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The LG G2 Mini stems from LG’s flagship G-series. It is the mini version of the high-end G2, which was bigger and had better features, but if the mini was created, then it had its advantages over its bigger sibling.

The G2 Mini was released in 2014 when the users craved more giant screens, and manufacturers indulged them each year. At the same time, OEMs also made mini or compact versions of their flagships like the Galaxy S4 Mini, the LG G2 Mini, Sony Xperia Compact, or the HTC One Mini, etc., satisfy the subset of users who prefer smaller screens but with solid features. The only problem was that many times, the mini smartphones were seriously watered-down and substantially inferior in performance.

The high-end G2 was 5.2-inches, while the G2 mini brought the screen size down to 4.3 inches, a sizable screen for those who’d like to pocket their devices easily. It brought down the price also, as expected, but it managed to maintain many of the hardware features of its flagship model.

The G2 Mini has the same design as the G2, but instead of simply being a compact, inferior version of the G2, it had a mission of its own – to compete with the Galaxy S4 Mini. The competition among mid-rangers is tough and crowded, and the G2 mini’s well-rounded features make it an aggressive competitor.

It had a QHD display resolution where most would offer 720p for a similar price range, but its size demanded more. It could have done better than the mid-range Snapdragon 400 processor, and its loudspeaker performance wasn’t quite impressive.

On the bright side, it had a removable battery and expandable storage, this made it a bit thicker than the S4 mini, but those features were more than worth a few millimeter thicknesses.

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LG G2 Mini Specifications

Design info: The G2 Mini is smaller than the G2 but compared with the compact versions of its competitors, it is more extensive. It is thicker, though, by a millimeter, owing to its removable battery and SD card feature. It is lightweight and can easily be the version of the bigger G2; its smaller blueprint allows you to move your finger around the screen without stress.


The G2 mini has a thin bezel and lacks the side and front buttons like its bigger counterpart. It has pretty much the same design as the G2, and that’s a good thing. It uses the same polycarbonate plastic material and has a metal frame that widens at the bottom. The body doesn’t offer as much grip as you’ll expect it to, but it’s a good thing it doesn’t attract fingerprints.


The mini is sturdy; you can hold it confidently without fear of creaking with extra pressure. The power button and volume control keys are at the back, beneath the camera. If you aren’t conversant with LG G’s series, this unusual placement will take some getting used to, but you’ll soon realize it is very convenient.


The front panel has its 4.7-inch screen protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Above the screen are the phone’s earpiece, the front-facing camera, and the proximity sensor. There’s no ambient light sensor or LED in front. On top of the phone are the headphone jack and IR remote control emitter. The USB port, primary mic, and loudspeaker are on the bottom.

Audio info: Sound output on the G2 mini is excellent. Its volume isn’t the loudest, but its sound is clear and complete and without any distortion. The loudspeakers perform better than their headphone output.

Capacity info: It has 8GB inbuilt storage and 1GB RAM with expandable storage.

Size & Weight info: The G2 mini has dimensions of 129.6 x 66. 9.8mm, and although it is a tad thicker than the G2, it is still very compact for its screen size. It weighs 121 grams, and this is a remarkably impressive lightweight.

Display info: The G2 mini has a perfect IPS LCD unit in its 4.7-inch screen. However, there’s no denying that its 960 x 540-pixel resolution and 234-pixel density are just average. The phone deserves more resolution, but it gets bright enough for outdoor use and has good viewing angles.

Camera and video recording info:  Long pressing the volume down button brings up the camera. The camera hardware consists of an 8MP rear lens. This camera does take decent pictures with a lot of detail and color, especially with its HDR mode.

Water-resistance info: There’s no water-resistance feature on this device.

Performance info: The processor at the core of the G2 mini is a 1.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 chipset. It is an average CPU given the price of the G2 mini, but it gets the job done even though not at an impressive rate. We expected more from LG in this area, and the 1GB RAM wasn’t the best.

Connection info: It has Wi-Fi and all its associates; you can connect wirelessly using 4G LTE. There’s Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, aGPS module, FM radio, RDS, and micro USB 2.0.

Battery info: The G2 mini has a 2440mAH battery unit. It is removable and durable. In the mid-range, this battery does a superb job. You can easily use your G2 mini for a full day alternating between web browsing, hours of video playback, and 3G talk time.


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