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Arena 2

Sell LG Arena 2


LG began its Arena series in 2009 after announcing it at the Mobile World Congress in February. In that season, this new product line was a delight to have. It was a high-end smartphone that featured a capacitive touchscreen and pioneered LG’s new UI S-class design. With a new and impressive performance, the LG Arena was a spectacular device, but it had some key missing features.


The original Arena was succeeded by a transparent slider which was an amusing device. One decade later, LG revived this phone line in the Arena 2, a very different device from the pioneer phone, as expected. The Arena 2 only shares the same name as the original Arena; that’s about where their similarity ends. In reality, the Arena 2 is more or less a variation of the LG K30 as both are closely similar in specs.


The Arena 2 is a modern smartphone, a value prepaid smartphone that improved on the K10 and K20 models in battery life, camera quality, and performance. The Arena 2 is not in the flagship range, but it is better than average. It uses the most recent Bluetooth, has a modest design and processing speed. It weighs 147g which isn’t so heavy, and can be used comfortably single-handedly. It has an average display using OLED with high contrast and wider viewing angles than LCDs can provide.

It runs out of the box on Android 9 and crowns all these features with an affordable price of $120 on AT&T. The Arena 2 is mid-range, but it has well-rounded features and hardly lags in any area. It is worth having and perhaps even worth exchanging your current mid-range device for. If you’d like to swap, upgrade or sell your smartphone, do that on Gizmogo.


LG Arena 2 Specifications

Design info: The Arena 2 has a plain and straightforward design which is a good thing. It looks good but not expensive. The plastic used in its build has a feigned metal appearance that looks dull, but this doesn’t you won’t appreciate its overall appearance unless you’re used to the luxurious design of flagships.

The design isn’t spectacular; its aesthetics may not be its fascinating quality. Its plastic body may creak when twisted with a little more force than usual because it is lightweight. The black frame that surrounds the screen is somewhat thin and somewhat thick. This bezel, however, may still play a key role in its appearance, allowing room for your fingers while holding the phone.

The capacitive buttons are not in the lower bezel. Instead, they are on the screen. The earpiece and front-facing camera are ingrained in the top bezel. On the back, there’s the rear camera with its LED flash, and then there’s the AT&T logo in the middle with LG’s logo at the bottom. The volume control buttons are on the left with a dedicated Google Assistant button. The SIM and microSD card tray are also on the left side. The right side features only the power button. On the bottom, there’s the USB Type-A port, headphone jack, speaker, and microphone.

One feature LG never gets wrong is the audio quality. Sound output from the loudspeakers of this device is superb, there’s hardly any distortion on maximum volume, and it gets pretty loud.

Capacity info: Its inbuilt storage is 32GB, but only 16GB is available for use due to plenty of bloatware. Good, there’s expandable storage of up to 64GB to rescue us here.

Size & Weight info: It measures 146.8 x 71.4 x 8.1mm and weighs 150g.

Display info: The display of the Arena 2 consists of a 5.45 inch IPS TFT OLED screen with a 73.1% screen-to-body ratio. It’s a big screen for most people unless you’re a phablet lover. It has a resolution of 1440 x 720, which was surprisingly okay for its size. Its pixel density of 295 ensures sharp graphics and visuals.

The reason for the improved display is the HD+ feature. This takes the display quality even higher and provides more sharpness. What the display doesn’t have is additional protection.

Camera and video recording info: The Arena 2 has an 8MP rear camera arranged vertically with its LED flash. There’s autofocus and a 4x zoom capacity. Videos are recorded at 30fps in Full HD or 720p. The front-facing camera is a 5MP shooter that is optimized for taking selfies in portrait mode.

Water-resistance info: Unlike the K30, the Arena 2 is not water-resistant.

Performance info: The LG Arena 2 has a 1.4GHz quad-core Snapdragon 425 processor with Adreno 308 GPU @ 500 MHz. It is a speedy processor for mid-rangers, ensuring the smooth running of its display and efficient use of the phone. It runs on 2GB of RAM and Android 9.0 OS.

Connection info: You can use a 4G LTE network on this device and other networks. There’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS, hearing aid, micro USB, and USB –on-the-go.

Battery info: The Arena is kept running by a 300mAh capacity battery which is not removable. The battery provides an impressive usage time of up to 25 days on standby and 13 hours of nonstop talk time.


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