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Sell Tempo F900
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Tempo F900

Acer Tempo F900



The Acer Tempo F900 has a bit of history tied to its tail. It was the first windows OS device produced by the Acer Company – an epoch-making achievement that would travel down times in the history of the firm. It comes with all the fun of swiping a windows operating system, so you can confidently refer to it as your PC away from home. Well, a lot has changed since 2009, and so also is the usage of this device. For this reason, if you need to sell your Acer Tempo F900, this is the day where you learn how to make that happen. It’s nothing difficult or demanding, it’s a simple and straightforward process. If you can follow this article to the end, you would have found how to sell your Acer Tempo F900. If you are set, we are set, let’s show you how to sell your Acer tempo F900 for cash without spending any dime. Let’s roll out this article with an overview of what Acer Tempo F900 can do for you.



This 155 grams phone has a body dimension of 117.5 mm x 63.5 mm (Height and Width). This device operates on theMicrosoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system with the Samsung S3C6410, 2008, 32 bit, Single core 16 Kbyte I-Cache, 16 kbyte D-cache, 65nm, all adding supportive functionalities. This device is a TFT display phone of 3.8 inches, a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels, 246 ppi density, and a 260k colour depth. This display information means that Acer temple F900 doesn’t have very good graphics, however, these features are fairly sufficient to view low quality pictures and videos. This phone has a 3MP rear camera, and a 0.31MP front camera. The back camera is capable of autofocus, digital zoom and LED flash for light enhancement while taking shots in a dim light or in the dark. The Acer temple F900 has a small internal storage size, just 128MB, the good thing is that it can be upgraded with a microSD, microSDHC, SDIO, and Transflash.

Finally, the device comes in just the black colour with extra features like the Wi-Fi, document viewer, image viewer, GPS, Bluetooth, Push email

Sell Acer Temple F900

To sell Acer Temple F900, the first thing to settle in your mind is how you wish to sell Acer Temple F900. There are two ways you can do this. Each of this is based on metrics studied overtime when it comes to selling gadgets online. One, you can

sell Acer Temple F900 for cash

swap Acer Temple F900


These two options each has further steps that need to be taken for it to be actualized. If you decide to sell your Acer F900 for cash, Gizmogo should be the next thought that comes to your mind. In case you don’t know, Gizmogo is an online store recognized globally as reliable platform where you can sell Acer Temple F900 or any old gadgets and electronics. So, to sell Acer Temple F900, go to the Gizmogo site to open an account. Without having an account with Gizmogo, there is no way you can sell Acer Temple F900 for cash.


Sell Acer Temple F900 for cash

If you want to sell your Acer Temple F900 right now, Gizmogo should be your first point of call. We will buy what you want to sell at a satisfactory rate.

Selling gadgets on Gizmogo requires some scrutiny which is not far-feched because money is involved. Before you can sell Acer Temple F900 for cash on gizmogo, you are going to answer some questions on the state of your device. It’s not a physical questioning, everything is online. Questions like the state of the phone’s screen, power, and keypad light amongst others. The answers you provide are the yardstick that will determine how much you get when you sell Acer Temple F900 for cash. Now that this is settled, go ahead and visit the Gizmogo site to sell your Acer Temple F900 for cash today.


Swap in Acer Temple F900

Did you know that you can exchange your Acer Temple F900 for a more advanced device? Yes, you can. It’s called Swapping. Swapping provides the ground for you to give up your phone for a better one. It’s a brilliant idea if it suits your ideals. To swap in Acer Temple F900 or even sell Acer Temple F900, a few things are crucial to the success of the process. When these things are neglected, there is a high chance that it may hamper your intention to sell Acer Temple F900 or Swap in Acer Temple F900

Backing up your files is very important. Don’t forget.

Restore the device to its factory settings

Delete all your passwords, clear it thoroughly.

See whether the features are still working well

Clear all internet browsing history from the phone


For the records, if you follow these list, you are better prepared to sell your Acer Temple f900i or swap in Acer temple F900. This also insures you against any data lost after you sell your Acer Temple F900 or swap in Acer Temple F900.


Features and capabilities

Take it or leave it, the best option you have to sell your Acer temple F900 is Gizmogo. This is because of our unique structure of buying and the past successes we have recorded in the business. Let’s see the features and capabilities of the Acer temple F900.


Capacity info

128MB RAM, 256 ROM - expandable to 4 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 155 grams (5.3 ounces)

Height: 117.5 mm (4.63 inches)

Width: 63.5 mm (2.50 inches)

Thickness: 12.9 mm (0.51 inches)

Display info


55.6% Screen to body percentage

3.8 inches

Resistive touchscreen

480 x 800 pixels

65k colours

244 ppi density

4:3 ratio

Water resistant info


Memory Cards





Chip info

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional operating system

Samsung S3C6410, 2008, 32 bit, Single core 16 Kbyte I-Cache, 16 kbyte D-cache,


Camera info

3.15 MP rear camera

0.3MP front camera

LED flash

2048 x 1536 pixels


Digital zoom

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

Recording 320 x 420pixels at 30 frames per second



Proximity sensor

Extra Features

Push email



Bluetooth v2.0 with A2DP

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g

Document editor


Document viewer




By now you know the process on how to sell Acer Temple F900 at the great rates on Gizmogo. This opportunity is open to anyone who is looking to sell Acer temple F900

To sell your Acer Temple F900, follow everything you have read in the previous part of this article. Once you can adhere to everything, it would be easier to sell your Acer Temple F900.

The offers are ready. The site is ready. All that is delaying right now is you. To sell Acer temple F900, you need to take actions, and you need to take them now. Lastly, don’t restrict yourself on the site, it’s accepted that you want to sell Acer Temple F900, but while doing that, explore the site to see the other goodies that we have for you.