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Sell Galaxy Tab S 10.5
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Galaxy Tab S 10.5



Hey readers; we are again with mind blowing offers that will satisfy your needs. At gizmogo, we ensure you meet up with the latest trends in mobile technology and gadgets. We are well aware of the challenges  that you face as regards selling your mobile phones to trusted individuals, the challenges you might face when you want to trade your mobile phone for another device.


At gizmogo we make everything easy for our customers; including the everyday questions that you can't answer. These questions include; how do you sell your GalaxyTab S 10.5 for cash? How do I trade my GalaxyTab S 10.5 for another phone? It is possible to sell your GalaxyTab S 10.5 for cash or trade in GalaxyTab S 10.5 for another mobile device.


Let's consider the usage of the GalaxyTab S 10.5, and the ways at which you can trade in GalaxyTab S 10.5 for another phone or sell GalaxyTab S 10.5 for money. Like I mentioned earlier, it is quite easy and possible to trade in GalaxyTab S 10.5, for another phone or sell GalaxyTab S 10.5, for cash.

Foremost we would like for you to consider an overview of the GalaxyTab S 10.5, and after that we would look at ways you can at which you can update your phone to a better one; or how you can sell your GalaxyTab S 10.5 for cash




The GalaxyTab S 10.5, is one of the best android tab phone among its contemporaries. Although it is highly competitive; but it is no doubt the most outstanding galaxy tab phone you can find around. The GalaxyTab S 10.5, is a tab with the android OS, powering it for optimum productivity.

The GalaxyTab S 10.5, is by far better than its predecessor in design, software and screen. The GalaxyTab S 10.5, operates on the android version S5 and powers it into the android media tablet. The design differs from others, exquisite to handle, and a huge modification was made on it too.

The GalaxyTab S 10.5, is similar in design as the S5, but appears more portable and classy than the S5. The substitution of the chrome bezel for a subtle band is yet another distinguishing feature from the S5. The GalaxyTab S 10.5, was built on titanium bronze, it has a nice dark gold and white color, and it is sleek.  

 The build up is quite portable, with a slight texture. The back is slightly plastic; the top is made up of stereo speakers, which makes it easier for you to watch movies, especially in landscape mode


The GalaxyTab S 10.5, has a thick and AMOLED screen, which protects the screen from impact. Not to mention a 7,900 mAh battery capacity, which gives it has a long life span. The GalaxyTab S 10.5, shares an equal processor with the galaxy tab pro model. Finally on the processor, the galaxy tab S 10.5 has an “Octo-core“Exynos with four 1,9Hz cores and four 1.3Hz core which it changes to when it wants to save battery.


The memory of the  Galaxy tab S 10.5, contains upto 16gb and allows the use of SD card. The memory space gives room for large amounts of data and media files. The camera is 8-megapixel for the back camera and 1 mega pixel for the front camera, which is quite good for tablet phones.

After going through the brief overview, you might be asking yourself if it's necessary to sell your Galaxy tab S 10.5. The truth of the matter is, different models of phones keep hitting the market with better features, better storage, better processor and camera. and you would always need an upgrade.




We advice that you consider the below options, if you want to sell your Galaxy tab S 10.

Sell Galaxy tab S 10.5, for cash

Trade in Galaxy tab S 10.5,


We want you to know that you might not get in cash the exact amount of money you got your phone, as your phone has depreciated in value. Notwithstanding, there are other deals to consider and you will no doubt benefit from them.



If you've decided and are ready to sell Galaxy tab S 10.5, it is the best choice you ever made for your phone, but before you sell your Galaxy tab S 10.5, for cash, we would like to inform you that we don't deal on stolen items.

A better deal will be made if you present your phone in a good working condition. Please back up all personal data, and check for camera, storage and battery before you visit our platform at gizmogo.

gizmogo amongst others is the best platform to look out for; when it comes to selling your Galaxy tab S 10.5, or you want to trade in Galaxy tab S 10.5.



Another smart step to look out for; is to trade in Galaxy tab S 10.5, for another phone. This is after you've considered the idea to sell Galaxy tab S 10.5 for cash.

When you trade in Galaxy tab S 10.5, you will no doubt get access to a better upgrade, not to mention the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of options.

Just keep an open mind and decide on the type of phone you want and would like to trade in for.



We are doing our best here to expose to every detail as regards the features of the Galaxy tab S 10.5. This piece of information will guide you to make the right decision and put you in the right lane, so you don't make a mistake.



16gb and 11.5 gb which is accessible.

3gb of Ram



Height x weight x depth(in mm),6.6x247.3x177.3



7900 mAH, 3.8V



Android 4.4



AMOLED screen

10.50inch 16:9, 2500x1600 pixels.

Ten multi touch point



According to the provided features on Galaxy tab S 10.5. The phone is not water resistance



Webcam:2.1; main camera 8mp, led flash.



(1920x1080 pixels) can last upto 10hrs.


The AMOLED screen and the sleek design is one of the best things about the Galaxy tab S 10.5,  this feature has truly distinguished it from the rest.

What are you waiting for? Check out our platform at gizmogo. And make a life changing decision for you and your phone. Never underestimate the use of a good phone; you certainly would not understand until you give it a trial.


At gizmogo, we present documentation and our customer relationship is top notch. So come hurry as you sell your Galaxy tab S 10.5 for cash or trade in Galaxy tab S 10.5 for another phone. We await your response.