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Sell LG eXpo 


If you’ve lived through the many seasons of mobile phone evolution, you probably remember one of the major problems regular cell phones had – typing. Typing in the sense that texting with the alpha-numeric keys on regular phones back then would be torture compared to what we have today. Since mobile phones have to be small, there was no room for the larger QWERTY keyboards. 


As mobile devices got better at handling many different tasks that required a lot of text input, especially in messaging, faster texting methods became a necessity, and manufacturers sought to solve this in many ways. Apple set the trend by completely replacing a physical keyboard with a virtual one in the first iPhone in 2007. It took a while before the world embraced that style.


In the meantime, other manufacturers like LG tackled this problem by integrating a full QWERTY keyboard with physical buttons into a small phone without significantly increasing its size. 


The LG eXpo wasn’t the first of its kind, but it was one of the best. It was a 3.6-inch screen with a keyboard that hides beneath it and slides out comfortably to turn this phone into a super typing device. As a smartphone that used a Windows mobile operating system, the LG eXpo was a direct competitor of HTC’s Tilt 2. It was more compact and slimmer but just as heavy on features.


The eXpo is well built with impressive design and features that match. For example, it came with an optical scanner that doubles as a fingerprint scanner and a directional pad. It also had an optional pico projector, the first Windows phone to have this feature. It didn’t end there; you also get a stylus out-of-the-box to use with the eXpo.


When the eXpo was released in 2009, it was the fastest Windows phone in the US; we are talking about a luxury device in its time here. But no device remains on top for long, and this business-oriented phone is now out-of-date.


If you used to own an LG eXpo, chances are you’ve moved on like the rest of the world. Instead of condemning it to a fate of never-ending abandonment, why not sell your LG eXpo? Gizmogo can help you with that if you’re at a loss about how to go about it.


LG eXpo Specifications 

Design info: If you compare the LG eXpo with its competitor, the HTC Tilt 2, the eXpo is significantly slimmer, which is commendable. LG did a good job with the rather compact design; incorporating a full QWERTY keyboard and a 3.6-inch touchscreen into a somewhat small frame is remarkable. What’s more pleasing is that the narrow frame of the eXpo can hide the keyboard properly. 


The LG eXpo has a chrome bezel and a metallic grey finish with accents of black around the screen. It is thick as expected, but it doesn’t pack too much weight and feel comfortable to hold while in use. In portrait mode, only a navigation control is also a fingerprint scanner, and an end, back, and call button are apparent. 


The keyboard slides out by pushing the screen to the right until it locks in place, and the screen automatically rotates to landscape. It is an excellent 4-row keyboard with nice wide rectangular buttons that are flush to the surface and have a good tactile feel. It has backlighting, so you’ll see individual keys independent of external light. Mind you, the touch screen has a virtual keyboard, but it suffers from little space and cramping. 


On top of the phone, there’s the power button and USB port. The USB port is also the headphone port, and the eXpo comes with an earpiece with a USB port, but you’ll need an adapter to connect regular headphones to the eXpo. There’s also a lanyard loop for stylus tethering. Volume controls are on the left, while the right-side hosts two dedicated shortcut buttons for multitasking and the camera and the microSD card slot.


There’s no 3.5mm headphone jack, but there’s a USB port that serves this function. The loudspeakers aren’t bad - the sound is clear.


Capacity info: Internal storage is 512 MB with a RAM of 256MB and expandable storage.


Size & Weight info: This 114 x 56 x 15mm device weighs 147 grams.


Display info: Its screen is a TFT 3.2 inches resistive touchscreen. It has WVGA (480 x 800 pixels) resolution and displays 16 M colors. It has a stylus which comes in very handy on this small screen area. Display quality is average at 292 pixels, with just enough detail, brightness, and color vibrancy. It has a proximity sensor and light sensor embedded in it.


Camera and video recording info: Its camera is a single 5 MP autofocus camera that performed well in its time. It is located on the top center rear of the phone with its LED flash. Videos can be recorded in 640 x 480 at maximum resolution. 


Water-resistance info: The eXpo does not have any water-resistance capacity.


Performance info: The eXpo runs on the capable Snapdragon S1 and Adreno 200. This 1GHz processor did a good job on this device. It ran on Windows Mobile 6.5 Pro.


Connectivity info: Its comms include; Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth 2.1, A-GPS, and a mini-SIM card. 


Battery info: The 1500mAh battery on this device has a talk time of 4 hours and up to 408 hours of standby time.


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