Aug 12, 2022   |   By ABC 33/40

Earn cash recycling old electronics; keep e-waste out of landfills

Everyone is looking to make an dollar these days or save some money. Just like used cars, the value of used electronics is also going up. Online companies to buy your old laptops, PC's, even drones and headphones are springing up.

One of those companies, Gizmogo, says you can earn from a few dollars on up into the thousands of dollars. Company reps say they're a little different from other buy back businesses. They aren't just interested in new electronics, but even the older models.

To see what you can earn, go to their website, type in your device and they'll send a quote. If you accept, a shipping label is sent.

E-waste has become a huge problem. Statistics show in 2021 about 63.3 million tons of electronic waste was discarded in the U.S. Only about 17% is properly discarded according to Steven Vasquez with Vasquez explains this is a way to dispose of your electronics responsibly.

"There are precious metals that can be extracted if they can't be reused," remarked Vasquez.

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