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Flip phones created such a buzz back in the days among consumers, and it is no wonder that even in 2021, some mobile tech giants like Samsung have tried to recreate having a smart flip phone. The LG B471 was the go-to for most LG phone users, especially if you are an AT&T customer.

It was initially released in 2016 and was retailed at $150 at most select stores. LG released the B471 and its likes, with its target being senior citizens and kids that only need the basic functionality of a mobile device. The LG B471 features a sleek design, a decent battery life, text to speech features, and a dual-screen.

Color options for the LG B471 are very limited as the phone was only released in black color. The carrier of the LG B471 is also locked to AT&T, so it cannot use a different cellular carrier other than AT&T.

The LG B471 was designed to easily fit into consumers' lives that were content with having a mobile device that only allows them to call, text, browse the internet, and access their favorite contacts easily. It is really easy to use, and the ringtones and phone calls are loud and clear, which is great for seniors if you consider getting one for someone within that age bracket.

It can also be an entertaining device; it comes with a reasonable internal memory space that allows users receive compatible forms of multimedia. So you can send the occasional picture to your aged loved ones without worrying about if they can view it.

The LG B471 was considered the perfect flip phone for users who are less interested in texting but looking forward to just the call and receive feature. Otherwise, it will be disastrous owning and using this device in 2021, given the amazing limits new generation phones can now surpass easily.

Although LG has long discontinued the LG B471, there is no doubt that some consumers still make use of it. So, if you are one of such consumers who still own this device and have been considering making an upgrade, perhaps you should consider calling us at Gizmogo for help. You can sell your used LG B471 to us for cash, or you can trade it in to get a newer phone model of your choice at an additional cost.


Design Info: The LG B471 is wholly made from plastic; there are no metal trimmings around the body. It has a sleek, solid and appealing look even though the device is only available in black color. It is not one of those devices that can be easily damaged from use, and even at a glance, you can tell that it was built to last.

For a flip phone, the weight of the LG B471 is pretty balanced; it weighs about 103 grams which can in no way be considered heavy. The size is modest, it can easily fit into the pocket, and the flip cover protects the screen from damage.

The phone is easy to use for basic activities. The buttons are easy to see in a no protrusive way, and the keypad is big and has a rubberized feel which seems durable. Keys are quite descriptive on the LG B471. The alarm key, message key, navigation key, send key, OK key, TTS Mode Key, and the clear back key.

Ports and connections are limited, but the basics remain the same. The volume keys and the USB charging port are located on the left side of the device. The SIM card slot is placed directly under the removable battery.

Display Info: The LCD screen features a 2.2-inches TFT Color screen with a 176 x 220-pixel resolution and a 128 PPI density. The screen size is small, expected, but it doesn't have a problem displaying your calls, texts and small jpg properly.

Camera Info: It comes with a decent single-facing camera of 1.3megapixel with a resolution of 1280 x 1024 pixels. Pictures shot with the camera are basic as the other phone features are, and it doesn't come with a LED flash.

Capacity Info: The LG B471 has an internal memory of 256MB and a RAM of 125MB. You should be fine with the memory space if you have no plan to overburden it with pictures and audio files.

Size & Weight Info: The LG B471 is a light device and can easily fit into the smallest spaces. It weighs about 103 grams, and in dimensions, it measures 98 x 50.8 18.5mm (H x L x W).

Audio Info: It comes with a single speaker; an earpiece is located right on top of the LCD screen for extra support. The LG B471 is loud enough for calls and even audio plays.  It also comes with the unique Senior Mode feature that helps to amplify speech quality while on the phone.

Battery Info: The LG B471 comes with a removable Li-Ion 950 mAh. The battery life is excellent, and you can get up to 16 hours of standby time.

Water-resistant Info: The LG B471 is not water-resistant.


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