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Sell LS800 Tablet
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Sell Your Motion Computing
LS800 Tablet

LS800 Tablet



Why do you want to dispose of your current phone? Do you want to upgrade and enjoy a better phone experience? Or your used LS800 Tablet has passed its time? There are different reasons why smartphone users want to upgrade their devices. The most obvious of these reasons is that everyone wants to have a better phone experience. And a better phone experience means improved technology which again means paying more. In the process of getting a new and better phone, what do you want to do with the old one?

If you use LS800 Tablet and already contemplating upgrading your device, this post is for you. As you will see in this post, the specifications of LS800 Tablet leave the phone behind in some performance areas compared to the latest tablets. So if you are planning to get a better phone, we want to help you dispose of the old one properly. Here is the good news; you can sell your LS800 Tablet. Yes, we mean sell LS800 Tablet in the business sense of the word. If that news catches interests you, you should read this post till the end.


What We Know About LS800 Tablet

LS800 Tablet is one great device that has come to redefine mobile computing in the industry. Two things that are uniquely attached to this device are size and strong power. Not surprising to see this tablet part of the award-winning series from the creator, Motion. LS800. Consider this tablet to be between a pocket PC and a portable laptop. Interestingly, the phone runs fully on Windows XP, although Tablet Edition. But all the same, it is a great device to use, especially among employees.


LS800 Tablet Inbuilt Features and Specifications

Understanding the performance of LS800 Tablet is not only when you use it. The capacities, features, and specifications made public when the phone was released can give us a robust idea of what the phone is made up of. With this information, we can also measure its performance, especially when we compare LS800 Tablet with other tablets. Here is the breakdown of LS800 Tablet every user should know.

Brand: Motion Computing

Model: LS800 Tablet



Display size: 8.4” 800 x 600

Body Info

Weight: 1000 gm / 2.2 pounds

Dimensions: 227/170/22.0 mm (8.9/6.7/0.9 inches)

System Details

OS Version: Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition

CPU: Intel Pentium-M

CPU Speed: 1200 Mhz

Chipset: Mobile Intel 915GMS Express Chipset

GPU: Intel GMA 900

Memory Details

RAM: 256 MB

Hard disk: 10 GB




Integrated 802.11 b/g


USB 2.0



Fingerprint reader, ambient light sensor

Can You Sell LS800 Tablet?

As we said, you can sell LS800 Tablet. You can gift your used LS800 Tablet to a friend or family member if you like. All we are saying here is that there is a way you profit monetarily from disposing of your used device. And in this case, it can only happen when you sell LS800 Tablet. If you decide to sell your LS800 Tablet, keep following this post. We want to show you how to sell your LS800 Tablet without stress or fear of failing.


Two Ways You Can Sell Your LS800 Tablet

You can sell your LS800 Tablet in two ways. The first way is to sell LS800 Tablet for cash. The second way is to swap LS800 Tablet. These two methods will fetch you money, fetch you a new phone, or cover costs when you purchase a new phone. The slight difference between the two methods is that one is basically for the money while the other can fetch you a new phone. When you sell LS800 Tablet for cash, you only get the money. You can sell LS800 Tablet for cash in a phone market or to someone. However, you can sell LS800 Tablet at a better price if you use a phone store. Gizmogo for instance gives the best prices for used devices in the market.

On the other hand, you can swap LS800 Tablet. Unlike when you sell LS800 Tablet for cash, you can get a new phone when you swap LS800 Tablet. Swapping means you want to exchange. Most times, the exchange offer has to do with getting a new phone. But in these cases also, you may need to attach some money when you swap LS800 Tablet. On the brighter side, you can save on your budget for a new phone when you swap LS800 Tablet. Whether you sell LS800 Tablet for cash or swap LS800 Tablet, ensure you erase all personal data and privacy info from LS800 Tablet for disposing of it.


Sell your LS800 Tablet on Gizmogo

We try to further on how to sell LS800 Tablet. Apart from recommending the two best ways to sell your LS800 Tablet, we also want to recommend where to sell your LS800 Tablet for cash. We consider it a good business if you make money from disposing of your LS800 Tablet. To achieve this, Gizmogo is the way. On Gizmogo, you can sell your LS800 Tablet without stress. You will receive your payment without stepping out of your room. To cap it all, there is free shipping of your device when you sell LS800 Tablet on Gizmogo. The platform is known to offer a free selling platform for users who want to sell their phones. Read here to know more about how to sell your LS800 Tablet on Gizmogo.