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Sell LG BL40 Chocolate


The LG BL40 Chocolate was designed to stand out. You will likely look at the device twice when you see it for the first time. True to its name, the device’s shape and color will remind you of a chocolate bar. The uniqueness of the LG Chocolate doesn’t stop with its shape; the device takes the award of the world’s first full cinematic screen mobile.

At the time of launch, in 2009, the LG BL40 Chocolate offered LG’s most comprehensive features. In 2021, the LG BL40 Chocolate is a relic. It’s not common among consumers. LG has released several phones with better features than the Chocolate; still, it can be an impressive device for people in some regions of the world.

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LG Chocolate Specifications

Design info: As stated above, the LG BL40 Chocolate is a beauty to behold. If you love smartphones that look great, then the LG BL40 Chocolate is your dream device. The device is made from metal and glass with bright red plastic on the sides.

You will find the 3.5mm headphone port and power/lock key on the top. A dedicated music key on the left side takes you directly to your music app and must be held down for a few seconds to work.

What’s strange is that there are no touch-sensitive keys, like there were on the original LG Chocolate. The front is mostly black except for the LG logo, the speaker, and a tiny video camera.

LG used a glossy, plastic, solid black shell, with the LG logo to cover the back of the device. There is a tiny bit of text under the camera to let you know the lens is Schneider Kreuznach, and the 5MP camera with LED flash. Overall, it’s a nicely designed phone (though a little odd-looking) that performs well in hand.

Capacity info: It contains 256 MB of RAM and 1.1 GB of internal memory. This combination limits the performance of the device to stock apps. Beyond preinstalled apps, the device struggles, and understandably so. There is only so much a 256 MB RAM can do.

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Size and weight info: This smartphone measures 128 x 51 x 10.9 mm and weighs 129 g (4.55 oz). The device is just portable for your palm, pocket, or purse. You won’t notice the weight as you move about.

Display info: The new LG Chocolate BL40 phone boasts a 4.0-inch-wide HD LCD screen with 800x345 pixel resolution to optimize visual pleasure. The amazing 102mm (4-inch) capacitive touchscreen is the standout feature of this device. The display, like the phone, is tall and thin. In reality, it has a 21:9 aspect ratio, allowing it to display a complete cinematic image without cropping the edges.

The screen shines when watching media. However, the narrowness of the screen becomes problematic when viewing web pages. It takes a while to read the information on web pages because the content has to be reduced to fit the horizontal width of the device’s screen.

Camera info: The camera of this device is quite impressive. It has a 5-megapixel resolution, autofocus, and a built-in LED light. This may sound like a joke considering the camera hardware on devices in 2021, but the LG chocolate’s camera was great in its era.

The camera can capture video (30 frames per second at VGA quality), and there’s a handy tiny video editor on board to help you shape your movies.

Performance info: Despite LG’s move from the AMD CPU used in the Arena to a faster Qualcomm processor, the Chocolate seems slightly sluggish and can be slow to respond to screen touches.

Battery info: Sadly, the battery life of the LG BL40 Chocolate is quite short. LG should have added more than a 1000mAh battery to run a cinematic display. The screen drains the power quickly - you will need 1-2 recharges before the end of the day.

Independent tests showed that using the internet on and off for one hour depleted the battery by one bar. The same thing happened when the battery life was tested with a video player. Owning a sizeable power bank will protect you from the struggle of looking for a socket to charge. So be sure to get a power bank when you pick up the Chocolate.


LG Chocolate offers

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Exchange your LG Chocolate

You can exchange your LG chocolate for another device in our collection. First, browse our website for the device that you want. Next, send us the details of your preferred device and old LG chocolate. Our agent will tell you the next steps.


Note: You may be required to pay a balance if your preferred device is more expensive than your old gadget. Conversely, we will pay you a balance if your old device costs more than the gadget you want.


Sell your LG Chocolate

Gizmogo will buy your LG chocolate at the best market rate. Our pricing is based on the condition of your device. So you can expect a quote higher than the base rate if your device is in good condition. Once you’ve agreed to the offer, we will require you to ship the device to our office for inspection. You can expect payment within 24 hours of accepting your device.


Note: Gizmogo does not trade stolen gadgets. Also, we require honesty when providing the details of your device’s condition, as we do not accept non-functional items.