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Curve 9315

Blackberry Curve 9315



This handy cutie wouldn’t be forgotten in a long while. The Blackberry curve series gave users a taste of what a good device should be and more. Although production has ceased but this device is still a good use to as many that has one. That being said, if you have one of these ‘cuteys’, the Blackberry curve 9315 in particular, and you would like to sell your Blackberry curve 9315 for cash, read on. You are about to find out what to do to make cool cash for yourself by selling this device. The information is this article will finally put a stop to your search of ‘Where can I sell my Blackberry Curve 9315 for cash?’ If you are set to do this, let’s get started then. Let’s start with a summary of what this device can do for you.



With a display size of 2.44 inches, the Blackberry curve 9315 is fairly a petite phone. It has a body dimension of 109mm x 60mm. it’s quite thick, sturdy and fairly light. It has a weight of 103 grams. The display of the phone is a LCD make having a screen to body ratio of 28.21% and a pixel density of 164ppi. The screen display colour around 262k and a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels. It has an internal memory of 512 MB which is very small, but the consolation is that you can upgrade it with microSD or microSDHC up to like 32GB. The image resolution is a 2048 x 1536 pixels. The Blackberry curve 9315 has a camera of 0.3MP at the front camera, the back camera is a 3.2MP. The back camera can record camera at 24 frames per second with 640 x 480 pixels. The Blackberry curve 9315 operates on a Blackberry 7.1 Operating system, and an 800 MHz processor. It has a single SIM slot, with a 3G and 2G network available on it. The Blackberry curve 9315 can play music formats like the 3GPP, AAC, AMR, FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV and video formats like the 3GP, 3GPP, AVI, MPEG4, WMV. These formats suffice for most kinds of videos you will most likely get whether from the internet or elsewhere. Lastly, the Blackberry curve 9315 comes with extra features like Dedicated BBM, Wi-Fi calling, Optical mouse (Touchpad), Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 2.1, A2DP, GPS, AGPS, Voice recording, OPP (Object push profile), Voice-activated universal search with Bing Auto suggest, Social fields, Mobile hotspot with up to 5 devices at one, Document editor and a Document viewer.

After this overview, what comes next is to help you discover how to sell your Blackberry Curve 9315.


Sell Blackberry Curve 9315

How do I sell my Blackberry Curve 9315 you ask? Well there are two commonly presented choices when such a question is asked. Both choices are mutually exclusive. You can either want to

sell Blackberry Curve 9315 forcash

swap in Blackberry curve 9315

Both options are surely going to get something of worth for your device, however, where can you either sell your Blackberry Curve 9315 for cash or swap in Blackberry curve 9315? Gizmogo! Yes! Gizmogo is th trusted online store where you can sell your Blackberry Curve 9315 for cash.

To begin your process to sell Blackberry Curve 9315 for cash, head on to the Gizmogo site and follow the instructions you see there.


Sell Blackberry curve 9315 for cash

This is what you pick when you need make money off your device. On Gizmogo, we buy from all and sundry provided the gadget or device is not stolen or reported missing.  To sell blackberry Curve 9315 for cash, you need have to done your own examination on the state of the phone. Go check out what we are offering to those who want to sell Blackberry curve 9315 for cash. It’s definitely going to be worth the trade.


Swap in Blackberry curve 9315

Swapping for another device is a good choice if the terms for such can be satisfied. More often than not, the swapping procedure takes into account the current value of both devices that would be exchanged in the process. When you want to sell Blackberry curve 9315 or swap Blackberry Curve 9315, be mindful to take away any personal files you may have on the device. In a broader sense, before you sell Blackberry curve 9315 or swap in Blackberry curve 9315, here are a few things to ask to yourself.

Are my files still in the phone or they have been backed up?

Have I restored the device to its factory setting?

Have I deleted all the passwords saved on the device?

Is there any part of this device that is bad? Are all its features working fine?

Have I cleared my internet browsing history from the device?


Affirming that all your private things are taken off the device before you sell your Blackberry Curve 9315 or swap in Blackberry curve 9315 is a great security measure you shouldn’t compromise. Go through these checks and you would be the next customer that is successfully able to sell Blackberry curve 9315 or swap in Blackberry curve 9315for another.


Features and capabilities

Though it’s been a while, but it wouldn’t be bad to go over the features and capabilities of this Blackberry curve 9315. The presence of Gizmogo has made a walk-in-the-park for people to sell Blackberry curve 9315. We look forward to having as the latest customer to sell Blackberry curve 9315 on Gizmogo. The feature and capabilities of the Blackberry curve 9315 are as follows:

Capacity info

512 MB - expandable to 32 GB

Size and weight info

Weight: 103 grams (3.63oz)

Height: 109mm (4.29 inches)

Width:  60mm (2.36i inches)

Thickness: 12.7 mm (0.5 inches)

Display info




2.44 inches

28.23% body to screen ratio

240 x 320 pixels

164 ppi

Water resistant info


Memory Cards



Chip info

Blackberry 7.1 operating system

806 MHz Tavor MG1

Camera info

3.2MP rear camera

2x digital zoom


Auto focus

Face detection

Video recording

Video info  

Video geotagging and face detection

VGA: 640 x 480p



Proximity sensor

Ambient light sensor

Extra Features


Qwerty keyboard

Dedicated BBM

Wi-Fi calling

Optical mouse (Touchpad)

Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

Bluetooth 2.1, A2DP


Voice recording

OPP (Object push profile)

Voice-activated universal search with Bing Auto suggest

Social fields

Mobile hotspot with up to 5 devices at one

Document editor

Document viewer





A lot has been explained in the previous section of this article. We at Gizmog would be excited to see request for a quote to sell your Blackberry curve 9315 for cash. If you decide to do otherwise, that is not to sell Blackberry Curve 9315 for cash, but swap Blackberry curve 9315, the buck still stops with you.

As a way of recapitulating, whether you want to sell your Blackberry curve 9315 for cash or not, your security should be a priority in the entire process. Therefore, take time to do fulfill all the listed routines explained earlier before you proceed to sell your Blackberry curve 9315.

On Gizmogo, you can trust that you will get a good value for your device. To sell Blackberry Curve 9315 in no less than 48 hours, go to the Gizmogo website now to begin the process.

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