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Axim X51V

Dell Axim X51V for sale


The Axim X51v PDA is nearly a carbon copy of the X50v. However, the resemblance ends in their physical build as the X51v has more memory and more powerful features, but somehow its benchmark-test performance is a little slower. Also, the X51v runs the Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 operating system.


The X51v comes with Intel’s 2700G 3D graphics accelerator, a VGA screen, a top-of-the-line 624-MHz Intel PXA270 CPU, Bluetooth, built-in Wi-Fi, and Secure Digital and CompactFlash expansion ports.


Dell restricted the X50v’s usable Flash memory capacity to 128MB, but the X51v offers a maximum of 256MB. As it turns out, the US-based company wasted no time showing users how to use the large storage space. The device comes preloaded with games and apps, including complete versions of 3D mini-golf and car-rally games, as well as demos of other titles. 


The X51v retains its predecessor’s great gaming performance, clear screen, and networking features. Its built-in Wi-Fi networking works well and now offers WPA security, albeit it’s a little difficult to configure. Bluetooth is intended for synchronization, not audio/video transmission or file transfer.


In some parts of the world, particularly the US and Canada, the X51v is becoming a relic, giving way to newer phones. If you still have one, the chances are high that it is collecting dust in your locker or underused. If that is the case, you should consider selling your X51v for cash or swapping it for another device on Gizmogo.


Dell Axim X51V Specifications

Design info: As stated earlier, the X51 series is identical to the X50 series in appearance. Dell’s decision to stick with the old design is understandable. The X50’s design and feel is fantastic. Why change it?


The X51v retains the buttons and Dpad. The Dpad on the device is still small like that of its predecessor. Consequently, users face the same problem when playing games.


To guarantee a strong grip, a rubber-like surface was added to the side of the device. A lock switch, record button, and Wi-Fi enable button are embedded on the side. Once the lock switch is engaged, the screen will become unresponsive to any touch.


Capacity info: Dell chose a unique approach in developing the Axim X51v’s memory configuration. The device uses RAM to run applications and saves all programs and data in a flash. This process significantly increases the device’s battery life and ensures that data remains intact when the battery dies. However, because flash memory is slower than RAM, actions that transport a large amount of data between storage flash and operational RAM—accessing files or restarting the device—become slower on devices running the new OS.


The X51v’s usable Flash memory capacity was restricted to 256MB.


Size & weight info: Dell has chosen a standard design that measures 118 x 68 x 16mm (L x W x D) and weighs 6.2 ounces. The device has a moderate size and weight. You can operate the X51v in one hand, and you won’t feel fatigued from carrying it all day.


Display info: The 3.7-inch (diagonal) color TFT VGA display in the center is surrounded by a silver and black shell and has a 640 x 480 resolution. By 2021 standards, the X51v’s display is small and dull. It may be difficult to read or enjoy the media on this display. The best use cases would be making calls, sending and receiving

text messages.


If you want a device with a large display, consider Lenovo’s Phab lineup or any new-generation Samsung devices. You can get a next-generation phone on Gizmogo through our swap program. 


Water-resistance info: Let’s just say that there was no water resistance feature when the X51v was manufactured. At that time, phones were made for simple actions, calls, texts, and saving contacts. 


Chip info: A top-of-the-line 624-MHz Intel PXA270 CPU and Intel’s 2700G 3D graphics accelerator combine to produce the X51v’s processing power. This configuration was capable of handling basic processing tasks. 


Battery info: The X51v uses the same 1100 mAh Lithium-Ion battery as the X50v. However, battery life is an improvement over the X50 series!

Dell distinguishes itself from other Pocket PC manufacturers in that it offers variable CPU tuning.


Independent battery testing showed that the maximum battery duration is 4 hours. The battery lasted for 4 hours during standard or moderate usage with the screen at maximum brightness. When the WiFi-enabled and display is set at maximum brightness, the battery lasts for about 2 hours and 2 minutes.


Deals on Dell Axim X51V

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