When to Sell Your Phone for An Upgrade / Top 4 Reasons People Upgrade their Smartphones

Why do most people upgrade their phones? 

Smartphone technology these days has come to a standstill. The innovation of features in mobile phones has hit a saturation bar, which is why most of the upcoming smartphones hardly look and feel different from the current ones. Then why do people ? Should you just keep your current one? 

A decade ago, buying or upgrading to a brand-new device offered significant software and hardware features that not only were exciting to experience but meant something as well. These days, an “upgrade” often means giving smartphones extra cameras, thin-bezels, and a larger screen. So, does this count? Would you sell your phone to upgrade to a new one just because it has an extra telephoto lens or slim-bezels? It begs the question that how often or when you should upgrade your smartphone. 

Here are the top four reasons why people upgrade their smartphone 

  1. A Tight Budget

It goes without saying that smartphones these days with the state-of-the-art camera, processors, and GPU cost nearly as much as $1000. Moreover, these top-of-the-line flagship smartphones launch after every 12-16 months, outdating the previous model by a hair. Now, you, as a customer, cannot purchase every single model releasing year after year. That is why many wait until ‘that premium smartphone,' which you have been eyeing is no longer tight on your budget. 

Say Apple launched their iPhone 12 line-up of devices in 2020, and you purchased Apple iPhone 11 Pro in early 2020. Does that mean iPhone 11 Pro is no longer relevant after the launch of the iPhone 12 series? No. Then why sell your phone? Or upgrade, for that matter. 

This is one of the many examples of why users purchase a used flagship smartphone, keep it for the next two to three years, and then upgrade. Following this trend not only allows you to control your spending, but it also stops you from upgrading to a newly launched smartphone regularly. You get to decide if upgrading your smartphone is worth it. Just because the new one comes with an extra camera or a slightly larger battery, does not mean you should sell your phone and get the new one. 

  • When a Contract Expires

Let's face it, upgrading to a newly released model always feels good. You get the device and pay no interest while signing your contract. The only downside in this situation is you are locked into a single carrier and cannot switch to another one until the contract expires. 

This is how carriers convince you into upgrading. What better than to pay $20-$30/month for a flagship smartphone that costs around $1099. If you go down this road, you wait until your contract with one carrier expires before making the switch. So, what should you do with your current phone, before making the jump to a brand-new model? Well, why sell your phone when you can recycle old electronics for cash. It will allow you to pay your new phone's down payment without spending money from your savings. 

  • Tech-Gurus / Tech-Junkies

This is not a reason per se, although it's more like a peer group who keeps a keen eye on subtle design changes. Tech-Gurus always nit-pick and go for new hardware upgrades and minor software features of smartphones nearing a release date. They care about staying relative and purchasing mobile devices that have recent operating firmware and a fresh design. 

Tech-junkies tend to upgrade their smartphones whenever a new model hits the market. Preferences of tech-gurus vary. Some of them target different smartphones, including mid-range, mid-upper range, or even premium flagship phones. They recycle old electronics for cash and upgrade to brand new ones as soon as they find a worthy contender who can replace their current smartphone.

  • Money to Burn / Deep Pockets

Again, this is another exclusive group that buys or upgrades to a new smartphone without putting much thought into it. They are void of any monetary constraints. 

People who have money to burn do not need a reason to upgrade their smartphones. They do not look at the charts, spec sheets, or how fast their current smartphone is as compared to the future one. Do they make arguments such as “is it justified to purchase Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max, after buying Apple iPhone 12 Pro last week?” No. They upgrade without a thought because they know it will not break the bank. 

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