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The LG G Vista is one of those entry-level smartphones designed to provide a powerful but cost-effective alternative to high-end smartphones from LG and Samsung alike. It was also one of the first devices to introduce large-screen displays in standard smartphones.


The device was released in August 2014, and it came with the option of the AT&T carrier for $50 as the first-time payment, with the balance spread across 20 months. Without the carrier agreement, the device ranged from $350-$400 in most retail stores.


The obscenely large screen was one of the major draws of the LG G Vista, especially for phablet fanatics. It also features an outstanding battery life, average performance, sleek design, decent camera quality and commendable loud audio. 


It is not a high-performing device, but the performance is reliable enough with its competitive price tag. Usability of the LG G Vista comes easy; the screen is responsive enough and can execute simple tasks quickly. 


Although it comes with a giant 5.7-inches display, it is not in any way a heavy device. It has an easy grip that offers a smooth user experience even while on the go. As a result of its large size, it might not fit entirely into your pockets, but you can easily toss it in your shoulder bag without feeling the weight.


Currently, LG has stopped the production of the G Vista. However, you can still find it around on some trade-in websites and Amazon. With all its in-built specifications, the LG G Vista still maintains some relevance, although there are now even better-performing devices with the same price range. Hence, an upgrade is a better idea. If you have been considering selling your used LG G Vista for cash, or you want to make an upgrade, you can call us today at Gizmogo. We provide fast and seamless service to make your transition to your preferred device a pleasant experience.



Design Info: The LG G Vista is made entirely from plastic with a cheap and glossy finish that looks appealing. It shares some similarities with the LG G 3 but while retaining some uniqueness of its own.


The device's front is flat enough to be placed facing down; the back is plastic with well-rounded edges. The bezels are large, and from the shape down to the rear-mounted button placement and camera arrangement, you can easily see the inspiration for the G Vista.


You can get the device in one color, metallic black. The back cover of the LG G Vista is not scratch-resistant; over a prolonged period, scratches can become visible. 


Regardless of its size, the LG G Vista is comfortable to hold, except you have the smallest hands. The gently curved and textured back case adds to its overall grip. The weight is also pretty good for a device its size. It weighs exactly 167 grams, so you won't feel any strange weight when kept in your pocket for long hours.


The 3.5mm headphone jack and IR blaster on the device's top edge works with the LG Quick Remote app to convert the handset into a universal remote. The Micro-USB charging port is located on the bottom edge. All the buttons and controls, including the sleep/power button and volume rocker, are on the left side.


Display Info: The LG G Vista display features a 5.7-inches screen made from Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a 1280 x 720-pixel resolution, a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 258 PPI density.


Compared to the average smartphone, the screen of the G Vista is reasonably sharp and beautiful. It is bright enough; its viewing angles are wide, and the screen is sensitive to touch.


Camera Info:  It has a back camera with 8MP, and the front camera has 3 MP outdoors, and in bright light, images taken with the back camera look sharp and true to life while indoors. The images taken might look smudged, but colours remain accurate.


Although it is perfectly acceptable for selfies and video conferencing, the front camera is not as capable as the rear camera. 


Capacity Info: The LG G Vista comes with an internal storage of 8GB and 1.5GB RAM. There is also a microSDHC dedicated slot that is compatible with a MicroSD card expandable up to 112GB.


Battery Info: It is powered by a Li-Ion 3200mAh removable battery. For a mid-range device, the 3200 mAh battery gives the smartphone an enviable power life. With mild usage and the screen turned at maximum brightness, you should get a full workday without charging.


Size & Weight Info: The LG G Vista weighs 167 grams and measures 152.1 x 79.2 x 9.1mm. While its size might be large compared to normal smartphones, it can be easily carried around and pulled out of bags and pockets.


Audio Info: There is an inbuilt speaker at the bottom, which is loud enough; you won't find it better for less than it brings. It also has a 3.5mm headphone jack for extra audio support.


Water-resistance Info: The LG G Vista is not water-resistant.


Performance Info: It runs on Android OS 4.4 (KitKat0 version and is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 CPU with 1.2GHz x 4(Quad-core). It doesn't come with the lightning speed effect, but you can execute daily tasks like closing apps, browsing the Web, and replying to texts and emails without glitches.


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