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Alcatel Smart flip


In all wise, the Alcatel smart flip is a utility phone, though with less sophistication but it has a great range of features that makes it ideal for your day-to-day communication needs. For starters, it’s small, handy, and fairly heavy. Its two display screen feature helps you to keep track of callers, messages and other micro activities on the go. With just a flip, you get access to all the other tools on the phone – including an instant messaging.  If perhaps all of these features aren’t giving you the satisfaction you need from a device, you may consider selling your Alcatel Smart flip. If you want to sell your Alcatel Smart flip for cash, you are just right on time. This article will teach you how to sell your Alcatel Smart flip for cash in just four simple steps. If you recently thought or discussed with a friend on the subject of ‘how to sell my Alcatel smart flip’for cash, this short expose will bring a actionable conclusion to that conversation. Just before we jump into the steps, let’s look at an overview of this device



Flip to show your cool phone which has a moderate size of 2.8 inches. The Alcatel smart flip is built with a LCD (TFT/TFD) display technology, having a 143 ppi and a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels. It runs on a Kai2.5 OS, having the support of a Quadcore 1.1Ghz Qualcomm snapdragon 210 MSM8909, and an Adreno 304 GPU. It has a small 4GB internal storage space and processing RAM of 512Mb. This smart device has a body dimension of 105 mm x 53 mm (Height x width). This screen size may not be the perfect to see movies on full screen, but you can play compatible games that you install on the device or that comes with it. This device can also be used to receive and send instant messages through it instant messaging feature. It has a single camera of 2MP which is at the rear. This camera can also help you to keep memories when you used it to record videos of 720pixels resolution at 30fps.

Supplied with a power source of 1350mAH battery which is removable and replaceable if damaged.

This device has extra features that makes you usage time worthwhile and assist you to be productive in your work or personal engagements. Features like the Bluetooth, mobile hotspot, Wi-fi, picture ID, ringer ID, microUSB etc. the double display of this device makes it an absolute time saver. You can check the notifications that come into your phone on the small screen which is on the front part of the device. The device comes in a soothing black colour.


Sell Alcatel Smart flip

To sell Alcatel smart flip for cash, there is just one decision that connects you to that actualizing this. Note, there are quite a number of ways to sell your Alcatel smart flip for cash, but we will highlight two for you.

sell Alcatel smart flip for cash

swap in Alcatel smart flip

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Sell Alcatel Smart flip for cash

To sell Alcatel smart flip for cash, bear in mind that we determine the value of your device based on some standard metrics that helps us assess the state of the phone. To sell Alcatel smart flip for cash, go to the Gizmogo site this moment and open an account for yourself. This account is what gives you the leverage to sell Alcatel smart flip for cash on the Gizmogo site.


Swap in Alcatel smart flip

Swapping is a system of gadget exchange from one hand to another. Swapping  simply involves transferring the ownership of something to receive another. If swapping sounds like what you will love to do, why not. To swap in Alcatel smart flip, pay strict attention to the things we will be highlighting shortly. Swapping is perfect alternative to consider when you don’t want to sell your Alcatel smart flip. The hints you are about to read can, and should also become standard practices even when you want to sell Alcatel smart flip. Therefore, to swap in Alcatel smart flip or sell Alcatel Smart flip, do the following things:

Store your files in a different device before you swap or sell your device

Restore the factory settings of the device

Delete all passwords you have saved on the phone

Carry out a functionality test for the phone’s features to see if they are in top shape

Clear your browser’s history – there is no need keeping it anyway


If you can painstakingly observe these few things, you won’t face any challenge when you want sell your Alcatel smart flip or swap in Alcatel smart flip. It also important to note that you can sell Alcatel smart flip , on Gizmogo, but to swap in Alcatel smart flip, you will need to get some other place to do this. Gizmogo doesn’t engage in such for now.


Features and capabilities

If you read the overview, then you have had a better understanding of what the Alcatel smart flip can help you achieve. Just before you sell your Alcatel smart flip, let’s go over the features and capabilities in details. You never can tell where you will need such information in your bid to sell Alcatel smart flip for cash.

Capacity info

0.5GB RAM, 2GB RAM - expandable to 32 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 118 grams (4.16 ounces)

Height: 104.9 mm (4.13 inches)

Width: 53.1 mm (2.09 inches)

Thickness: 19.1 mm (0.75 inches)

Display info


External display is 1.44 inches

External display resolution is 128 x128 pixels

4:3 Aspect ratio

2.8 inches, diagonal, 4.3 inches

24.3 cm2

Capacitive/ Multi-touch

43.81% screen to body ratio

320 x 240 pixels

143 ppi density

Water resistant info


Memory Cards


Chip info

Kai 2.5 Operating system

Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 MSM8909

Quad-core, 1100 Mhz, ARM Cortex-A7

Adreno 304

Camera info

2 MP rear camera


Fixed focus

Video playback: 1080p @30fps

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

Recording 352 x 288p at 30 frames per second

Supported music formats: WAV/PCM, MP3, AAC, AAC+, e AAC+, MIDI, AMR-NB, EVBC, QCELP



Extra Features

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

HD voice

Dual microphone with noise cancellation

Bluetooth v.4.2, supports H2P, HFP, OPP, PBA, A2DP, AVRC,MAP

A-GPS with Google maps


Supports Instant messaging app like WhatsApp

Speaker phone

Voice memo

Picture ID

Caller ID

Voice dialing via Google Assistant

microUSB 2.0

FM Radio







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