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Sell LG 450 

Not everyone cares about their phones being super smart and cool. Some, especially older folks, will rather stick to the old ways, and who can blame them? Most of them find basic phones easy to use and smartphones as tricky as engineering math is to a grade 3 student. So what do these people do? They use basic phones that they are comfortable with. And those of them who aren’t repulsive to technological advancement go for the more recent cell phones like the LG 450 that suit their needs and isn’t addictive.


You see, the LG 450 is a flip phone, a simple phone that does a perfect job for anyone who is ok with old-fashioned phones. It’s a relief to those who need phones like these because decent old-fashioned phones are becoming harder to get these days than manufacturers are chasing after creating the next revolutionary smartphone. 


The LG 450 was released in 2014 and came with additional features to the basic stuff. It was an excellent device with a durable structure and dependable battery. It had clear and loudspeakers. It’s quite conservative with its buttons, giving you only the keys you need. It has an interesting text-to-speech feature that reads out whatever is on the screen at the push of a button.


On top of that, it has a more modern look and attractive design. It is equipped with a basic web browser and even allows you to send and receive emails. It also has Bluetooth features and uses Java MIDP 2.0, which allows simple apps and games to run. 


This flip phone allows you to take pictures with a simple camera and back up your contacts on your SIM card, but that’s about where it ends when transferring personal data. The USB port on the LG 450 is for charging only; no file transfer via USB can be done here. 


If you’re reading this, then you probably either already own an LG 450 or want to acquire one. Perhaps it’s neither; either way, Gizmogo is here to make it easy to sell your LG 450, upgrade it, or even own one if that’s what you want.


LG 450 Specifications 

Design info: The LG 450 has a compact flip design with both inner and outer displays. Its design is simple, from the basic colors to its simple build but elegant figure. It was built to be comfortable and have a familiar feeling when held, which is what it does. It should fit into the palm of anyone who isn’t a baby; your fingers won’t have any problem running around the small keypad surface area. 


Its body is made of plastic and rubber; when closed, the clamshell appearance is apparent. The external screen is a very small window right in the center, it gives basic information of time, date, and battery life, so you don’t have to flip the phone open whenever you need to check the time. There’s a basic 1.3MP camera above the external screen. The screen flips open about a central hinge that enters into two little pillars which project subtly out of the body.


The navigation panel comprises central directional buttons with an ok button and three buttons on both the right and left sides. The call and end buttons follow closely just before the alphanumeric keys. 


Capacity info: The LG 450 has only 128MB RAM with a storage capacity of 256MB without room for expansion. 


Size & Weight info: The LG 450 has dimensions of 98 x 52.2 x 18.5mm when folded. Its total weight is 102.9 grams.


Display info: This LG flip phone has two displays, a little one on the outside when folded and a relatively bigger one when opened up. The external screen is just about an inch and has a resolution of 64 x 96 pixels. The internal screen is an LCD with TFT technology. It has a resolution of 220 x 176 at 2.2 inches resulting in a pixel density of 128. Screen to body ratio is not more than 30%, and its color depth is 18 bit – 262000 colors. 


Camera and video recording info: The single camera on the LG 450 is a 1.3MP camera that is activated with a dedicated key. It captures in three different resolutions, its highest and default being 1280 x 960. It has a zoom of x2 and night mode that improves the quality of pictures in low-light. Video recording is in 176 x 144 pixels, and it can record for up to an hour. 


Water-resistance info: The LG 450 is not a water-resistant device,


Performance info: With 128GB RAM, the LG 450 can carry out its required tasks. Call quality is quite good on both ends with this device.


Connectivity info: The LG 450 has stereo Bluetooth 2.1, which means you may connect your audio to a speaker via Bluetooth wireless technology. It is compatible with Mobile Web and Email, but its USB port is for charging only. It uses GSM technology with an EDGE/HSDPA single-band network. You’ll also typically get a 2G network and a mini-SIM card slot. 


Battery info: The battery on this flip phone has a 1950mAh capacity. This provides users with talk time reaching up to 3 hours and 20 minutes for a single charge. On standby, the LG 450 can stay awake for up to 2 weeks. This is fair, but a flip phone should be able to achieve longer battery life than this.


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Gizmogo accepts trade-in deals. Instead of selling off your old phone, you may trade in for an upgrade and pay up consequently. 


Sell your LG 450

We purchase phones to recycle them for the best use. If you want to make a quick sale, then sell your LG 450 to us directly. We’ll pay you in cash after a quick examination of your device.