National Environment Day 2021 Focuses on Ecosystem Restoration

National Environment Day 2021 Focuses On Ecosystem Restoration

This Saturday is World Environment Day, where environmental initiatives are recognized globally. Part of this year’s theme goes hand in hand with a focus in the ecosystem’s restoration. The UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme) is the environmental organization behind World Environment Day. Each year, the organization highlights different aspects of the ecosystem, like the reduction of rainforests or the fragile aquatic ecosystem. Gizmogo is a proud supporter of the UNEP’s message […]

How Gizmogo is Saving the Planet by Reducing E-Waste


How Recycling Old & Used Electronics Help the Environment  When we notice that our phone is going slower than usual, we panic. “Time for a new phone,” we think to ourselves. But what many consumers don’t realize is the significant effect our old electronics have. In the age of technology, advancements seem to develop almost […]