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If you want to sell the Drone or Consoles, you need to send the remote control along with it, otherwise the quote price will be reduced.

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Phantom 3 Professional Drone

Sell Phantom 3 Professional Drone: Trade-in Your Old Drone for Top Dollar

Are you looking to upgrade your drone equipment? Gizmogo offers the perfect solution by allowing you to sell your Phantom 3 Professional Drone and trade it in for top dollar. Whether you're a professional aerial photographer or simply a drone enthusiast, Gizmogo ensures a hassle-free and rewarding experience when it comes to selling your used electronics. With our user-friendly platform, you can take advantage of the latest advancements in drone technology without breaking the bank.

Phantom 3 Professional Drone Features

The Phantom 3 Professional Drone is equipped with a range of cutting-edge features that have revolutionized the world of aerial photography. Built with precision and innovation, this drone guarantees exceptional performance and stunning image quality. Here are some of its impressive specifications:

1. Camera Quality

The Phantom 3 Professional Drone boasts an integrated 4K Ultra HD camera, enabling you to capture breathtaking aerial shots with crystal-clear resolution. With the ability to shoot 12-megapixel photos and record videos at up to 30 frames per second, this drone ensures that every detail is beautifully preserved.

2. Flight Performance

Equipped with advanced flight controls and stable GPS positioning, the Phantom 3 Professional Drone offers smooth and precise flight performance. It features a maximum flight speed of up to 16 meters per second and a maximum ascent speed of five meters per second, giving you the freedom to explore the skies with ease.

3. Intelligent Flight Modes

Take your creativity to new heights with the intelligent flight modes offered by the Phantom 3 Professional Drone. From Point of Interest to Follow Me, you can effortlessly capture dynamic shots using these automated flight modes. Additionally, the drone's Vision Positioning System allows for safe indoor flights and enhanced stability in GPS-free areas.

4. Remote Controller

The Phantom 3 Professional Drone comes with a dedicated remote controller that provides a seamless connection between you and your aircraft. With a range of up to 5 kilometers, you can control your drone with precision and ease, ensuring a smooth and immersive flying experience.

Now that you're aware of the impressive capabilities of the Phantom 3 Professional Drone, it's time to explore how you can sell your used drone and upgrade to the latest models available on the market.

FAQ about selling Phantom 3 Professional Drone

1. Can I sell my Phantom 3 Professional Drone if it's not in perfect condition?

Yes, Gizmogo accepts drones in various conditions. Whether your Phantom 3 Professional Drone has some cosmetic damage or minor functionality issues, you can still sell it and receive top dollar for your device.

2. How do I sell my Phantom 3 Professional Drone to Gizmogo?

It's simple! Visit our website and select the option to sell your drone. Fill out the necessary details about your Phantom 3 Professional Drone, including its condition, accessories, and any additional information. We will provide you with an instant quote, and if you accept, you can ship your drone to us using our prepaid shipping label.

3. Can I trade in my Phantom 3 Professional Drone for another drone model?

Absolutely! At Gizmogo, we offer a wide selection of the latest drone models for you to choose from. Once you receive a quote for your Phantom 3 Professional Drone, you can explore our inventory and trade it in for the drone of your choice.

4. How do I ensure the safety of my personal data when selling my drone to Gizmogo?

Gizmogo prioritizes the security and privacy of our customers. Before selling your Phantom 3 Professional Drone, we recommend performing a factory reset to erase all your personal data. Rest assured that once we receive your device, our team will thoroughly wipe any remaining data to ensure its complete removal.

5. How long does it take to receive payment for my sold Phantom 3 Professional Drone?

Once we receive and inspect your Phantom 3 Professional Drone, we aim to process your payment within two business days. You can choose to receive your payment via PayPal or check, depending on your preference.

So, if you're ready to upgrade your drone equipment, sell your Phantom 3 Professional Drone to Gizmogo today! Don't miss out on the opportunity to trade in your old drone for top dollar and explore the exciting possibilities of newer models. Visit sell iPods to learn more about our trade-in program, or check out sell DJI drones for Top Dollar for the latest drone options. For complete information about DJI's products, visit their official site Get Complete Info on Their Site.