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There are just one too many smartphones, and no matter how much you try to keep in touch, a lot of them will escape your vigilant eyes. Just in case the LG Escape slipped by you unnoticed, here it is – a competitive smartphone released in September 2012. It wasn’t the best LG had to offer as it was in their entry-level category of smartphones, but it held its ground in that category.

The Escape was a robust device. It had a good display and a beautiful, trendy design. At its time of launch, it sold for $49.99 on a very impressive contract price, but like every other entry-level smartphone, its features will determine if its affordability is worth it or not.

Is the LG Escape just another virtual Android device? You be the judge. It supports a 4G LTE network and has fast dual-core processors to make it even more compelling. Its design is solid and was trendy in its time. It even used a recent Android version and had good call quality. Yet, AT&T gave this away for $49.99.

But good things don’t come at a cost with entry-level devices. Everyone knows that. What features did LG forfeit for its affordability? There are two of those features, and unfortunately, both of them are important.

The first was the poor-quality camera on the Escape. Only very few will overlook or forgive this low-quality rear 5MP camera. Next is the battery life. It may be considered average, but it could have been better.

The battery is removable, though, and that’s one way around the battery problem. If you can overlook camera quality, this phone may be good for you if you’re looking for a very affordable alternative. On the other hand, if you own this device and it isn’t doing you much good anymore, you can sell your LG Escape on Gizmogo.


LG Escape Specifications 

Design info: The Escape comes in a box that contains the phone, a micro USB cable with its wall charger, a quick start guide, and product safety/ warranty information. Rather than something new for this new product line, the phone immediately reminds us of LG Lucid for Verizon.

It has a plastic casing which is characteristic of entry-level phones. It is not big, neither is it small; it has just the right size, which you’ll notice when you try to navigate the device in one hand. Without packing unnecessary weight, the Escape has a muscular build.

Surrounding the screen is a thick bezel that is thicker above and below it. Around the edges is a ribbed pattern that adds extra grip and comfort when held. The usual capacitive buttons are embedded in the bezel below the screen; a middle home button, a back button on its left, and an app switcher on the other side.

The back case is a fingerprint and smudge magnet, but it has a lovely checked pattern. There’s nothing much on the rear side, only a speaker grille on the lower part ad a camera above LG’s logo. The back cover opens to expose the micro SIM card slot and battery. To gain access to the SDcard slot, you’ll have to remove the battery. Along the sides is the usual stuff; power button on the right, volume rockers on the left, USB port on the bottom, and headphone jack on top.

Sound when using headphones are audible, loud, and distortion-free, but we wish we could say the same for its loudspeakers.

Capacity info: It has an inbuilt storage capacity of 4GB, but this is expandable.

Size & Weight info: Its weight is 128g, and it measures 126 x 65 x9mm.

Display info: We like that the IPS technology on the LG Escape was one of the leading LCDs at that time. Hence, its 43 inches 540 x 960 resolution display wasn’t a bad one at all. It had a decent pixel density of 256 and graphics as the display was perfectly viewable and comprehensive. It had good contrast, sharp and vibrant colors, and a responsive touchscreen.

On the other hand, it had poor viewing angles, and its brightness wasn’t strong enough to combat outdoor light. It may not be remarkable, but considering its price, it does okay.

Camera and video recording info: The LG’s design and the display may be acceptable, but this brand can’t escape mediocre cameras when trying to cut costs. The 5MP camera is present, though, and isn’t entirely wrong if you care to use it; plus, it has a good interface with many editing features. Details are fine in bright light, but colors are pale.

This camera is capable of video recording in 1080 pixels or Full HD.

Water-resistance info: This device doesn’t have a water-resistance feature.

Performance info: The chipset of the Escape consists of a dual-core 1.2GHz processor. This was Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4, and it was speedy enough to handle all the Escape functionalities.

The Escape featured LG’s latest Optimus UI and was the first smartphone on AT&T to do so. It ran on Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich and 1GB RAM.

Connection info: The Escape supports a 4G LTE network. It has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, a mobile hotspot, GPS, and even NFC.


Battery info: There’s a 2150mAH battery on this device. It disappoints and gets drained quickly. How fast it drains depends on how much processing and display power you’re consuming simultaneously, but its video playback time is up to 8 hours.  


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