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The LG G3-S is a spinoff of LG's flagship phone, the LG G3. It is a very good-looking phone, and LG capitalized on the fact that since consumers received the G3, they will love all the features and specifications the G3-S came with.


Although some skin deep and unique features differentiate the two devices, the LG G3-S is still very similar to the original G3. The LG G3-S was announced in July 2014 and released in August 2014. It was sold for $3600, and some of its top features include impressive battery life, a smooth and comfortable design, an almost bezel-free design, quick performance, an IR blaster, and a stylish casing.


Some might say the LG G3-S was just a thicker and bigger model of the original G3, which is not too far from the truth. The phone is perceived as bulky at 10.9mm thick and large, making it unsuitable for one-handed use for an extended period. Regardless of its size, the LG G3-S offers a little more grip over the slightly slippery G3 thanks to its textured plastic body.


Its performance speed was also one of its highlights. It is reasonably fast, making it a suitable device for the perfect work-life and entertainment even for those consumers that prefer owning a tablet to an actual smartphone because of size. 


Overall, both the design and the performance of LG G3-S made it quite a catch back in 2014. However, going for a phone like the LG G3-S might not be a good choice anymore because there are plenty of other good Android phones to choose from within the same price range. However, suppose you have been a longtime owner of the LG G3-S, and you have finally decided on upgrading to a newer LG phone model or an entirely different smartphone model. In that case, you can call us at Gizmogo for the best assistance. We offer cash sales and trade-in services to customers looking to get rid of their old gadgets.



Design Info: Design-wise, the LG G3-S is identical to the standard G3. It comes with a metallic-effect plastic body that looks more premium than it feels but offers a stronger grip than the G3. It has a slightly smaller screen with skinny bezels, and it's a few inches smaller than the original G3 at 5.0-inches.


The design is stylish and looks solid when compared with phones within a similar price bracket. Despite its plastic body, the LG G3-S doesn't feel particularly fragile or flimsy. The back of the phone is slightly curved, making it easy to wrap your hands around it. Color options for the LG G3-S are not restricted; they are available in Metallic Black, Silk White, and Shine Gold versions.


It has a plastic back that is removable, giving you access to the battery and the card ports. It is finished in LG's "metallic skin" as well, but it's just plastic.


There are also similarities between the LG G3 and the G3-S in terms of ports and connections. The power and sleep flanked by the volume controls are situated at the back, just like in the LG G3. On the top edge of the phone is are an infrared LED for the remote-control feature and a mic for voice suppression. The 3.5mm standard headset jack, Micro-USB port, and the primary microphone can be seen at the bottom.


Overall, the build quality of the LG G3-S was pretty good compared with most similar designs; however, it is now an outdated classic, so if you want to sell it for cash or you are interested in making a trade-in, you can contact us at Gizmogo.


Display Info: The LG G3-S comes with an IPS LCD of 5.0-inches with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, a 16:9 aspect ratio, a 71.9% screen-to-body ratio, and a 294 PPI density.


Generally speaking, the resolution of its display is high enough to images displayed looking detailed enough. Viewing angles are pretty good, and colors are crisp, sharp, and vibrant. There is plenty of brightness, but the only downside is that it doesn't come with an ambient light sensor, so the screen won't automatically adjust to lighting conditions in real-time.


Camera Info: It has a main camera of 8-megapixel with a LED flash and a front-facing camera of 1.3-megapixel with no flash. The camera is good, but it is nothing spectacular. It is capable of producing great images under good lighting conditions.


Capacity Info: The LG G3-S has an internal memory capacity of 8GB and 1GB RAM. It also makes provision for a microSDXC slot that can accommodate a microSD card expandable up to 64GB.


Size & Weight Info: It weighs approximately 134grams, and in dimensions, it measures 137.7mm x 69.6 x 10.3mm.


Audio Info: The LG G3-S comes with a single speaker that can be found on its rear. It is not a loud device, although the call quality is good, so if you want quality audio, especially when outdoors, you might be needing a set of headphones.


Water-resistance Info: Officially, the LG G3-S is not waterproof.


Processor Info: It runs on the Android 4.4 KitKat version, and it is powered by a Quad-core Snapdragon 400 system chip clocking at 1.2 GHz. Its 1GB RAM makes it snappy enough for multitasking.


Battery Info: It sports a Li-Ion 2540 mAh removable battery which is quite extensive. In light use, the battery can last through the day following a full charge, but it can last up to 8 hours when stretched with intensive activities.


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