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If you’re looking for a cheap and functional phone, look no further. Blu Dash M is an excellent device from the Dash lineup. Although, the lineup is made of phones from Gionee and Doogee that have been rebranded for the American audience. The Blu Dash still impresses.  


The performance and design of Blu Dash M are equivalent to the price placed on it. It’s not a mind-blower, but it’s just fine for the price placed on it. 


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Blu Dash M Specification

Design Info: Blu Dash M is a relatively lightweight android phone. However, it is huge in size. That means an adult with small hands can barely hold it in one hand. If you don’t fit that description, then you should be able to hold the device in one hand.

Holding the phone might not cause trouble but having to hold it for a long while might be challenging, and this makes the phone not good enough for chatting and texting for long.


If you can look past the portability, you will love the Dash M for its price and functionality. 


Speaking about functions, the device has Wi-Fi direct, hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, stereo FM radio, and a micro-USB 2.0 port. Also, the device supports two SIM cards. 



Performance Info: The Dash M’s power is quite low when you compare it with other

Android smartphones. The low power or lag is evident and noticeable when running a game application or any other bulky application. Also, the device struggles when multitasking; however, you can perform several activities with it as long as you clear your inactive apps from memory often.


The Dash M holds its own well when running functional apps that allow you to make calls, browse, and use social media. You’ll be able to do basic things effectively on the phone. 


As mentioned earlier, Blu Dash M has a low RAM of 768.0MB. Generally, when it comes to ranking phones according to their speed of operation, Blu Dash M will be way far behind. 


However, I still strongly believe the value placed on the phone is still equivalent to all that the phone comes with. It still pulls off a great operation even with 800MHz - you shouldn’t have high expectations as it is a smartphone that comes cheap. 


Weight Info: The smartphone is relatively light, weighing about 157g. The phone’s size is the only reason it’s not going to be a full-pocket size smartphone. 


Display Info: Blu Dash has an IPS LCD with a 64.8% screen-to-body ratio and a 480 x 854 pixels resolution.


The quality of the images and video of the phone seems a little blurry but still displays pictures and characters well, to an extent. Sometimes, some characters are not visible enough when using some specific applications. This might be a function of the display, with the actual quality of the media files too. 


Camera life and video recording info: This device is not the best choice if you love taking good pictures. The smartphone’s main camera is low, with only 5 MP. There’s little you can do with this main camera. 


The selfie camera is about 2 MP pixels, which is also very low. If you understand lighting, you can still make the best use of the Dash M’s camera. Although the quality will not be close to a G9 Pro or a Samsung S7, you can still get a visible picture under good lighting.


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Storage and processor info: This Android device operates with the processor Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A7. The Random Access Memory (RAM) is 768MB, and the in-built memory is 4GB.


The internal storage is averagely fine if you are not a heavy user. You can also expand the memory if you need to. 



Battery Info: Blu Dash M is powered by a standard 1800mAh battery which is so far from good if you are not an average android user that spends a lot of time on the phone. 


Spending a lot of time on a phone consumes more power, and having this kind of battery might be so dissatisfying. Blue Dash M is not good for playing games, excessive or long chatting, texting, etc. 


It’s claimed that the battery can last up to 12 hours of talk time with its 3G mode on. A live test run might or might not be up to 12 hours. In the end, use intensity determines the lifespan of a battery. If you want your battery to last longer, consider rationing your use when out of the house.


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