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The Dell Aero is the first mobile phone from Dell. It is an affordable, typical Android smartphone sporting a custom software interface and a thin, light body. There is nothing to look forward to with the Dell Aero, and it comes with basic features at an acceptable and budget-friendly price of $100 with the AT&T contract.

The company announced it at the Spring CITA 2010 in March show, and it was released right after in August but was received with many mixed feelings. The Dell Aero was not a fully functional device; it is only a convenient phone. For $100, it features a slim body build, average camera, great navigation system, decent audio speakers, and good battery life.

Even though the Dell Aero came with just basic features, it was more customizable than most average feature phones. The phone has a menu that you can arrange to your taste and a nice selection of built-in applications like Google Maps and Facebook.

The Dell Aero is a light device, and you can tell that by mere looking at it. It weighs approximately 104 grams which are well within the weight of most mobile phones of its kind. You can hold it in your hand for long hours, and it can fit easily into your palms.

It was the go-to device for customers who were only looking for an affordable phone to stay connected, take few pictures and listen to some good music. Its processing speed is poor, and its performance lags drastically, so many instantaneous actions with other Android phones might take a long while with it.

Presently, the company discontinued the Dell Aero, so getting a new one on the market might not be possible again, but you can get some decently used ones on websites like Amazon and E-bay. If you have copped the Dell Aero since its launch and are interested in upgrading to a better device, you can call us at Gizmogo today. We buy used devices from prior owners, and we pay the best market value for them. We also have a swap service for customers interested in purchasing a new device by trading in their old ones. Whatever your budget is, Gizmogo will help you find the most suitable deal; call us today to begin.


Dell Aero Specifications

Design Info: The Dell Aero is entirely made from plastic, and it still feels solid. It is one of the lightest and sleekest Android devices, thanks to its plastic build. The phone's front features a 3.5-inches capacitive screen display that gives off a glossy look and is slightly susceptible to scratches and fingerprint smudges.

The phone's back is also made from plastic and peeling off the back cover reveals the home of the removable battery. The phone is quite eye-catching with its black-and-charcoal grey colouring, typical of most phones within its range.

It doesn't come with the typical navigation controls in most Android phones, there were placed in a different position but certainly not hard to reach. On the left side below the power button, a key acts as the back button and doubles as the home shortcut when you give it a long press. The right side features another single button that performs the menu key's function and activates the voice commands when you give it a long press.

Other ports and connections are placed in their specific positions. The volume rocker and a dedicated camera button are on the right side, and a Mini-USB port is on the left side. It doesn't come with a headphone jack, but Dell included an audio adapter in the device box. The camera and flash are on the back of the phone, and the microSD expansion slot is located right behind the battery door.

Display Info: It sports a 3.5-inches TFT screen display with a 360 x 640 pixels resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 210 PPI density. The display is on the smaller side, but it is functional. It is bright enough, so you will have no problem reading text or viewing pictures and videos.

Camera Info: The Dell Aero only comes with a single rear 5-megapixel camera with LED flash. It doesn't come with a front-facing camera.

Capacity Info: It comes with just enough space for text messages and multimedia. There is an internal memory space of 2GB, and it also comes with a microSDHC slot that can accommodate a microSD card expandable up to 32GB.

Weight Info: The Dell Aero weighs about 104 grams, and in dimensions, it measures 122 x 57.9 x 11.7 mm.

Audio Info:  It comes with a single firing speaker that is loud enough for indoor use. The call quality is also great. It doesn't come with the standard 3.5mm headphone jack, but you can connect your external audio devices to the phone with Bluetooth.

Battery Info: The Dell Aero is powered by a removable Li-Ion 1000 mAh battery. Following a full charge, it has a guaranteed standby time of up to 400 hours and a talk time of 5 hours.

Water-resistant Info: The Dell Aero is not water-resistant.

Processor Info: It runs on Android 1.5(Cupcake) and is supported by the Marvell PXA310 624 MHz. The processing speed is poor, so you will struggle to do even the simplest tasks like launching applications and to switch between screens.


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