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Studio 7.0

BLU Studio 7


This was 2015 when it got tough to tell a smartphone from a tablet by simply looking at the device, and this was because manufacturers didn't know when to stop increasing the screen size. So here you have it, the 7-inch smartphone from BLU, and they called it the Studio 7. No, it's not a tablet, it is a gigantic smartphone, and if you think it's too big, then it is not for you. 


Around this time, there was a trend of tablets having phone functionalities and smartphones having extra-large screens, too large for the average user. This device is for someone looking for a phone that could also serve as a tablet 'phablet' as it is called. The BLU Studio 7 offers these phablet features on a budget so that anyone can acquire them. 


Looking at the hardware, one thing is certain. A lot of sacrifices have been made to offer a phone of this size, and considering that it is an entry-level device, it is safe to assume that other areas will suffer. For Studio 7, it is an obvious one – its screen resolution. The resolution of the BLU Studio 7 is just enough for an entry-level average-sized screen, now increase the size of the screen, the resolution deficit is magnified. 


Apart from the poor resolution and bad viewing angles, the device runs on an older Android version. The processor also isn't the speediest, but it seems to work fine with this device. 


You probably want to consider the fact that you may have a hard time sliding the Studio 7 into your pocket like you're used to with average-sized smartphones. Also, holding it one hand may not be so easy, especially because of its weight. 


So who's going to want to buy the Studio 7? Well, anyone looking for a large screen smartphone and doesn't want to spend much or someone who isn't so concerned about features and wants a smartphone with a lot of display area. If you fall into this category, contact Gizmogo today to get started.


BLU Studio 7 Specification 

Design info: Truthfully, Studio 7 fails to impress with its design. There is almost nothing about it apart from all the necessary parts put together. Because it was designed in 2015 as an entry-level smartphone, and it's a $149 price tag, perhaps you may overlook its boringness and look forward to what you stand to gain.


There isn't much difference in design from its predecessor. It is made entirely of plastic and takes design cues from the Samsung Galaxy S5 even though it doesn't do much to match the premium standard of the Galaxy and even other devices in its class like Huawei's MediaPad X2.


It is a narrow device, not just relative to its size; it is slim. On the front side, the bezel is large and thick around the screen. Embedded in the top and bottom bezel are firing speakers, which are very conspicuous. Talking about things that come in twos, the device has dual SIM card slots, which is a big plus, and also a microSD card slot. 


The back panel is white, completely disconnected from the front in terms of color unless you're using the white model. It is non-removable and holds only the main camera in its upper left corner and "BLU" written boldly on the lower part. The device comes in colors of grey, gold, blue, and white.


Audio info: The dual speakers in front have a low max volume, and it doesn't help that the audio output misses out on all the middle and lower sound frequencies.


Capacity info: Internal storage capacity is 16GB which is expandable by microSDXC. The RAM on this device is 1GB.


Size & Weight info: The device measures 190 x 99.8 x 8.5mm. 


Display info: As already mentioned, the display of this device is below standard. The 720 x 1280 resolution of this 7-inch IPS LCD screen is simply inadequate. The pixel density of 209 that it offers doesn't provide as much display clarity and sharpness as the average entry-level smartphone. At the normal viewing distance, small texts may not be legible, and this is a low-resolution problem. 


It supports 790K colors, and its color accuracy is poor. Its maximum brightness of 378nits is only convenient for indoor use. There's no screen protection whatsoever, but at least you get a very large screen, right?


Camera and video recording info: Since every smartphone must have a camera, the BLU Studio left an 8MP main camera and a 2MP lens in front. The cameras don't do much apart from taking regular non-detailed and saturated photos. The colors are inaccurate; there's picture noise and graininess, especially in poor lighting conditions. It can take videos in 1080p.


Water-resistance info: Don't even think about bringing it close to water. It is not resistant.


Performance info: The BLU Studio 7 uses Qualcomm's 64-bit Snapdragon 410 SoC, a quad-core 1.2GHz processor. It combines this entry-level processor with 1GB RAM and Adreno 306 GPU. The result of this combination is a device that can handle simple tasks with ease. With heavy apps, the delay becomes obvious and frustrating.


Connectivity info: It has Wi-Fi, hotspot, Bluetooth 4.0 and A2DP, A-GPS, FM-radio, and micro USB 2.0. There's no NFC or any other conventional feature that isn't mentioned. 


Battery info: The 3700mAH non-removable battery here has a satisfactory performance. It takes a long time to get it fully charged, but one charge can take you through a whole workday conveniently if you're a bit conservative. 


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