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Sell LG G4 


What do you know of LG’s flagship smartphone line? The popular G series was introduced in 2012 as LG Optimus, but the name was dropped, favoring the “G” designation. The first pure G smartphone was the G2 in 2013. Several others like the G Pro Lite, the G Flex, the G3, G3 Stylus, Gx, and G Pro 2. The G series also had its G smartwatches.


The G4 was launched in 2015 as LG’s most superior smartphone. There’s a lot to expect from a flagship, and although flagships today have improved greatly in specs from what they used to be back then, the G4 did justice to the expectations of its time. 


It was and is equipped with a speedy processor. We’re talking Snapdragon 808, which wasn’t as good but is comparable to the Exynos processor of Samsung’s flagship – the Galaxy S6 and even the iPhone 6. 


The G4 does feel similar to its predecessor, but it had a significant upgrade in specs. One of such ways is its camera, so much that the G4 is recommended for photography. The camera was the highlight of the G4. LG used a new 16MP camera that also had very versatile camera software. 


One thing you’ll get on this flagship that you’ll hardly find elsewhere is its replaceable battery. You’re free to own a series of batteries and pop the back cover when one is drained, and this was a feature that many users advocated for back then.


In terms of appearance, the G4 won’t survive Samsung’s sleek design and curved screen in the S6 Edge. The designers provided an optional full-grain leather back cover for the G4, but LG could have put more into its outer appearance. As for the G4’s performance, its processor upgrade wasn’t obvious, but the Snapdragon 808 used here could compete with the 810, which was Qualcomm’s best.


The LG G4 is no longer LG’s first-rate smartphone; if you owned one back then, chances are you’ve upgraded long ago. Gizmogo makes it easy to sell your G4 and acquire a more recent phone if you haven’t. Today, you can pick up the G4 for $270, but it is running out of stock.


LG G4 Specifications

Design info: In terms of design, the LG looks more like the G Flax 2 than the G3. Ithaca 5.5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass and a body made of either polycarbonate plastic or leather, which is attractive and protective

The front of the G4 is plain; bezels are fairly large, with a selfie camera and speaker grille above the screen. On top, there is a noise-cancellation mic and an IR blaster for wireless TV control.


The unique design of the G4 is in its elaborate back. You have two options – the more premium-looking version made with a special plastic or the matte leather finish, which is beautiful in the way the leather looks and feels in its different available colors. The plastic is smooth and doesn’t attract fingerprints; it has a subtle texture and a brushed metal finish that users may appreciate more than the leather.


The leather comes in colors of black, brown, and red. In both designs, the camera fits in a frame containing the volume rocker and power button. This unique arrangement with the LED flash and autofocus unit on this site is quite interesting. 


The back is removable, though, to access the SIM and microSD card slots under the removable battery. The mouthpiece, headphone jack, and USB port are on the bottom. 


Audio info: The audio output of the G4 is good so much that the loudspeakers do a better job than headphones. Volume is also impressively loud.


Capacity info: It has 32GB of storage and 3GB RAM. But this storage can always be expanded. 


Size & Weight info: The weight of this device is 155g, and its dimensions are 148.9 x 76.1 x 9.8mm


Display info: The screen on the G4 was produced by LG. According to the manufacturers, the top displays available at that time wouldn’t suffice for the G4, so they made their own and called it a “Quantum Display.” The screen size is 5.5 inches, and the resolution is 1440 x 2560 pixels. It has an aspect ratio 0f 16:9 and 538 PPI. Its colors are very accurate, and its viewing angles are similarly good. Gorilla Glass 3 is present here.


Camera and video recording info: The camera of the G4 was pretty advanced. It has a 16MP resolution and an f/1.26 aperture positioned behind another lens of f/1.8. This arrangement allows more light to get into the camera, 80% more effective than its predecessor. It uses LG’s Laser autofocus and improved optical image stabilization. Images are colorful and crisp, having a warm tone and good contrast. Video recording tops at 2160p. The selfie camera is 8MP and isn’t bad at all.


Water-resistance info: The G4 is not water-resistant. 

Performance info: The processing speed of the G4 is impressive because it is handled by Qualcomm’s Hexa-core 1.8GHz Snapdragon 808 chip. The predecessor of the G4 used G Flex octa-core 810 processor. Still, the manufacturers explained that this isn’t a step down for the G4 as the 808 chip is more efficient for the phone’s display, camera, and overall performance. 


The G4 runs on Android 5.1 and can be upgraded to 7.0.


Connectivity info: The LG G4 has the full communication package. The latest Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.1, 4G LTE, and 3G HSPA+ supports NFC and DLNA for multimedia streaming. An IR blaster and QRemote port on top of the G4 allows remote controlling of TV, air conditioners, and projectors.


Battery info: The G4 has a removable battery which allows users to change batteries whenever. This is especially useful in smartphones with very efficient batteries, but this doesn’t mean it has a mediocre battery. Its 300mAh capacity battery is sufficient to provide 10 ½ hours of continuous video playback before needing a boost. The Galaxy S6 does better by 2 hours. 


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Since the G4, LG has released several upgrades to its flagship. If you own a G4 and would like to move on from it, contact Gizmogo today, and we’ll show you the several ways you can do that. If you’d like to upgrade your smartphone directly, that is even better.


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