptops with their Alienware Area 51 series, cutting-edge hardware, immersive gaming, and an out-of-the-world design, Alienware laptops do command attention from gamers and enthusiasts alike. The raw performance and its ability to be used as a portable, yet, capable workstation make it very high in demand in the used market. Gamers are willing to shell out a premium for the aesthetics and brute gaming power, driving up the resale value.


Moving away the focus from the gaming-centric Alienware, we have the sleek and powerful XPS laptops. Catering to the likes of professionals, businesses, and users seeking the ultimate premium productivity machine, Dell’s XPS has been the rightful hit over the last few years. Revered for its stunning displays, lightweight chassis, and exceptional computing performance, the Dell XPS is great for business applications, graphics design, and other high CPU-intensive tasks. Though the lack of a discreet GPU limits the gaming performance of the device, it comes with the added advantage of being significantly cheaper than Alienware when bought new. Professionals swear on the reliability, performance, and premium build of the XPS, making it hold its value quite well.

Evaluating the performance and specifications

The specifications, age, and condition of the device will play a crucial role in answering the question “Which has a higher resale value when I sell my Dell laptop”. But, with faster RAM, storage, and discreet graphics, the Alienware is going to command a premium.

Raw power of the Alienware

Alienware steals the first point thanks to its baller specification. Equipped with desktop-grade flagship Intel silicon and RTX graphics cards, these monster gaming rigs come with ample RAM and storage to breeze through anything that you throw at it. From playing all the latest AAA titles to more intensive tasks like 4K video editing and rendering, the raw computing and graphics power of Alienware make it highly sought after in the used market, especially for those seeking the absolute best.

The versatility of the XPS

Although the XPS might not match the sheer horsepower of the Alienware system, it makes up for it in its versatility and productivity. With the latest generation Intel processors on board, coupled with Gen 4 SSDs, multitasking and productivity tasks are never a problem. However, the XPS beats out on the Alienware with its all day battery. Intel EVO certified, these business machines will last you for the entire workday without having to plug in. This makes it appealing to a broad range of users beyond your typical gamer. This can be quite the attraction for buyers seeking a premium productivity machine.

Design and build quality

The materials used and the build of both of these laptops are quite different. Here is how both these stack up against each other.


The Alienware comes with an iconic design that stays true to its gaming identity. Customizable RGB, mechanical keyboard, magnesium alloy, and carbon fiber body, the list goes on. The distinctive design language makes it stand out in the resale market and wildly appeals to gamers.


An edge-to-edge display, a machined aluminum body, and a premium finish put the XPS right on the opposite spectrum of Alienware. While the Alienware screams gaming, the XPS is more of a subdued machine that blends pretty well anywhere you go. The sleek aesthetics make it quite desirable to professionals who prioritize reliability.



Performance High-performance CPUs and dedicated GPU The latest efficiency is Intel Core processors with integrated graphics.
Design It is quite bold for most users Subdued look, making it broadly appealing
Battery High-performance components drastically cut battery life. All-day battery life
Resale Value High resale value among gamers Broad appeal to professionals and users

The answer to which has a higher resale value when I sell my Dell Laptop

While the Alienware offers tremendous performance in a portable package, its appeal is only limited to gamers. With a lacking battery and flashy look, the potential buyer pool gets very limited. On the other hand, the XPS becomes a more appealing package for buyers owning of its overall versatility and a more universal design. And therefore, the XPS should hold its resale value better over time. This should be the answer to the question “Which has a higher resale value when I sell my Dell Laptop?”.

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