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At Gizmogo, we provide an exceptional opportunity to sell your headphones for the best cash offers online. Whether you have wireless, noise-canceling, over-ear, or in-ear headphones from leading brands like Bose, Sony, Beats, and others, our platform is the perfect place to get the most out of your audio gear. Our selling process is streamlined, secure, and designed to offer you a hassle-free experience. We understand the value and demand for high-quality headphones and ensure that you receive competitive pricing for your devices. Selling your headphones with Gizmogo is a straightforward process, ensuring a quick and profitable transaction. Choose Gizmogo for a trustworthy and efficient way to convert your headphones into cash.
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Sell My Beats Headphones for Cash Online - Get the Best Price at Gizmogo

Sell Your Beats Headphones online with Gizmogo to fund the lates model. Trade in cash with Gizmogo to get the best price for your used or broken headphones. Gizmogo is the leading buyer of second-hand and broken headphones and the perfect place to sell your used Beats headphones, earphones, and other broken or damaged devices. Gizmogo compares the prices offered by significant headphone buyers, saves you time and effort, and offers the most cash. If you want to sell your Beats Headphones, Gizmogo is the only site you can trust.

You can sell your Beats headphones that are out of function or broken. In most cases, these damaged or broken headphones are repaired to return them to their perfect working state. That is, it can be re-selled so that someone else can use it. To get your headphones paid in cash, get an assessment and get a price offer from our professionals immediately. You can either accept or decline an offer there. If you're not satisfied at first, you can always go through the evaluation and get other price offers at any time.

What is the value of my used Beats Headphones?

The value of your used Beats Headphones depends on a variety of factors, including their state, model, whether their sound quality is good, and the current market value for your Beats Headphones.

The easiest way to know the value of your headphones is to get an immediate assessment. Just tell us the model state of your Beats Headphones. Simply enter the manufacturer and model of your Beats Headphones in the search box above. Gizmogo's unique technology gives you immediate visibility into the value of your Beats Headphones. Check out the value of your headphones now and see how much you can trade in cash with Gizmogo by selling your used or broken Beats Headphones.

Where to sell my Beats Headphones online?

The answer is here! Any state of your Beats Headphones can be sold on Gizmogo. The Gizmogo give the best value for Beats headphones and other devices in any state. Even if it's just a minor bug, it's completely broken, it's cracked, it's not powered on, our buyers will be happy to buy it. Obviously, if your device is broken, you will not get the full value for it, and more damage will be less for it, but it is still worth selling.

How do I sell my broken Beats Headphones on Gizmogo? It's easy. Locate the device, and under Status, select damaged/broken. This filters the results to show the best price of your device is damaged. There are many companies that specialize in buying broken cell phones so you may be surprised at the amount.

How Do I sell my Beats Headphones on Gizmogo?

Follow these steps to sell your Beats Headphones online on Gizmogo.

1. Obtain an Offer

Acquire an offer from Gizmogo to determine the optimal price for your Beats Headphones. Ensure the accuracy of the device information you provide for a precise assessment. The more details you furnish, the more precise the evaluation becomes. Following the data review, Gizmogo will present the best price for to sell Headphones.

2. Benefit from Free Shipping

Upon accepting the offer, Gizmogo enhances the sales process by offering complimentary shipping. You have the opportunity to send your used Beats Headphones to us without incurring any additional expenses. Gizmogo serves as your comprehensive trade-in destination for cash in exchange for used electronic devices, ensuring a seamless and profitable experience.

3. Wait for the Payment

Following the receipt of your Beats Headphones, we conduct a thorough examination to verify the accuracy of the provided data. After completing the verification, we initiate payment within a few days. Anticipate receiving cash via PayPal or another convenient payment method of your choice. In the unlikely event of a discrepancy, we can adjust the price, and you will be given the option to confirm or reject the revised offer. If dissatisfaction arises, we will refund your Beats Headphones at no cost. Should you accept the revised price, the process will proceed as usual, with payment issued within a few days. Trust Gizmogo to sell your Beats Headphones with an effortless and gratifying experience.

Why sell your Beats headphones on Gizmogo?

Quick Payment

Our partner recycler will immediately pay cash for your used or broken Beats Headphones purchased. If you choose a payment on PayPal, you can also receive the money the day that our recycling service checks your phone.

No Hidden Fee

You are trying to figure out where to sell your Beats headphones, but don't you want to pay any fee? Sell your Beats Headphones at Gizmogo because all of our service information is transparent. We are honest with all the service information and we don't hide anything.

Free shipping

It's important for Gizmogo to buy headphones as easily as possible. This is why we are partners with only those recycling companies that provide easy shipping options.

Get the right price

Secure the optimal value for your headphone. Determine its selling potential by comparing offers and securing higher trade-in deals than those available in physical stores. Avoid the inconvenience of settling for the first option you encounter – enjoy a hassle-free process.

