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The Microsoft Surface Pro is the Windows 2-in-1 detachable hybrid tablet that other PC manufacturers have been attempting to create for the past four years. Although the competition is getting closer to achieving an optimal balance of design and features, the Surface brand remains unrivaled.

Microsoft claims that this new Surface Pro is completely redesigned inside and out, but it's hard to tell it apart from its immediate predecessor, the Surface Pro 4 from 2015. It's still a skinny and light computer disguised as a tablet that works best with the optional keyboard attached. It is an excellent travel computer for me because it has all the power of a comparable laptop in a thinner and lighter package.

If anything, the new Pro demonstrates Microsoft's dedication to this concept and design, but it doesn't come cheap. A top-of-the-line version of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 i5 is capped at $1,528, and it includes 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD. Since its debut, the Surface Pro 2017 i5 has been on almost every creatives' wish list. This is because Microsoft, through the Surface Pro, delivered an impeccable design and build quality along with the speed and performance that makes everything suitable!

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 i5 has been such a breath of fresh air since it was released four years ago, although some users still consider it too pricey. If you want to own a newer version of the Microsoft Surface Pro without breaking a bank, Gizmogo can help you! You can sell your Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 i5 for cash, or you can make a trade-in for a newer device that suits your present need with little or no extra cash. Call us today to begin.


Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 i5 Specifications

Design info: The Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 i5 has been one of the most consistent tablets in design. Although the Surface Pro 2017 i5 shares striking similarities with the Surface Pro 4, there are still some distinctive areas. The edges of the Surface Pro 2017 i5 are more rounded, and the vents are redesigned to look thinner.

The back panel is matte silver/platinum-colored magnesium alloy, and the prominent Windows logo is well centered on the kickstand that is now more adjustable up to 185 degrees. With the thickness of the Surface Pro 2017 i5 at 8.5mm indicates that it is slightly thicker when compared to the Surface Pro 4. This difference in weight is relatively insignificant because the Surface Pro 2017 i5 is still a light tablet. You definitely will be comfortable holding it around for long hours without being fatigued.

The Surface Pro paid outstanding attention to its Signature Type Cover and Stylus Pen. A robust magnetic latch helps secure the tablet to the keyboard and is now more comfortable to use. The Type Cover is covered in Alcantara, a synthetic suede aesthetically pleasing with different color designs- cobalt blue, burgundy, and platinum.

The Surface Pen also got a boost with the Surface Pro 2017 i5. Although not everyone goes all-in with paying $100 extra, it is a must-buy if you want to get the whole Surface Pro experience. The pen's pressure sensitivity was increased to 4,096 against 1,024 levels, and a new tilt feature has been added.

Ports are sparse in this new Surface Pro 2017 i5, and this is mainly because of the limited real estate around its circumference. A headset jack is on the left side. The Surface connector (for power and docking), a mini DisplayPort, and a USB 3.0 port are located on the right side. A microSD card reader compatible with cards up to 256GB is located underneath the kickstand. The included AC adapter also has a USB charging port allowing users to charge their phone while connecting a USB hard drive to the tablet.

Display info: The 12.3-inches screen has the same 2,736-by-1,824 resolutions as the Surface Pro 4 and is just as bright. Text and graphics appear to be clear and smooth. The screen also has a 3:2 aspect ratio making it closer to the size of a sheet of paper. It is effortless holding the Surface Pro 2017 i5 in one hand for long hours, so weight is not an issue.

Camera info: It includes an 8MP rear-facing auto-focus camera (1080p HD) and a 5MP front-facing camera. The camera of the Surface Pro 2017 i5 is not state-of-the-art technology, so you might want to have a rethink using it as the primary camera for events.

Weight info: Even with its accessories, the Surface Pro 2017 i5 is still a light device. It weighs about 1.73 pounds and measures 11.5 x 7.93 x 0.33 inches (W x D x H).

Water-resistance info: It is not water-resistant.

Battery info: The battery life of the Microsoft Surface Pro 2017 i5 is on a reasonable level. It doesn't live true to Microsoft's claim of 13.5 hours, but you are guaranteed up to 8 hours runtime following a full charge.

Capacity info: The Surface Pro 2017 i5 version comes with 8GB RAM and 256GB of internal storage. Its inbuilt storage leaves a lot of room for it to function as a pure entertainment device and a good workstation.

Audio info: You will find two speakers located at the tablet's front next to the black display bezel on the left and right sides. They are capable of producing loud and powerful sounds both indoors and outdoors.

Chipset info: The new Surface Pro 2017 i5-7300U CPU (2.6 GHz) is based on Intel's current Kaby Lake architecture. This, in addition to its 8GB of RAM, is sufficient to execute most office and light creative tasks. It is snappy enough, even though you might notice some lags when switching to some applications.

The Core i5 model is also fanless. It doesn't make any noise when in use, even though the Core i7 version has fans. This is quite remarkable because it shares this similarity with thicker and heavier laptops like the Macbook Pro.

In terms of processing speed, you might get a different result when using the Surface Pro 2017 i5 for games or intensive tasks like video editing, but it is not something to worry about.

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