Feb 21, 2023   |   By NBC New York

Getting Money For Your Used Phone

Getting Money For Your Used Phone

Dust off that old phone in your drawer – cash awaits! Tired of that outdated smartphone taking up space? Turns out, you can turn it into some extra bucks. We've unearthed some savvy tips from Better Get Baquero, so let's dig in and uncover the hidden value in your dusty pocket pal.

Cash for tech: Forget hidden treasure, your pre-loved phone holds real currency! Plenty of companies, like Gizmogo, offer hundreds of dollars for used electronics. Just imagine, that cracked screen could fund your next movie night.

Sell smart, not scattered: Ditch the guesswork! Sites like Gizmogol help you easily check your phone's worth and sell it with just a few clicks. No haggling, no fuss – just quick cash for your techy treasure.

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