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Xoom 2 Media Edition

Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition



Motorola released the Xoom 2, then afterward, they released a more portable version called the Xoom Media Edition. 


Until Motorola’s’ 8.2 inch Media edition, the trend was always a 10-inch screen size or more for most tablets following iPad’s trail. Still, Motorola decided to cut down on screen size in this new device. 


Back then, the question was what features they were willing to sacrifice to achieve a premium compact tablet.


In the end, Motorola decided to transfer all the functionalities of the Xoom 2 that made it remarkable to the Media Edition, but the reduced space was a challenge. Eventually, Motorola produced a device that couldn’t function better than its predecessor as most internal components couldn’t fit into the Xoom Media Editions’ small frame. However, what the XOOM ME lacks in hardware, it somewhat makes up in flexibility, ease of use, and other desirable functions. 


The Xoom ME could still perform the essential functions of any tablet device. More specifically, it had enough power to handle the larger Xoom 2’s hard work. Among its first appreciable qualities are its sturdy design and the fact that it is splash-proof. The combination of the unbroken glass in front, the plastic edges on the sides, chipped corners, and the metal finish behind makes the device look more premium than sturdy. It is also considerably lighter in weight than the Xoom 2, and its smaller screen offers more quality and brightness.


Motorola Xoom 2 Media Edition Specifications

Design info: Since the Xoom Media Edition will mostly be sitting on your palm or held comfortably in one hand for most of the time, then it must make a secure grip. The slightly raised plastic edges and the metal back panel ensure that this comfortable and firm grip is established. 


The Media Edition is clearly a portrait-oriented tablet. Many of its buttons are found on the back rather than sides, so it is a good thing your fingers can span the width of the tab. In reality, you might have to turn the device over to see what buttons you’re pressing. Along the bottom, you will find the microUSB and micro HDMI ports. 


One confusing feature is the flap on the side that ought to cover the microSD card slot, which is still present but opens up to nothing.


Meanwhile, because the bezel has been reduced, there isn’t so much space to grip around the screen. This would have been a major problem if the device responds to every touch that your thumb makes on the screen in an attempt to hold firmly, but Motorola reduced the touch sensitivity of the screen around areas close to the edge. This way, you can work effectively on the screen without any hindrances.


The speakers of the Media Edition are a significant improvement from previous Xoom models. At max volume, vibrations may interfere with the sound, but it is of fair quality. Still, you will need a headphone jack to get the best sound experience.


Capacity info: For some reason, perhaps size, the Media Edition has no slots for microSD or space for expandable storage. Even more unimpressive is the fact the device comes with 16 GB of inbuilt memory, of which only 14GB is available for use.


Weight info: The Motorola Xoom Media Edition combines 8.9mm thickness and 8.2 inches of screen length to produce a 388g tablet. This weight plays a major role in its portability feature, which is the whole point of the tab. One can really only appreciate a device that is as lightweight as this one after using a much heavier version like the previous Xoom 2. Meanwhile, at 216 x 139 x 8.9mm, you’ll even be able to hold it in portrait mode, gripping it on both sides on a single palm.


Display info: The screen has a resolution of 1280 x 800 and stands at 8.2 inches. The reduced screen-sized allows better and vibrant image display and quality. You’ll appreciate colors better on this device and also get better contrast than on the larger Xoom screens. Viewing angles are okay; its maximum brightness is not the best but is just enough.  


Camera info: Video playback on the device is remarkably great; the camera records in 720p but can display full HD. The camera present is a 5MP rear camera that can take sharp and clear pictures with a LED flash that altogether produces impressive photos.


Video recording: As stated above, you can record 720p videos with the device.


Water-resistance info: The Xoom 2 ME is splash proof. This means it isn’t entirely waterproof - not enough to survive a complete submersion underwater, but spilling a cup of coffee over your tablet won’t cause it any harm. 


Performance info: If you enjoy playing games, you will find this tablet addictive. Although it has just 1GB of RAM, its 1.2GHz OMAP 4 Texas Instruments processor allows swift processing speeds that made the latest games of its time run smoothly. Android Honeycomb 3.2 is the operating system you’ll find installed on this tablet.


Connection info: The Media Edition will allow you to mirror your videos directly onto your TV via the micro HDMI port and play at the full resolution of your TV, provided your clip is good enough to play on a TV with high res. The device comes with expected Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity, including a pressure sensor that measures atmospheric pressure. 


Battery info: Motorola was only able to pack a 3900mAh battery due to the necessary small size of the Xoom Media edition. This is a significant reduction from the Xoom 2’s 7000mAh. You can expect an average lifespan of 7 hours from the battery. 



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