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Escape 2

Sell LG Escape 2 


With the LG Escape 2, the South Korean company further cements its place as a leader in the budget phone market. Interestingly, the Escape 2 offers unique visual features found on most high-end devices. This makes the Escape 2 even more desirable as it delivers a tremendous value-to-cost ratio to consumers.


The Escape 2 is wrapped in a plastic cover with a brushed metal finish. It comes with a SIM and Memory slot for communication and entertainment.  


If you still own one of these devices, it has definitely seen better days since it was launched in 2015. LG has launched impressive devices since the Escape 2. For consumers in the US with easy access to the latest devices, the Escape 2 may be cooling in your locker or collecting dust in your wardrobe. Whichever way, you can put the device to better use.


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LG Escape 2 specifications

Design info: As stated above, the LG Escape 2’s aesthetics are a key part of its attraction. The device’s display is slightly curved, which improves the appeal of the phone. The appealing form factor reflects in the weight of the device. It weighs just 119 grams, and it is somewhat thick, at 9.9 mm.


The device’s reduced footprint allows for a comfortable grip and one-handed operation. Like LG G3 Vigor, this device has LG’s distinctive rear button arrangement. The button is well-positioned to be within easy reach of the index finger and provides good tactile feedback.


The back of the device is covered by a plastic cover with a brushed metal appearance similar to that seen on the LG G3, but it is not the same quality.


Although the back cover is made from plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap or reflects the device’s low-end status. The rear cover opens to reveal the replaceable battery, memory card, and SIM slot. As expected, the back cover is prone to scratches. So you need to handle it carefully or place it in a casing to protect it.


Capacity info: The device has a built-in 16GB storage space on paper, but you can only get 9.43GB out of the box. The remaining space is filled with bloatware. Thankfully, a microSD card can be used to expand the storage and save your images and videos. LG disabled Marshmallow’s Adoptable Storage, so an external SD cannot be used for apps.


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Size and weight info: The Escape 2 is a light and small phone, measuring 113 x 54 x 17.5 mm and weighs 130g. You can easily put it in your jean pocket or hold it all day without feeling fatigued.


Display info: The LG Escape 2 has a 4.7-inch IPS LCD display with a 720p resolution and a pixel density of 312 PPI. Compared to Full HD and Quad HD screens, a 720p resolution lags behind, but it is still more than enough, especially for such a smaller display size. It would take a young and trained eye to tell the difference between a Full HD and 720p resolution on the Escape 2. The sharpness isn’t an issue, viewing angles are excellent, and brightness is sufficient for comfortable outdoor seeing.


Overall, this is a decent display, considering the price point. On the flip side, the display glass is a fingerprint magnet, so keeping it clean will be a chore.


Camera info: This is one area where the device shows its low-end pricing. LG equipped the Escape 2 with a 5-megapixel snapper. The camera’s output is subpar. It struggles to take a decent picture in low light and product images with a light imbalance in a normal or excess lighting condition.


On the plus side, the camera has a slew of features that allows you to finetune and capture better images. That includes a brightness meter, six scene and white-balance modes, three-color effects, a self-timer, geotagging, an HDR mode, panorama photos, and autofocus are among the camera editing choices.


Water-resistance info: We did not expect a water-resistance feature on a budget device, and you shouldn’t too.


Chip info: The Qualcomm 1.2GHz CPU keeps the Escape running smoothly. The chipset can hold its own during regular operations like calls, using stock apps, and even playing some low-graphic games like Temple Run.


The device's boot time is also decent. It comes on in approximately 24 seconds from a cold start.


Battery info: Another flaw is the battery life. Independent tests show that the battery lasts about 3 hours and 16 minutes when the screen brightness is set at maximum while streaming a full-screen movie. This record is quite poor, but you can always support the in-built battery with a power bank.


LG Escape 2 offers

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