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Exalt LTE

LG Exalt LTE for sale

LG Exalt LTE is a full-bodied flip phone made in 2019. Flip phones are not common anymore. In fact, you can call them a dying breed, but a handful of consumers love them. These devices are great at one thing “call communication.” By design, they make calls easy, and they are light to carry.


Verizon’s LG Exalt LTE stands out in two ways. First and foremost, its appearance is noteworthy: it has a rather big 3-inch screen and has forsaken the monochrome exterior display in favor of stylish LED lights (similar to the LG dLite) that perform the same purpose. Second, for a basic handset, it is surprisingly fast.


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LG Exalt LTE specifications

Design info: When closed, the Exalt LTE features a silver plastic front with a red notification indication. It doesn’t have an external screen to show caller ID, which can be a deal-breaker for most people. You have to flip the device open to read a text or see who is calling. That means you won’t activate the “answer on open” setting that comes with most flip phones.

There are workarounds to this issue. You can assign specific ringtones to numbers to know who is calling. This solution would be great for family and friends in case you’re not in the mood to take calls from random people.

When you open the device, you will see the display and keypad. The Exalt LTE sports a 3-inch, 400-by-240 LCD display with a configurable backdrop. The keys below are flat yet large, separated, which makes travel easy. The keys are easy to operate. Some you don’t need special thumb training to press the buttons.

On one side, there’s a volume rocker, while on the other, there’s a dedicated camera button.

When closed, the device looks portable, but it stretches up to 8 inches when open. This may be a problem if you have a particularly small face. Otherwise, the device laps just well between your ears and mouth when making a call.

Capacity info: The LG Exalt LTE packs 8GB of internal storage, but almost half of that is filled with bloatware and other software. Users can only access 4.3GB of that to play with for photos, videos, and music.  Well, that’s quite a sizeable storage for a flip phone. Also, there is room for a microSD card up to 32GB.

Size & weight info: When opened, the device is 4.37-inches tall, 2.06-inches wide, 0.62-inches thick, and weighs 3.88 ounces. The Exalt is slightly larger in length and breadth than comparable flip phones, so you’ll need to give it a strong flick to open it with one hand.

Display info: The phone sports a 3-inch WQVGA display with a resolution of 240x400 pixels. This is a great screen for a flip phone. You will appreciate the resolution level of the screen. It is good enough for reading text or viewing media on the device. However, the resolution pales in comparison to other smartphones.

Camera info: The 5-megapixel camera on the back of this phone is awkwardly positioned and of poor quality. It’s located on the bottom half of the flip, which means you have to raise the device up more than is natural, and it had severe focus difficulties in our tests.

In video mode, the camera can shoot 720p footage at 30 frames per second, both indoors and outside. The films contain a lot of color noise, but the inside scenes are clear.

Performance info: The Exalt LTE is powered by a 1.1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 210 processor and runs a modified version of Android. The user interface is appealing and responsive. In terms of processing, the Exalt LTE packs enough juice for basic activities like calling, texting, and other lower-power games available to such devices. Beyond that, the phone will struggle.

If you want a high-performance gadget, consider buying the Samsung Galaxy S10 or an LG G6. You can sell your Exalt LTE on Gizmogo to fund the purchase of a more powerful device.

Battery info: The battery of the Exalt LTE is adequate. You can get up to 7 hours and 38 minutes of talk time on the 1,470mAh battery. Like other flip phones, the Exalt LTE consumes relatively little power on standby (the lack of an external screen helps), so it may survive a day or two even when the battery is towards the end of its life.

The functions of the device are limited. So I don’t expect you to run it down due to intensive gaming. However, keep in mind that the stated battery life will change based on the use intensity.


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