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Trade in P30 Pro Instructions

1.Only original phone will be recycled. IMEI number verification can show whether your phone is original.
2.Please unlock your phone and sign out from your account before shipping.
Sell Your Huawei P30 for Cash Online

P30 Pro

Sell P30 Pro: Get the Best Value for Your Huawei Phone

Are you looking to upgrade your smartphone and wondering what to do with your old Huawei P30 Pro? Look no further! Gizmogo is here to offer you a hassle-free solution to sell your P30 Pro and get the best value for it. With our easy and convenient process, you can turn your old device into cash in no time.

Why Sell Your P30 Pro?

The Huawei P30 Pro is a remarkable smartphone that has captivated users with its cutting-edge features and exceptional camera capabilities. However, as technology advances rapidly, newer models with enhanced features and performance become available. Selling your P30 Pro allows you to keep up with the latest trends and upgrade to a newer device without breaking the bank.

By selling your P30 Pro, you not only free up space in your gadget drawer but also contribute to a more sustainable environment. E-waste is a growing concern, and recycling or reselling your old devices is a responsible choice.

How to Sell Your P30 Pro

Gizmogo offers a seamless and user-friendly platform to sell your P30 Pro. Follow these simple steps to trade in your device and receive the best value:

1. Visit Gizmogo's Website

Head over to Gizmogo's website and navigate to the "Sell Phones" section. Select the Huawei category to proceed.

2. Choose Your Device

Select the Huawei P30 Pro from the list of available devices. Make sure to provide accurate information about the condition, storage capacity, and any accessories included with your device. This helps us give you an accurate quote.

3. Get a Quote

Based on the information provided, Gizmogo will generate a quote for your P30 Pro. The quote reflects the current market value of your device.

4. Ship Your Device

If you accept the quote, Gizmogo will provide a prepaid shipping label for you to send your P30 Pro to our facility. Pack your device securely and drop it off at the nearest shipping location.

5. Get Paid

Once we receive and inspect your P30 Pro, we will issue your payment. Choose from various payment options, including PayPal, Venmo, or check.

Selling your P30 Pro has never been easier with Gizmogo. Experience a smooth and transparent process that ensures you receive the best value for your device.

P30 Pro Features

The Huawei P30 Pro is an impressive smartphone packed with powerful features. Let's delve into its specifications:

Design and Display

The P30 Pro boasts a sleek and stylish design with a glass front and back, held together by an aluminum frame. Its 6.47-inch OLED display offers vibrant colors and sharp visuals, perfect for watching videos and playing games.


The highlight of the P30 Pro is its camera system. It features a quad-camera setup co-engineered with Leica, including a 40MP primary camera, a 20MP ultra-wide-angle lens, an 8MP periscope telephoto lens, and a TOF 3D depth sensor. This combination allows for exceptional photography and zoom capabilities.


Powered by the Kirin 980 chipset and paired with 8GB of RAM, the P30 Pro delivers excellent performance. It can handle multitasking, gaming, and demanding applications with ease. The device also features a large 4,200mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting usage.

Storage and Connectivity

The P30 Pro offers ample storage options, ranging from 128GB to 512GB, allowing you to store all your photos, videos, and apps without worrying about running out of space. It supports dual SIM functionality and provides reliable connectivity with 4G LTE and Wi-Fi capabilities.


The P30 Pro features an in-display fingerprint sensor, ensuring secure and convenient access to your device. It also supports facial recognition technology for an added layer of security.

Now that you know the impressive features of the P30 Pro, it's time to sell your device and upgrade to the latest Huawei smartphone available in the market.

FAQ about selling P30 Pro

1. Can I sell my P30 Pro if it has a cracked screen?

Yes, Gizmogo accepts devices with cracked screens. Just ensure to provide accurate information about the condition of your device during the selling process.

2. How do I reset my P30 Pro before selling it?

To reset your P30 Pro, go to the Settings menu, select System & Updates, then tap on Reset. Choose the option to erase all data and settings. This will restore your device to its factory settings.

3. Can I sell my P30 Pro if it's locked to a specific carrier?

Yes, Gizmogo accepts devices locked to specific carriers. However, it's essential to mention the carrier lock during the selling process to ensure an accurate quote.

4. Do I need to include the original accessories when selling my P30 Pro?

While including the original accessories can increase the value of your device, it is not mandatory. You can sell your P30 Pro without accessories, but make sure to indicate this during the selling process.

5. Is my personal data safe when selling my P30 Pro?

At Gizmogo, we take your privacy and data security seriously. Before selling your P30 Pro, make sure to back up your data and perform a factory reset to remove all personal information from the device.

So, what are you waiting for? Sell your P30 Pro today and unlock its maximum value. Visit Gizmogo to explore more selling options or click here for product insights and upgrades directly from Huawei.