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If you are thinking of well-designed flip phones, the LG A340 is worthy of mention. It was released in 2012 by the company, and like all affordable and basic flip phones, the LG A34O was designed for both functionality and convenience. It provides the basic functions you need while on the go, making it ideal for users looking for a basic and easy-to-use device.


The LG A340 was sold at $59.99 with an exclusive AT&T two-year contract in most retail stores. The LG A340 came with many features to keep its users easily connected. As part of its high points, it was equipped with enhanced audio technology for hard-of-hearing users, making it perfect for the aged. It also features a dedicated quick access function button, enhanced audio mode, audible text to speech messaging functions, and a 1.3-megapixel camera.


Despite its obvious limited functionalities, the LG A340 also allowed for productivity tasks like calendar scheduling, text messaging, and the 3G technology when on a data plan.


Without a doubt, the LG A340 was the phone to get if you were faced with getting a device for its basic calling functions and occasional photography. It is sturdy, it has lightweight, and can easily fit into the palm. When closed, it has a depth of 0.7 inches, making it compact enough to be easily carried in a pocket or bag without taking much space.


Flip phones like the LG A340 were in season for a while; however, with their limited functions, most users that were once intrigued by its sheer compactness have long outgrown it. If you are one of such prior owners and are looking for the most profitable way to get rid of your LG A340, you should consider giving us a call at Gizmogo. Our services allow customers to trade in their old devices for cash or upgrade to a newer device that suits their current needs. If you are interested in this service, call us right away to begin.



Design Info: The casing of the LG A340 is made from plastic that is partially produced from recycled materials making it very suitable and friendly to the environment. There is also included in its pack an energy-efficient charger that makes it more wholesome for the environment.


The LG A340 has an appealing look, and it originally comes in a grey color tone. If you are not a fan of the grey color tone, you have the option of swapping it and replacing it with either the black or pink casing that is also included in its pack.


The flip design of the phone is fully functional and protective; it prevents accidental butt dialing. It also allows for easy operation; you can easily open the phone to answer calls and close it to hang up.


It has a modest weight capped at 101 grams which is very decent for a flip phone. You can easily slide the phone into your breast pocket without feeling the effect of weight.


The LG A340 is quite limited in terms of ports and other connections compared to a full-fledged Android device. However, the basic ports and connections remain the same! The volume keys and the USB charging port are located on the left side of the device. The SIM card can be found directly under the removable battery at the back of the phone.


Display Info: The LG A340 features a 2.4-inches QVGA TFT internal screen with a resolution of 320 x 240, a screen-to-body ratio of 33.55%, and a 167 PPI density. The external screen measures about 1.77-inches.


Camera Info: You don't have to expect much from the camera features of the LG A340. It comes with a 1.3MP camera and a camcorder that allows for recording mini videos. Picture quality is decent enough for a flip phone, especially when taken under great lightning; however, it doesn't come with a flash.


Capacity Info: The LG A340 comes with an internal memory of 87.6MB, and it also has a MicroSD slot that can support a microSD card expandable up to 32GB. In all, the memory space is just enough to accommodate your messages, music, and pictures.


Size & Weight Info: It weighs approximately 101.1 grams, and in dimensions, it measures 4.02 x 2.05 x 0.67 inches.


Audio Info: The LG A340 comes with a single speaker that can only produce average sounds. However, it is not a loud device that passes off enough volume for productivity applications like alarm, message notifications, and calendar.


Unlike your typical android phone, the LG A340 does not come with the 3.5mm headphone jack, so all the audio input you can get from it is in its speakers.


Battery Info: It comes with a 900mAh lithium-ion battery that can provide up to three hours of talk time and 11 days of standby. Since the LG A340 is limited to basic functionalities, you can expect more power life when compared to other devices.


Water-resistance Info: The LG A340 is not water-resistant. Although some reviews have shown that it made it out after being mistakenly thrown in the water, it is still important that you keep it as far away from water as possible.


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