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Sell TouchSmart
Trade in Instructions
1.Only original tablet will be recycled.
2.Please unlock your tablet and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your HP

HP TouchSmart

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At Gizmogo, one of our core values is ensuring that every of our client gets the best rates when they trade in HP TouchSmart for another device. You might be wondering, what if I don’t want to trade in HP TouchSmart? Well, you can sell your HP TouchSmart for cash. With little effort and stress, you can sell HP TouchSmart.

Let’s move on to the overview to see how you can sell HP TouchSmart for cash or even trade in HP TouchSmart for a new device.



The HP TouchSmart has a.long generation of tablet PC laptops succeeding it. Popularly known as the Crossfire, the HP TouchSmart is designed by HP and runs on Windows Vista Home Premium as a standard procedure.

This gadget features a 23-inch touchscreen, an NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600, and an AMD Turion 64 X2 TL-52 processor. While it does not have HDMI ports, it has a wide array of ports, such as the two FireWire, IR out, FM coax, ATSC, TV coax, two S-Video, 5.1 + digital audio out, Ethernet and 6 USB 2.0 ports with one for the HP printer power Y-cable connector.

Add in interactivity to everyday work and the new touch of style that it presents to your consumption and you have the multi-touch enabled, all-in-one HP TouchSmart at your fingertips, ready to go wherever you send it.

With its new capabilities in the multi-touch enabled touch screen technology, you can zoom, rotate, pan, pinch, flick, drag and scroll away all at your fingertips. You can even create an even better way to facilitate interactivity with your HP TouchSmart.


Sell HP TouchSmart

You can sell HP TouchSmart with ease on Gizmogo as long as that is what you intend to do. You don’t have to worry about being exploited because we have your best interest at heart. However, there are some things you must have concluded within yourself before coming forth to sell HP TouchSmart on the platform. You also have to be sure of the exact thing you want in exchange when you sell your HP TouchSmart. This is so that you don’t get confused with the varieties available and end up with something lesser than what you sold or want. Also, know that you can possibly sell HP TouchSmart for the same price at which you bought it because the value has dwindled. Come prepared to sell your HP TouchSmart because knowing these things will keep you at ease and cool-headed when you sell HP TouchSmart.


Sell HP TouchSmart for cash

You have the choice of whether to sell HP TouchSmart for cash or trade in HP TouchSmart for another device. Once you’ve clarified the exact method of exchange you want, there will be less hassle when you sell your HP TouchSmart.


Trade in HP TouchSmart

Before you sell HP TouchSmart for cash or trade in HP TouchSmart, it is important to put some things in place. By making sure of these things when you sell HP TouchSmart, you have an advantage of getting a good deal out of the sale. Besides helping you get a good deal, it also helps you stay safe and not scammed. For instance, it is very necessary to wipe off all record of your use from your device before going ahead to sell HP TouchSmart. This is because not doing this may lead to your personal information being leaked to the public or in wrong hands. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary drama, it is important to do the following before going ahead to sell your HP TouchSmart.

Sell your HP TouchSmart only if it is original.

Wipe off all your record and unlock the device before you sell HP TouchSmart.

Sell your HP TouchSmart only if the OS is working perfectly.

Ensure that all the features are working efficiently before you sell your HP TouchSmart.

Make sure it is neat before going ahead to trade in HP TouchSmart.


Features and capabilities

At this point, the best features of the HP TouchSmart will be put on display so that you can be able to sell HP TouchSmart quickly. By doing this, you will be able to sell HP TouchSmart as well as help another person purchase this wonder.

Storage info

500 GB

Weight and size info

Height – 447 mm (17.6 inches)

Width – 579 mm (22.8 inches)

Depth – 72 mm (2.8 inches)

Weight – 11.5 kg (25.4 pounds)

Water resistance info


Memory card



Memory stick

Memory stick pro

MultiMedia card (MMC)

xD-Picture card

Display info 

23 inches


Diagonal widescreen BrightView LCD

16:9 aspect ratio

1920 x 1080 pixel display resolution

300 nits typical image brightness


1000:1 contrast ratio

IPS technology

Chip info

CPU – Intel Core 2 Duo Processor P7570

NVIDIA MCP7A-J chipset

2.2 GHz

3 MB L2 cache

CPU bit – 64 bit

Operating System – Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium

Camera info

Integrated VGA webcam - 30 fps, 640 by 480 resolution, and designed for low light conditions




Ambient light

Preinstalled Software

HP TouchSmart DVD

HP TouchSmart Clock

HP TouchSmart Canvas

HP TouchSmart Browser

HP TouchSmart Calendar

HP TouchSmart Video

HP TouchSmart Photo

HP TouchSmart Live TV

HP TouchSmart Hulu


Black Licorice 

The few descriptions mentioned above shows the awesomeness of this device which will also help you sell your HP TouchSmart. As long as you sell HP TouchSmart for the right reasons, you will have no problem when you sell your HP TouchSmart here.