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Sell BLU Advance L5


The Advance L5 is a modern smartphone that reminds us of what a basic smartphone is like. Someone has to do it; we all can't use the most sophisticated smartphones, and for several worthy reasons, we need reliable smartphones that are as basic as possible.


BLU has a reputation for releasing very affordable smartphones, and the L5 was the latest in the Advance series as of September 2019. Yes, even in 2019, manufacturers still released smartphones that had a 5MP main camera, 512 MB RAM, and a 4-inch screen. Before you cringe in disgust, know that the Advance L5 wasn't made for everyone knowing full well that everyone is looking forward to the next big feature in terms of camera, display, and processor and not backward.


So, why the Advance L5 in 2019? First, this device cost only $50. So you can begin to see it is made for those who want the most affordable and perhaps even disposable smartphone. Like it or not, some consumers are new to the world of smartphones from old school mobile phones and would want to ease into it with a simple and basic device. Also, in case you don't know, the L5 could be a reliable secondary device. 


The Advance L5 is not a useless smartphone. It is an unlocked device that supports T-Mobile and AT&T with all their MVNOs. It runs on Android version 8.1 and uses a 32-bit quad-core processor. It has 16GB of storage and additional 64GB of expandable storage. It supports dual SIM and even quick charging.


While it is not the "star" device, the Advance L5 has its target audience, and you may find out that it may just be the perfect device at a particular time and for a particular reason. Acquiring the Advance L5 can be done easily on Gizmogo.


BLU Advance L5 Specification 

Design info: The Advance L5 is super compact. Your palm is bigger, but that's the whole point, isn't it? At 4 inches, there's very little weight it can produce, so if you're not careful, it can sleep through your fingers. It is made entirely of plastic, as expected, and is as plain and simple as it gets. The device is available in colors of black, red, lime, and cyan.


It has properly rounded corners and slightly curved edges with bezels that eat considerably into the display area. The display is a simple plastic screen with mighty bezels running around it. There's nothing else apart from the speaker griller above and the capacitive buttons below the screen. The rear side has a central 5MP camera on its upper side, which is accompanied by a LED flash. There's a speaker grille on the lower part and nothing else. The back cover is removable, and so is its battery. You'll see the several slots of microSD cards and dual SIM cards when you expose the battery. 


Audio info: Audio output is grossly inadequate and of relatively low quality in terms of volume and sound quality.


Capacity info: The Advance L5 provides up to 16GB of storage. This may be sufficient for a new smartphone user until they get the hang of it and start downloading lots of apps. Eventually, any user will need to expand the storage, and BLU left a slot for a microSD card so you can get up to 64GB of storage.


Size & Weight info: This compact device has a length of 124.8mm and a thickness of 10.4mm. If it were slimmer, you'd probably have a hard time keeping it on your palm. Its width is 65.2 mm, and it weighs 104g; for a smartphone, this is light as a feather. 


Display info: 4 inches is small, isn't it? But to someone who's only known flip phones, this may seem like a TV screen. The Advance L5 uses IPS LCD tech for its display. It is a capacitive multi-touch screen and has a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels. Its pixel density is 233, and the screen-to-body ratio is about 56%. You may sometimes notice the pixelation when viewing videos and images, and it doesn't display colors so accurately.


Camera and video recording info: The L5's main camera is a 5MP lens that captures pictures but lacks all the details and color you'll be looking for. But then, the user of the Advance L5 probably doesn't care much about detailed pictures. The camera in front is a mediocre 2MP camera that you will have very little use for. The rear camera records videos in 720p.


Water-resistance info: The L5 is not resistant to water.


Performance info: It uses a quad-core 1.3GHz cortex-A7 processor. This CPU is of low performance; even for watching videos, it may feel inadequate. The 512GB RAM is not sufficient for the smooth navigation of the device. It takes a while to boot completely and for apps to respond. 


Connectivity info: There's Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, hotspot, Bluetooth 4.2 with A2DP, A-GPS, FM, radio, and micro-USB 2.0. NFC is not available here.


Battery info: The battery is a removable 1300mAh capacity battery. Even though the battery isn't the best, it works well with this device and provides up to 13 hours of 3G talk time. Standby time is up to 450 hours which is almost 19 days. High-performance apps do drain the battery quickly. 


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Sell your BLU Advance L5

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