Sell only to reliable recycling companies

Let's stop hesitating about where to sell your Beats Headphones that are broken or damaged. We check all the recycling companies on our website, and you can trust us 100%.

Collect at home

Large or expensive items may be difficult to ship. Our purchase programs will be sent to pick up your UPS at home, so check the shipping method of Gizmogo, the best shipping method in the market.

Benefits of Selling Used Beats Headphones Online

Higher price

Online marketplaces are highly competitive, so buyers like us are willing to pay more for used Headphones in good condition because they know that they can buy a new headphone on better terms than a new one.

Wider Buyers

By selling used Headphones online, you can sell them to more people than you sell locally. It can be sold to buyers around the world (like, so you have more chances to find a buyer who will price your headphones high.

Easy Comparison

Online marketplaces Like Gizmogo make it easy for sellers to compare the prices and features of various Headphones. In other words, Headphones that are in good condition and have desirable features are more likely to be priced higher because they are more noticeable than competing products.


Many online marketplaces, such as Gizmogo, offer secure payment options, so you don't have to worry about getting paid by a buyer who tries to cheat. So when you sell your Beats headphones online on Gizmogo, you're safe to sell.

Upgrade Your Devices with Sales Funds

Utilize the funds generated by selling your Beats Headphones to acquire new models featuring improved functionality and performance.

Simplify your life

Trim down your living space by selling unused or outdated equipment. This serves as an excellent method to simplify your life and establish a more organized environment.

Make Affordable Choices Available to Others

Offering used Beats headphones at an affordable price creates an accessible option for individuals who might face constraints in purchasing a new Beats headphones. This holds significant value for students, budget-conscious users, or those in need.

How do I check the model’s name of Beats Headphones?

Beats sells headphones of a variety of models. It's important to know what model you have to find the right parts and accessories for your Beats headphones.

There are two main differences between Solo headphones and Beats Studio. Beats Studio headphones are worn around the ear (around the ear), while Beats Solo is worn on the ear (on the ear). The ear pad of the Beats Solo Headphones is shaped like a circle, while the Beats Studio Headphones are shaped like an oval, and it is significant.

Follow these steps to find out the model number of Beats Headphones?

  1. To locate the serial number or model number for Beats Headphones, unfold the headband and check inside the slider above the left ear cup for some models and above the right ear cup for others.
  2. Enter the serial number on the Beats website to reveal the model number.
  3. Some Beats headphones also display the model number in the exact location, near the barcode on the packaging.

Accepted Models of Beats Headphones On Gizmogo

Gizmogo facilitates the sale of various Beats Headphones models, offering customers a convenient way to dispose of their devices. The accepted models include but are not limited to those listed below.

  • Beats Solo Pro
  • Beats Solo²
  • Beats Solo² Hello Kitty Edition
  • Beats Solo² Wireless
  • Beats Solo³ Wireless Mickey's 90th Anniversary Edition
  • Beats Studio (1st generation)
  • Beats Studio (2nd generation)
  • Beats Studio Wireless
  • Beats Studio Wireless Alexander Wang Edition
  • Beats Studio Wireless Balmain Edition
  • Beats Studio Wireless Ellen Edition
  • Beats Studio³ Wireless NBA Collection
  • Beats x Fendi Pro
  • Justbeats Solo

 If you possess Beats Headphones model that is not explicitly mentioned, feel free to reach out to us. Our team is ready to assist you with inquiries or information about a particular device, ensuring an optimal experience in selling your Beats Headphones.

FaQs: Sell your Beats Headphones online for cash on Gizmogo

Will Gizmogo be responsible for shipping?

Shipping is 100% free. Once your order is complete, Gizmog's platform will automatically send you a USPS prepaid shipping label.

Which headphones sell on Gizmogo?

Working headphones and broken headphones can be sold on Gizmogo. In most cases, even damaged or failed headphones can be repaired and returned to a fully operational state. It can be redistributed to somebody else.

What happens after shipping?

You can track the progress of your headphones by their tracking number or account on the label. Once the package is received, it will be scanned into the system before the end of the day. The notification system will then be launched to keep you informed of the progress of the delivery process via email and SMS (if selected).

What if my Beats Headphones are broken or damaged?

We are happy to repair any broken or defective Beats devices so that you can sell your Beats Headphones to us. Old Beats Headphones can be compensated in cash regardless of appearance damage, technical issues, or charging issues.

How to dispose of broken headphones

Disposing of broken headphones is a simple process. Valuable materials such as leather, metals, magnets, and various types of plastic are present in all headphones. Although not all of these materials are recyclable, dedicated recycling companies like Gizmogo can effectively separate them and discard anything non-recyclable without causing harm to the environment. Sell your Beats Headphones on an electronic waste collection site Like Gizmogo, and deposit your broken headphones for recycling.

How do I get paid?

We offer many payment methods: Check, Payoneer, PayPal, etc. You will be asked to choose the preferred payment method for your payment. Payment will be made on the day of receipt and inspection of the goods.

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