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The LG A380 came just in time as an upgrade from the LG A340. There are no major differences between the two devices; however, the LG A380 proved to be preferred for most flip phone lovers.


It was released in 2013 and sold at $190 with the AT&T two-year contract. The best part of purchasing this device back then was that you could send in a $30 cheque to AT&T and have the device delivered straight to your doorstep in less than 48-hours.


Like all LG flip phones before it, the LG A380 is affordable. It gets the job done for users who are not interested in all the fun stuff Android smartphones offer or users who cannot afford to own a smartphone. 


The LG A380 is easy to use and user-friendly, especially for old people and users who do not want to change with time. The buttons are displayed, making text messaging easy and quick enough for its users, although it still comes with the chiclet keys.


It also retains the Senior Mode feature like the A340. This feature amplifies the high tine for users who have issues with hearing. However, the volume is not the loudest; the ringer volume starts low and gradually gets to the loudest set volume.


Although LG has discontinued it, the A380 was the go-to budget flip phone for those not wanting a smartphone. It was well equipped to provide the basic everyday essentials- voice calling, texting, pictures, and web browsing. It comes in a simple black color with a light and stylish design. 


As expected, the LG A380 maintains the same lightweight as the LG A340. It weighs approximately 100.92 grams making it very easy to hold in the palm for a long time without twitching. It is also easy to carry about; it can fit into the smallest purses without bulging out.


We all need a handy flip phone like the LG A380 once in a while, especially when we want to say off some applications, but it can be pretty boring in the long run. If you have been a long user of the LG A380 and you are now ready to get a taste of all the amazing features a smartphone can offer, you can reach out to us right away at Gizmogo. We can make purchasing your new device easy; you can sell your LG A380 to us for cash or trade it in for a preferred device at an additional cost. If you are interested in this service, call us today to begin.



Design Info: LG didn't go all the way in making the LG A380 from environmentally friendly materials as it did for the LG A340. The casing and body of the LG A380 are made from plastic with a black matte finishing that serves as part of its charm.


Opening the flip cover reveals the main LCD screen display, the earpiece, and some of its main keys like the navigation keys, camera key, send key, OK key, Back key, Multitasking key, TTS Mode key, and Power key. 


The back of the phone is also made from plastic, and it features a single camera. And opening the back cover reveals the battery with the SIM card slot directly under it. 


The LG A380 is a bare bone. The shell case is lightweight, and the screen is small, making the overall weight low at 101.01grams. So if you were used to big-sized phones before taking on a flip phone, you might not even notice its weight in your pockets. It is also quite easy to hold, use, and fold on the palm and its portable compact design makes it very pocket-friendly.


Even with its small size, you will still get some useful ports and connections on the LG A380. It comes with the volume control keys and its USB charging port on its left side. The SIM card slot is placed directly under the removable battery, and peeling off the battery cover grants you access to it.


Display Info: The LG A380 comes with a TFT 2.4-inches screen with a 320 x 240 pixels resolution, a 33.55% screen-to-body ratio, and a 167 PPI density.


Camera Info:  It has a single camera of 1.3 megapixels. The camera quality is not great, it doesn't come with a flash, but it is sufficient to take quick pictures for your multimedia messages.

Video recording with the device is also possible at 320 x 240 (QVGA).


Capacity Info: The LG A380 comes with 100MB RAM and an internal memory of 256MB. There is also included a MicroSD slot that supports a microSD card expandable up to 32GB.


Audio Info: It has a single speaker located at the back of the phone. It doesn't produce a strong volume no matter the volume control setting it is placed at, although it is louder than the LG A340.


Size & Weight Info: It weighs approximately 101.1 grams, and in dimensions, it measures about 102 x 52 x 17 mm.


Water-resistance Info: The LG A380 is not water-resistant and can be damaged by water.


Chipset Info: It sports the Qualcomm QSC6270E with a single-core processor at 230 MHz.


Battery Info: The LG A380 is powered by a Li-Ion 900 mAh capacity replaceable battery. The battery is one of its best parts, and it can last for more than three days without charging on average use. 


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