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Vivobook 15 F512, X512, X515 Series

Sell Vivobook 15 F512, X512, X515 Series: A Comprehensive Guide

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Vivobook 15 F512, X512, X515 Series Features

The ASUS VivoBook series is renowned for its combination of beauty and performance. The VivoBook 15 models, including the F512, X512, and X515, are no exception. These sleek devices come packed with features that cater to every type of user, from the casual browser to the busy professional.

Design and Display

With an ultra-slim profile and an almost bezel-less display, the VivoBook 15 series offers more screen area for immersive viewing. The ErgoLift hinge design improves typing ergonomics, making it comfortable for long blogging or coding sessions.


Powered by up to Intel® Core™ i7 processors and equipped with NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics, the VivoBook 15 series is ready to handle tasks efficiently. Additionally, the fast storage options, including an SSD, ensure quick boot times and responsive applications.


Comprehensive connectivity features, including USB Type-C®, HDMI, microSD card reader, and Wi-Fi 5, let you connect to your gadgets seamlessly. This makes the VivoBook 15 perfect for both work and play, providing convenience at every turn.

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