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G Pro 2

LG G Pro 2


LG began its G series of smartphones in 2012. Since then, this product line of high-end smartphones has seen a variety of smartphones with unique and distinct features. However, with several flagships, LG didn't score a commercial success. In 2014, LG launched the LG Pro 2, a high-end big screen with a lot of potential in Notes and phablets.


There’s no denying that smartphone users love big screens. While there are devices made specifically for this feature, consumers have embraced the idea of a smartphone to do it all, including having big enough screens. The public's positive response and the unexpected demand for large-screen smartphones led manufacturers to put out 6-inches of screens into the market.


Careful though, smartphones have their limit, and when it’s too big, it becomes something else entirely. It beats the whole point of a mobile smartphone if the screen size becomes uncomfortable to use. The 5.9 inches of screen used in the LG Pro 2 was just large enough, and we saw this device challenging even Samsung’s Note 3.

But the G Pro 2 didn’t just screen alone. Compared with the Galaxy Note 3, it had more optical stabilization. Its screen aspect ratio was better, its display was okay, they both had Snapdragon 800, the G Pro 2 used Android 4.4.2 KitKat, and its software features were impressive. The Note 3, however, had a better display; its Super AMOLED+ has always been unchallenged, it had superior battery life, and it was an actual note because of its S-Pen.


Don't get too excited; the G Pro 2 was made of plastic, and while this offers better grip, there’s a limit to how premium it looks. It does lag in design when compared with other phones in its class. But being a less expensive alternative, it did get some attention. If you were one of those who acquired this device back then, you may upgrade it or sell your G Pro 2 on Gizmogo.


LG G Pro 2 Specifications

Design info: The G Pro 2 is no small device in terms of size. It is not for those who consider phones more significant than 5 inches uncomfortable to use. This smartphone makes good use of its large surface area and attempts to be comfortable for single-hand use.


LG didn’t bring the most premium materials to the table here. The body is plastic, but unlike its predecessors, it doesn’t look cheap, not even in the slightest, as it uses polycarbonate plastic. But it does feel like plastic when held, and that’s what tells the difference.

Its bezels are narrow, earning it a 77.2% screen-to-body ratio, even more than the 74% of the Note 3. If you’re familiar with LG’s G series, you won’t be surprised to find the sides devoid of keys and buttons. If not, it’ll be strange controlling your phone's volume from a button on the rear side.

The back has a textured and rugged surface that offers the user extra grip with its non-slip mesh finish. The power button lies below the rear camera and in the middle of the volume controls; it’s easy to make out without turning over the phone and houses an LED that notifies you of alerts on your device.

Below the screen are the standard capacitive buttons that illuminate; above it is the earpiece and usual sensors for light and proximity, along with a selfie camera.

On the rear side, there’s a 1W speaker that offers studio Hi-fi grade sound quality. Audio output is loud and clear, maybe too loud.

Capacity info: Its inbuilt storage capacity is 32GB with room for expansion.

Size & Weight info: It has 157.9 x 81.9 x 8.3mm and weighs 172 grams.

Display info: The G Pro 2 uses a True IPS+ LCD. The display is awe-inspiring, but you’ll have to see it for yourself. It has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, and this combines with its 5.9-inch screen size to produce a 373-pixel density. The screen is very responsive and has a unique Knock-on feature that allows you to tap certain areas to unlock the device from off-screen mode.

Camera and video recording info: The rear camera is a 13MP lens and LED flash. The camera is optimized to take quality photos both in its hardware and software. It records videos in 4K and Full HD. It also features a slow-motion mode. The front-facing camera is a 2MP lens that records videos in 1080p.

Water-resistance info: There’s no water-resistance feature on this device.

Performance info: The chipset on the G Pro 2 is Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, a quad-core 2.26 GHz chip, and Adreno 330 GPU. Its performance is superb.

Connection info: Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, dual-band, Bluetooth, hotspot, A-GPS, S-GPS, GLONASS, NFC, Infrared port, USB –On-The-Go, and micro USB 2.0. The only thing absent here is FM Radio.

Battery info: Not too many phones could survive as long as the G Pro 2 without needing a boost. It uses a 3200mAh removable battery which provides up to 14 hours of talk time on 3G.


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Sell your LG G Pro 2

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