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G3 Vigor

Sell  LG G3 Vigor


For purely commercial reasons, phone makers provide devices in different variants – the mega and minor. Like we’ve seen with the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and Galaxy S6 Edge. In the case of LG G3, we have the G3 and the G3 Vigor or Beat.


This is all in a bid to meet the demands of the high-end, mid-end, and low-end buyers. Those willing to pay extra bucks for a top-end device can always purchase the LG G3, while bargain buyers can go for the LG G3 Vigor.


Since the LG G3 Vigor serves mid-end buyers, you should expect mid-end features from the device. However, LG has a habit of slapping top-tier features on mid-end devices, and that is somewhat evident in the LG G3.


Before we discuss the specifications of the G3 Vigor, you should note that Gizmogo buys used devices at the best market rate. You can sell your G3 Vigor to us for a decent fee if it is still functional but out of use. Gizmogo will repair and redistribute your device to regions where it is needed, thereby saving the world from electronic waste.


LG G3 Vigor Specifications

Design info: The difference between the G3 and G3 Vigor starts from their sizes. The Vigor is smaller and lighter than the LG G3, and it successfully blends a small body with a large screen. Thanks to the small form factor of the device, you can handle it easily and comfortably. It can fit into your pocket smoothly.


The Vigor takes after the G3 in terms of the power button and volume rocker layout. The controls are located on the rear, directly below the camera lens. Without questions, Vigor’s button layout is unconventional. If you’ve used other smartphones, you may have to learn how to operate the layout.


The device’s front is covered by glass, there is a thin metal band around the borders, and it has a curved back. The device’s battery is removable, and it has a micro-SIM slot and microSD card slots. The SIM and memory card slots are not under the battery. So they can be accessed without removing the battery.


The LG G3 Vigor was a great device in its era. Today, the device has lost its position to the latest mid-end smartphones from LG. If you still have a functional G3 Vigor lying around your home, consider selling before it turns to waste. We buy used devices at the best price.


Capacity info: The device is fitted with 8GB storage, but only 3.77GB is available to customers right out of the box. There is a lot of bloatware on the device. And that’ll be a problem if you prefer local media to streaming services and want to game on your phone. However, external storage provides some coverage. You can expand your storage space by as much as 64GB.


Size and weight info: LG G3 Vigor measures 5.42 inches (13.76mm) tall, 2.74 inches (6.90 mm) broad, and weighing 4.7 ounces (133.24 grams); however, the Sprint model is just a hair thicker, measuring 0.41 inch deep vs. 0.39 inch for the AT&T model.


Display info: The Vigor comes with a 5-inch 1,280x720 pixel IPS display. That’s a step down from the G3’s quad-HD resolution of 2,560x1,440 pixels. Even so, the display is crisp and brilliant, with vivid yet natural colors. You will enjoy gaming, reading text, and seeing HD pictures on display. It’s easy to read in direct sunshine (not advisable for eye health), and the ambient light sensor works fast to boost the brightness while you’re outside, so you can still see the screen.


Camera info: Unlike the G3, the G3 Vigor’s photography is underwhelming. The 8-megapixel rear-facing camera produces mediocre images in less-than-ideal conditions. However, in excellent light, the G3 Vigor snaps crisp pictures that lean toward overexposure.


Videography: The back camera records video at a resolution of 1080p. Like the images, the video quality falls short, with lost frames and waxy textures inside.


Water-resistance info: We didn’t expect water resistance on the Vigor. Such features are rarely available on mid-end devices.


Performance info: The G3 Vigor is powered by the same 1.2GHz, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC that is featured in a slew of low-to-midrange smartphones right now. With the same screen resolution and CPU, synthetic benchmark performance is virtually comparable to this year’s Moto G. Most operations, like Web browsing or moving between programs, work smoothly. Loading games like Asphalt 8 usually does not slow down the G3 Vigor, but more frantic on-screen graphics might cause framerates to stutter.


Battery info: The Vigor’s battery life is its weak point. It comes with a replaceable 2,540mAh battery that reportedly lasts up to 23 hours of call time. However, independent testing shows that the device’s battery doesn’t have enough oomph to serve you for 23 hours call time. You will always need the mid-day recharge if you’re a heavy user.


LG G3 Vigor offers

Are you looking for a deal to sell your used LG G3 Vigor? Or perhaps you want to upgrade from the dated device. Whichever way, Gizmogo can serve you. We offer to buy and exchange deals with our customers. Read below to learn more.


Exchange your LG G3 Vigor for a new one.

You can swap your LG G3 Vigor for another device on Gizmogo. It takes three steps. First, search our collection for a device you want. Second, send us the information about your preferred device and your used device. Third, we let you know the value of your used device and what is required to collect your new device.


We can buy your LG G3 Vigor for the best price.

If you want to sell your G3 Vigor, choose Gizmogo. We purchase used smartphones based on the condition and market value, So if your device is a great condition, you can expect to get a better price above the quoted base rate for it.


Note: We expect you to declare the condition of your device. This way, the transaction will be smooth and hitch-free. Please keep in mind that we do not buy devices that have been reportedly stolen.